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10 Jobs To Consider To Avoid Stress


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Who has not already dreamed of the ideal job, but was disappointed after probing the labor market? The evolution of technologies has revolutionized several industries and created new careers in many areas. But in a large pool of opportunities and choices, competition and lack of accessibility can quickly make you desolate.

Then it becomes difficult to really find his happiness there. Are we really obliged to prioritize salary over our psychological well-being? At Nice, we have fun like crazy and we wish everyone to be as successful at work.

That’s why we wanted to help you learn more about the most enjoyable jobs in 2020 so that you can consider all the options that are available to you if you are a person dreading stress.

• Librarian or Bookseller

When our favorite activity is devouring books in a zen atmosphere, working in a bookstore or library may well be our second favorite occupation. The great readers who work there are all the more stimulated by their interaction with clients who ask them for advice, since responding to clients calls on their cultural background and their love of books. It is an opportunity to convey your knowledge and passion for Literature. There is also something intoxicating in the smell of books, and warm and soothing in the atmosphere of an old bookstore.

• Professor at The University

Although the working conditions of teachers have been reported to be difficult up to the college level, it is quite different at the University. Indeed, for some people who prefer to devote themselves to the academic aspect of their practice, doing discipline or exercising a report of authority can represent a stress and a task that does not correspond to their personality.

Some then prefer to teach at the University, where classes are older, relationships are peer, and schedules are much more flexible. An academic teacher also has the opportunity to conduct research projects and publish studies.

• Audiologist

Specialists in the ear, audiologists detect and treat any hearing problems, and work in a clinical setting in close collaboration with otolaryngologists. Although they occasionally participate in certain interventions, their routine is primarily to assess the hearing functions of their patients. This is a very important work, which, however, has often been recognized as one of the least stressful, and rather well paid.

• Hairdresser / Hairdresser

Always with a view to a job that allows to interact pleasantly with the clientele, the profession of hairdresser is also ranked among the least stressful jobs. Indeed, it is a career that is very much associated with creativity and sociability, two qualities to have to satisfy the capillary and aesthetic demands of customers, whether they are new or regular. In addition, the clientele of a salon is easy to retain and the good work is rewarded with good tips.

• Graphic Designer or Multimedia Artist

If you are creative, like spending hours at your computer and dream of working from home, you should seriously consider a career as a multimedia artist. Whether creating animations, visual effects, advertisements or videos, there are many multimedia creation services requested by agencies, companies or individuals, in all areas. Always in demand, this job is increasingly valued and makes it possible to exploit the best of technological innovation.

• Freelance Editor

Like many web content creators, freelance copywriters work in telework, and therefore, in the
peace and comfort of their home. While the deadlines for some mandates can be short and stressful, freelance writers generally accept and filter contracts sent to them by agencies or clients themselves, and can also negotiate the delivery date. In addition to being accommodating, this job allows to touch various areas since the topics of writing vary, while remaining in a comfort zone… or almost! Because for this man whose workspace has been a little overrun, working from home can also come with challenges.

•  Sound Engineer and Beat Maker

The profession of sound engineer has evolved well over time. Finished the rental of expensive and traditional equipment and premises. Modern beatmakers, arrangers and mixers have access to more up-to-date equipment adapted to today’s industry. Virtual Instruments and digital interfaces for mixers, synthesizers and portable consoles, new sound isolation techniques, in short, everything you need to improvise a home studio. If you are self-taught, have talent and a starting budget to invest in basic material, why not start recording and producing music?

• Jeweler / Jeweler

This may sound amazing, but the jeweler’s job is often cited as one of the least stressful jobs. It calls for creativity, autonomy and concentration. If you like making beautiful things and fully indulge in the same manual task without being disturbed or having to interact socially, this could be the job for you! The hours of a jeweler are flexible. Although the average wage recorded is not very high, it is predicted that in 2020 the jewelry market will be booming.

• Software Developer

Software developers create software and systems of all kinds that facilitate the processing of information. Nurtured and motivated by the challenges ahead, they solicit their creativity and logic to meet the demands and needs of users. They are at the heart and origin of technological innovation, which makes their work exciting and rewarding. While the issues involved may seem overwhelming, the developer’s work environment is generally as soothing as it is stimulating. If you like code, brainstorming and the balance between individual work and team consultations, maybe this is the job for you!

• Online Customer Service Agent

Although customer service is one of the most ungrateful jobs, whether in a private or public company, it has evolved like shops to an online service system offered virtually on websites. The customer support service by chat is becoming more widespread and available on the websites of commercial companies and social services.

If dealing with clients’ problems face-to-face or even talking to them on the phone generates anxiety in you, whether you like chatting and prefer emoticons to complaints expressed in the flesh, you will probably be comfortable in these functions

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