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3 Factors That Determine The Success Of Your Life


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Business success is easy to measure by looking at the numbers: there is turnover, revenue, costs, employee turnover, and so on. But there are no universal criteria for assessing the whole life, everyone is forced to look for their own. For some, salary is important, for others – a place in the corporate ladder, for others – appearance.

I have read many books by modern successful thinkers and noticed that they do not evaluate life by the number of zeros in the account and other common criteria. People who are considered successful by all usually consider three factors:

  1. Internal energy.
  2. Career.
  3. Relations with people.

I decided to experiment with these areas of life to improve them. In the end, I found that they are all closely related. When I have a lot of energy, I am in a good mood. When I’m in a good mood, I work better. When I do a better job, I am happy with my life and I can give more to people, which improves my relationship with them. A good relationship is the foundation of a good life.


1. Internal energy

This is the simplest. It is enough to monitor how you feel physically. Watch this for a few days and find something that helps you increase your energy . Ask yourself every day, “What can I do today to be more energetic?”

“There is one universal tip: exercise and eat well.”

If I follow it every day, I feel great, I have a lot of energy. As soon as I stop exercising or start eating junk food, I notice a breakdown. So it is tested for myself.


2. Career growth

It’s not about salary or status. Assess this area in terms of what else you can learn. This is more important than salary. Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of The Strategy for Life , writes: “To find true happiness, you must constantly seek opportunities that are meaningful to you, through which you can learn new things, succeed and take on more responsibility.”

“Career and life success are directly related to how much you learn.”

Never stop striving for new knowledge : your income depends on it. The more you know, the more benefit you can bring to your company, colleagues, clients. And this benefit translates into earnings. Naturally, knowledge in itself is useless, it must be applied in practice.


3. Relationships with people

“The single most important factor in long-term happiness is our relationship with family and close friends,” Christensen continues. And when it comes to relationships, quality is more important than quantity. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have on social media. If you love someone only as long as the person does not change their views or gain weight, that relationship is worthless. True friendship and love are deeper, they assume that you support each other no matter what. This relationship enriches life.

“You have no control over how others treat you. Instead, evaluate how much time and effort you yourself put into relationships with people.”

I know from my own experience that when you find time for people you care about , your relationship with them improves. And if not, then this is not meant to be. You just need to live on.

From all this, we can draw a simple conclusion: for life to be successful, you need to focus on what you yourself can control. Energy, your efforts at work and in your relationships with people are all in your power. Assess these areas of your life and try to improve them.

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