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10 Business Ideas To Help Become A Millionaire


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You can make millions on the most unexpected things. For example, on socks, sneakers or dirt.

4 wild ideas that have already made someone a millionaire

Nobody bothers you to try to repeat at least some of them.

• Establish a pet store of stones – Business Ideas 2022

Almost half a century ago, an American guy named Dahl, having heard enough of his colleagues and acquaintances complaining about their pets, came up with an ideal “pet” – a stone. And he opened a store selling them.

Pet Rocks were smooth boulders from the Mexican beach of Rosarito and sold in cardboard boxes with straw and breathing holes.

Stupidity? In general, yes, and even Dahl did not deny this, treating the project as a jokeGary Dahl dies at 78; creator of Pet Rock, 1970s pop culture icon… Together with the rocks, he supplied instructions for maintenance and education – a multi-page booklet in which users were told how to care for a “pet”, how to raise it, calm it down if the Pet Rock gets alarmed, and even train it. The pet understood simple commands like “stand still” right away, while others, for example, “roll on the table,” required some help from the owner.

The ridiculous idea turned out to be incredibly successful. In six months, Dahl sold a million and a half Pet Rock for four dollars each and came out with a net profit of over a million.


• Make playing cards a sport – Business Ideas 2022

Former military trainer Phil Black loved to play cards in his spare time. After completing his military career, he decided to combine his two hobbies and created fitness cards.

A deck called FitDeck consists of 50 boxes, each of which depicts a sport exercise and instructions on how to do it correctly. Playing fitness is simple: the participants take turns drawing cards and doing the appropriate exercise.

The idea is elementary and, at first glance, absolutely unpromising. But no. FitDeck became a lucrative startup that brought Phil Black several million dollars in its first 12 months of sales.

• Sell your own dirt. Packaged, in cans – Business Ideas 2022

It is known that emigrants yearn for their abandoned homeland. The founders of the startup Irish Durt (“Irish Dirt”) managed to monetize this longing. They set up a sale of Irish land, packed in neat cans.

A pot with soil weighing less than 400 grams sold for almost $ 25. And there were many buyers for the “piece of homeland”. In a couple of years, the startup has sold over 200 tons of land worth over a million dollars. True, today on the siteOriginal irish durt the project means that the jars are sold out.

By the way, take a closer look at this topic. Considering that up to 400 thousand people leave the same RF annuallyMigration in Russia, results of the first half of 2019, some of which will certainly be nostalgic for their homeland, the idea can be very profitable.

• Organize a socks subscription – Business Ideas 2022

Everyone needs new socks on a regular basis, but there is often no time to go to the store or to the market for such a trifle. The founders of the American startup Sock Club simply covered the need: they started selling people a subscription to this piece of clothing. A person pays a certain amount, and then monthly for a year receives by mail 1-2 pairs of new socks of exactly the density and appearance that are needed.

There is an additional option: you can order a product with an individual design. It sounds simple, but in fact the venture has turned out to be very profitable. Its owners assureHow I Started A $ 1MM / Month Business Selling Custom Socksthat the income from this business is one million dollars a month.


6 ideas that can make you a millionaire

These ideas are more conservative than those listed above. But that’s a plus: their success may be more predictable and stable.

• Sew costumes of heroes of famous films or games

For example, based on Westworld, a season of Game of Thrones, The Witcher or World of Warcraft.

More and more people who in reality would like to look like their favorite virtual characters. Also, clothing today is not standardized as it used to be. The institute of uniform is a thing of the past, and if you show up on the street or at work wearing a Westworld dress, it won’t surprise anyone.

You can start with a small workshop for making carnival costumes. And to “sew off” those heroes who have become popular only recently – that is, they have not yet gone into mass sale. For example, it is not difficult to buy a Cinderella children’s costume. But with the outfit of Lady Bug, there may be a hitch, although the demand is quite high.

At the stage of a small workshop, you will not earn much, but you will get a hand. However, luck can smile right away – subject to a competent marketing policy. After all, costumes do not have to be sold only in your hometown. They can be displayed on global platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or offered on specialized forums where fans of a particular movie or characters live. This increases the chances of a sale.

