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12 Reasons To Start A Business


Start A Business
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In June 2020, according to INSEE, the total number of business creations of all types of business combined increased sharply for the second consecutive month to Start A Business (+ 38.2 After + 59.6% in May. sharply increased again (+ 43.2 After + 64.2%) as well as the registrations of micro-entrepreneurs (+33.6 After + 55.7%). ‘before the health crisis. “

PathThatFites which has chosen for its mission to be the first supporter of creators and business leaders, today talks about the 12 excellent reasons for starting a business. These are not found in theoretical textbooks but in the heart of the business of entrepreneurs. Business creator is the oxygen of France. Everyone has heard “France has ideas but no oil”. Yes, but for a few years now, the creators have shown that they not only have ideas but that they are creating jobs, optimism and in short being those who have the will to raise France from the torment of unemployment.


• To challenge yourself springs wisdom.

Choosing to navigate in unknown territory and accepting from the outset to encounter obstacles of all kinds and to overcome them is an adventure with many ups and downs. You cannot rediscover America, you already have. The unknown lands, in fact, are those of your ability to navigate the tumultuous waters of business creation.


• Forcing you to think outside the box and question yourself.

Who am I really? While it is easy to give advice to others and say for you I will do it, it is much more difficult to question yourself and starting a business forces any entrepreneur to get rid of his received ideas. You had certain convictions which will prove to be correct, but many will show you your limits and teach you to better analyze any situation.


• You are going to use your full potential.

You will become a master in areas you hated and end up being a pro in accounting, communication, sales… And yes you are the conductor of a multi-talented orchestra. Adversity brings out the potential that each entrepreneur needs to make his business a success story : perseverance, will, creativity….

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• You will challenge the conformists.

A Japanese proverb says, “The nail that sticks out calls for the hammer.” Well yes you will defy the normality that wants to bring you into the ranks.

You will meet those who will tell you that your idea is excellent and you will read in their eyes that they think you are crazy, those who will not understand that with your degrees you are not looking for comfort, those who think that you are not. have not been able to finish your studies and you claim to embark on the adventure and you will even be entitled to the story of the frog which wants to be bigger than an ox and also to the crisis, which asks you to ‘observe the greatest caution… Certainly you will meet support but you will defeat all those who wanted to transform your life into a metro, work, sleep !!!


• You will create jobs – Start A Business

You are going to take immense pride in that you are going to be the one who will give work to others, who will bring happiness to others.

Incredible when you have your first employee , you will see the fruit of your efforts. The interns who come to join your company will feel that they are of great use. Their internship will not be to be a photocopier but to become a collaborator. When they leave your business, they will only want to start their own business.


• You will choose your teams or almost

… Because as you do not have much money to attract employees, you will have to convince them that you have the idea of genius, and there you will develop your commercial and charismatic capacities.

Finally you will learn to compose, to become human and to communicate your passion. However, a lot of competent people find themselves without a job. It’s time to get professionals working freelance who will bring you their know-how and professionalism!


• You will arouse admiration – Start A Business

… And yes, entrepreneurs are popular at the moment in a country where the news only talks about unemployment and harassment. They are seen as brave people who in the storm seek the exit of the tunnel. The adventurers of the 21st century. How lucky you are, you will become a model.


• You will meet many people – Start A Business

… You would never have crossed paths with the most diverse profiles and you will develop your adaptability. You will share your office in co-working and meet entrepreneurs who will become your friends and allies on this journey.


• As your cash flow does not allow you to have a brand new office

… You will protect the earth by recycling the desks and chairs that you will find on the sites. You can display it as a mark of nobility.


• You will give meaning to your life, you will acquire freedom

… Certainly with constraints but the freedom which means that when you get up in the morning, you will have the impression that the world belongs to you. You will be able to give meaning and value to your work, and therefore to your life.


• You will be part of the community of entrepreneurs

… An unstoppable network.


• You are going to write a unique story because each creator is unique

… And because he is unique, the creation of his company can only be a success.


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