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10 Reasons to Get Up Early


Written by P.T.F


You know, I’ve always believed in fairy tales about owls and larks. No, honestly, she herself convinced everyone that I am an owl by nature and nothing can be done about it, that my whole family is like that, that these are genes, that at night I work much better, that in the morning I am not capable of anything and raise only a storm warning can get me out of bed. Well, one myth and stereotype in my mind has become less.

What did I do? Returning from a trip to Asia, I just decided. I decided that it would be foolish not to take advantage of those who move “against time” – from east to west. I had to go through a difference of 3 hours between Thailand and Moscow, and a week later, another 3 between Moscow and home. Whoever cannot become a morning person, even with a 6 o’clock head start, is a fool.

The alarm clock rings at 8, but often I wake up shortly before this time and enjoy my 15-20-30 minutes of “lying around”, which I really love. In general, I gave myself the opportunity to any day, no matter what happens, in Turn off your computer for 10 hours and start getting ready for bed, whether it’s reading in bed, taking baths, watching a movie, or having a night out to listen to your thoughts. I’m already asleep no later than 12.

And now the most interesting thing – what has changed? It changed almost everything! I gained more strength, I feel that I always get enough sleep, I want to do something in the morning, and not just chase after the world, from which I have already lagged behind in a monstrous way. And I decided to share with you 10 top reasons to get up earlier, I hope this will inspire you to retrain from owls to early risers. In my experience it is never too late to do this


• Outstanding the World

It’s an amazing feeling, when everyone has just woken up or just came to work, and you have already done so much – you cannot exchange it for anything. I live west of Paris, and I have to “chase” most of the people I work with, but doing it when your day starts at 8-9 is much more pleasant than if you wake up in a New York “lunch”.


• Enjoy the Morning Sun and Silence

I understand, it sounds a little mocking, especially if you re-read this post in winter And yet it is spring now, daylight hours start earlier every day, you have more and more chances to wake up from the first rays of the sun and birds singing.

Every morning I take a mug of tea that has already become a ritual, go out with it, still shivering from the morning coolness, to the street and attach a chair so that I can catch more light. This is the best start to the day! Even if you live in a big city, go out to the balcony, just walk to the window, soak in this morning, think about how much you can do in this long, long day, recharge the energy of the sun and exhale before taking on the planned activities.


• Prepare A Healthy Breakfast

The earlier you get up, the more time you have before you have to run to work, pick up your phone, sit down at your computer, or get your kids to school. You can have time to make a green smoothie or beautifully cut fruit for your favorite porridge.

And you can also have time to prepare healthy snacks for work for yourself and your loved ones. It’s not for me to tell you how important (and how difficult) it is not to carry all kinds of nonsense into your mouth and not gorge yourself on chips from a nearby stall. Carrots, celery, steamed vegetables, whole grain sandwiches and a bunch of other delicious and healthy foods are at your service, and now you have time to prepare them all.


• Do Yoga, Run, Find Time for Meditation

Getting up early literally pushes the boundaries of your day, adding a few hours – psychologically it feels that way! And it would be an unforgivable waste of those extra hours to spend on something useless. Start the morning right, do what will give you vigor and clarity of mind for the whole day.


Get to Work Without Jams

Those who work in the office can get to work early and avoid rush hour. What to do in the morning at work (besides work)? You can have breakfast in a cafe next door, or even share this breakfast with a friend or colleague, or have a morning meeting. You can take advantage of the silence in the office and take on tasks that require increased concentration. And, of course, you can then go home early – you deserve it (it remains to convince the authorities of this :)). Well, if you work from home, all the more appreciate the opportunity to start working earlier than everyone else and enjoy a free evening.


• Go to A Morning Session in A Movie

It is desirable to be alone. In addition to being very cheap, it is also somehow especially romantic. The perfect date with yourself.


• Walk the Dog

Give your friend not just a five-minute outing, but a real walk. Run and play enough for the whole day, and it will be easier for him to wait for you until the evening, and you will be overwhelmed with the energy received from communicating with your beloved dog in the fresh air.


• Go to Beauty

Use the extra time to create a more sophisticated look, style your hair or get your hands on high-heeled shoes – you don’t have to run headlong today.


• Spend Time with Family

Dedicate the beginning of the day, when you are still full of strength and energy (and we get enough sleep, so in the morning we really feel uplifted and energized), to those you love. Cozy evenings together are great too, but morning is a good time to make plans, discuss important things, and enjoy productive communication.


• Be the Best Version of Yourself

Many studies agree that the better your sleep schedule is in sync with daylight hours, the better you get enough sleep, the more alert you wake up in the morning, and the more efficient your day is. Early risers are proactive, manage to plan their days, follow their goals rather than just go with the flow, and are more willing to take responsibility. They are you; you just have to consciously consider this issue.

And I’m not even talking about those things that are generally possible only in the morning – to meet the dawn, take pictures in the morning light, go fishing, buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market, walk around the waking city, go for a run (you know what to run Better during daylight hours, and more pleasant – in the cool?), do several cycles of Surya Namaskar, drink water 30 minutes before meals. And the morning time is usually more, free with stylists in the salon, dentists, psychologists and other specialists who you want to visit on weekdays.

Friends, I know that many of you almost certainly prefer to work at night. I understand this romantic idea – you are alone at night, no one distracts, there is an almost unlimited time horizon ahead, an eternal cup of coffee or a can of cola, perhaps a cigarette or an energy drink… Admit it, many imagine a creative working atmosphere this way! Been there, done that. Cool ideas often come in the dark. And you revise your ideas in the morning, by the way? But if you, like me, are curious, curious and like experimenting with yourself, try to change something and find your own answer to this question.

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