When you have built up a portfolio, you can move on to the next stage – sending offers to large companies dealing with decorations, quests, and themed parties.

• Engage in elderly care and services for the same population

According to WHODecade of Healthy Aging, by 2030 there will be more elderly people on the planet than children under the age of 10. And by 2050, the number of the population over 60 will exceed the total number of adolescents and youth (10-24 years).

This suggests that services aimed at older people will become more and more in demand. And it’s not just about caregivers or drug delivery.

Older people are more likely than others to need companions for friendly walks or trips. They find it difficult to do household chores or deal with bills. It happens that they cannot go on vacation, because there is no one to take care of three cats or their beloved dog. They are not always able to use new technology. Of course, adult children can help with all this, but they sometimes live in other cities, and even on other continents.

In general, a company that can provide the elderly with a companion or personal assistant, suggest ideas for leisure activities, help with cleaning, shopping, paying bills or walking the dog, clearly has a wide field for commercial activity. And it will expand every year, because the aging of the population is a global trend.

• Start a home space business – Business Ideas 2022

Modern people from developed countries in everyday life are forced to solve two conflicting problems.

First, they want to live in spacious and light, uncluttered rooms. The second – at the same time, houses are overflowing with things: clothes and shoes, gadgets, household appliances, papers, sports equipment. Coping with this is extremely difficult. Therefore, experts and manufacturers will be in demand on the market as never before, who will help people to correctly organize the space in their apartments.

According to professional estimates, the market value of “organizer products” for the home will be 11.8 billion by 2021Home Organization Products – Demand and Sales Forecasts, Market Share, Market Size, Market Leaders dollars a year.

These products include all kinds of modular structures and racks, as well as services for their installation, transforming furniture, boxes and baskets, compact sets of kitchen and bath accessories. In general, everything that will allow you to provide convenient storage of things, taking them out of sight.

• Resale limited items – Business Ideas 2022

A good example of how this can work is Benjamin Keeks, a teenager from the USA. In seventh grade, he took a look at eBay and was surprised to find out how much branded sneakers from the limited edition collections of yesteryear cost.

The boy shook out a piggy bank, borrowed money from his parents, bought straight from the tin limited sportswear for $ 400 and fought the temptation to wear a new one himself for several months. Ben passed the test. And then he sold shoes that had already disappeared from the market at a tenfold profit: for $ 4,000. This allowed him to buy new sneakers for resale. In general, you understand what follows. In 2017, Ben, who was 16 at the time, came close to his first million earned.The Sneakerdon: How Benjamin Kapelushnik Makes His Sneaker Business Boomin…

And there is still a lot of room in this niche. The size of the sneaker resale market, according to some sources “Sneaker Resell” Market Hits $ 1 Billion, is estimated at about a billion dollars a year. And that’s just sports shoes. Limited collections of clothes, hats, bags and other accessories are a gold mine if you approach this industry with your heart.

• Take a closer look at agribusiness

Over 7.7 billion people live in the world at the end of 2019World Population Prospects 2019… This figure is expected to reach 8 billion by 2024 and 9 billion by 2042. You can roughly estimate the rate of population growth using resources like Worldometers .

And everyone needs to be fed, while the world is already celebrating Global hunger continues to rise, new UN report says lack of food.

Therefore, investing in growing fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, breeding livestock or fish farming is a very promising and potentially profitable idea. Although, of course, you definitely cannot attribute it to easy money.

• Sell your knowledge

If you are an expert in some business, this can become your idea for a million. Implementation options are different. For example, you might record and sell an online course that teaches people new skills.

If you have the finance for your startup investment, it makes sense to create your own consulting company. To become a person who knows exactly where to go, what and how to do in order to succeed in a particular business. Choose the niche that is truly close to you. Consultations may concern:

  • starting your own business.
  • legal and psychological support for drivers involved in an accident or controversial situations on the roads.
  • internet security and data protection.
  • raising children.

yes even putting things in order in the house.

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