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10 Reasons to Quit Sugar Forever


Reasons to Quit Sugar
Written by P.T.F


Many of my sweet-tooth readers will numb with horror, a limitation that seems unthinkable to some. This is not my first experience of this nature, I do it with great pleasure and am ready to share not only my observations, but also the reasons to repeat my experience and generally implement this principle in my life. In this article we will give you 10 Reasons to Quit Sugar Forever.


• Get Rid of Bloating

Frankly, this was the main reason why I chose this particular focus. There are a lot of reasons for bloating and without any sugar, and it may not be in it at all, or it may be in it, and you will not know until you check it.

It is important to consider here that replacing sugar with honey, for example, will not solve the problem, since in this regard it is similar in action to sugar. Use natural sweeteners like stevia.


• Take Control of Your Appetite

If you eat something sweet (along with other foods, such as fruits, but we are not talking about that), you will soon feel like you are hungry again. You end up consuming a lot more without getting the same satisfaction from food for the following reason.


• Remember the Real Taste of Food

Sugar has a very strong and straightforward taste, adding it to any meal makes this meal about the same. But the rest of the food becomes about the same if we consume a lot of sweets. Our taste buds simply cease to recognize flavors, they seem to be under sugar anesthesia. Give it up, and soon cakes, where sugar is 3 times less than in the recipe, will seem to you the tastiest in the world, and everything inside will begin to stick together from purchased sweets. And other products will also be revealed in a new way, their taste will seem much richer and more versatile. In general, the taste buds will be very grateful to you for such a sugar austerity.


• Take Care of Dental Health

Everything is simple here. Hello sugar, hello caries.


• Lose Weight

Empty calories are about sugar. By giving up sugar, you can eat more, more varied, tastier and a hundred times healthier. Your key to being thin may not be giving up an extra cake once a week, but it certainly won’t get any worse.

And lovers of sharpening a couple of bars of chocolate before bedtime should still think about this topic and find alternative joys for themselves, for example, in the waist area.


• Coping with Mood Swings

Sugar, yes, it is. We are unhappy, we eat chocolate, our brain is on drugs, we are happy, the action is over (and very quickly), we are doubly unhappy. Life without sugar is much smoother, you have much better control over your condition and mood.


• Become More Active

There are all kinds of scientific chemical nonsense, if this is really important to you, study the issue, but if you want – just take my word for it, sugar makes us sluggish and prevents other sources of the same energy that we consume from being properly absorbed.


• Learn to Concentrate

There is also scientific chemical nonsense, brain cells, receptors, and you dull, poorly thinking and constantly switching attention.


• Learn to Distinguish the Nuances of Smells

I made this observation a few years ago, when I gave up sweets for 3 months. I have never had a good sense of smell, and then it literally hit me.

I still managed to go to Thailand at this moment, I remembered Amelie, who told the blind man what was happening around. In the place of that blind man, I wouldn’t need Amelie, I had enough smells to understand exactly what was happening around.


• Get Rid of Addiction

After all, is it nice to be a drug addict? Addiction is something that robs us of control over our bodies and our lives. Is it worth it, everyone decides for himself?

Of course, these are far from all the reasons, if you google, you will find hundreds of them, but it seems to me that these 10 “closer to the body” of each of us are actually important and affect the quality of life every day. Love yourself and at least check the justice of all this on yourself. I’m sure you will like it.

Remember that sweeteners have nothing to do with health, except for natural ones, and that is very selective. Most cooked foods contain hidden sugar. It may not be listed in the composition or hide behind all sorts of disguised – poses, the best thing you can do is not to eat prepared, canned food.

The composition of restaurant food is also hidden behind a veil of secrecy, in general, sugar is added “for taste” to many Asian and Pan-Asian dishes, sauces and everything that contains cooked tomatoes (this is far from an exhaustive list). You decide.

And, of course, the best thing is not to push the horn and occasionally allow yourself not to comply with your own prohibitions, because we are here about happiness and the quality of life, and not everyone is able tofind it in the cage of self-restraint. Listen to yourself and your body. You will soon understand when you really need that cake, and when your laziness and inertia speak to you.

Well, about my experience. Let me remind you that for a month I gave up sugar and all sugar-containing products (as far as possible in terms of travel and eating in restaurants, for example). For the whole month I drank a bottle of Coca Cola and ate ice cream.

A couple of times I ate sushi and Thai food, where, of course, there is sugar, but, again, how can you not eat it, when you usually get to it once every 3-4 months? I also ate a little (really a little) honey and dried fruits, and the best sweet snack for me was dehydrated apples – it’s very sweet.

All this was surprisingly easy for me, and I did not suffer from sweets at all, at the end of the month I pounced on the marshmallow that my friends brought me, but to be honest, all this was too cloying for me, although, of course, delicious. 4 days have passed, and I still think that I should bake a brownie, but somehow, I don’t really want to.

Now about other sensations. I haven’t lost a gram of weight, but I’m used to this, for losing weight I personally need to change non-food habits – everything is very good with them, and so, but just move more.

At some point, I caught a serious drop in mood, and there was a huge temptation to blame it on a lack of sugar, but I did not give in and, I think, cleared up my problems with the help of self-digging, and not sugar eating. But the bloating really went away, and from the very first days, I immediately felt great lightness (and I don’t use a lot of sugar anyway!), And, perhaps, the skin this month did not behave so meanly towards me as usual.

But the best part is not to scour the boxes in search of a can of Nutella, and during periods of a downturn in mood, turn not to a bar of chocolate, but to bars for a zentangle.

This is the very month that for me was associated with fixing habits and transferring them into future life, and I think that I will try to keep my sugar consumption at a minimum. And there is only that sweet that is guaranteed to give me pleasure. And better in the morning.

I decided to focus on what has not been given to me for a long time – on water consumption. While it is difficult for me to drink more than a liter and a half, but I try very hard, and also reduce tea from the usual liter to at least 2 cups.

By the way, who has something to say about how tea removes or does not remove liquid, please write in the comments, I cannot come to a final opinion on this matter.


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