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From the cellar to the attic of the company, a leader is on all floors and on all fronts. Management, financing, IT, recruitment… So many areas to Grow Your Business know inside out. But because we’re warned that it’s impossible to know everything, we’ve listed these 30 tips for you. To use without moderation.

Learn to manage your time

You must have the organization and the method to manage the different facets of your life as a business owner and to set aside time for your privacy. By the way ? are you aware that a day consists of 24 hours? Starting from this observation – whether you like it or not – irremovable, you can now give yourself the means to organize your time as you see fit. Be careful, however, of the most common distractions which, in their useful guise, waste more time than you imagine. Take a look. How many times a day do you check your mailbox? Nothing serious but on closer inspection you lose concentration. And that distracted look on your smartphone every time a push or a notification from the social networks to which you are subscribed, appears? Everything in its time and when working, stay focused.

Always be ready to pitch your business in 30 seconds flat

This is the idea of ​​the ” elevator pitch”. Communicate your project to an important person met in the elevator, at least very quickly and in an impactful manner. To get your presentation to the top, make these three key principles the basis of your speech: be clear, believable, and compelling. Do you think that the idea of ​​your project and your business is much more complex than a presentation in half a minute and that you would need the same time to the power of 10 to explain it? It is a mistake. Simplicity is a difficult art. And if you can’t do it, you should think about digging into your company’s strategy to improve it and make it more impactful. Your voice and your intonation must betray your enthusiasm. The vocabulary used should not be hyperbolic. Stick with what you’ve achieved so far without bragging about who you haven’t become yet. This pitch should leave a first impression of your business, service or product. It must also arouse the curiosity of those who listen to you, who conquered, will want to know more. It cannot be improvised. Cram your pitch in advance to acquire the necessary ease and confidence, whatever the stress!

No jargon! Use words that everyone understands

A group of philosophers using Kantian terms such as hypothetical imperatives, categorical imperatives, epistemology or transcendental perspective, does that leave you speechless? On the other hand, do the terms lead, backlinks, benchmaker, pipe, deal speak to you more? Well, think for your client as well as for your mom, when you speak entrepreneurial jargon, you are speaking Kant. It is not always easy to realize this when English-sounding words have become familiar to your ears and reveal a certain professionalism during your discussions between start-upers. This vocabulary allows you to join a family of entrepreneurs and remains an essential identity factor. You appear intelligent and credible… Not for everyone! Adapt your messages to your interlocutors and do not lose their attention. When using words that sound good, do you ask the question about the meaning they have for the other person?

Separate yourself from clients who don’t (you) respect (your job)

Not all customers are good for your business. While some are more difficult than others, your experience has enabled you to recognize those for whom nothing will ever be suitable enough in their eyes. You can drive yourself crazy, be kind, kind, and polite to them without ever having the slightest sign of appreciation. Please understand that some customers still want to find something to complain about. It is better to choose to lose them than to spend too much time worrying or trying to solve their problems (which never end) and assuage their discomfort. It can hurt your heart to let one of your customers go to the competition. However, trying to do the impossible for one of them is not healthy.

Take care of the planet. it is good for your wallet

Did you know that a large part of energy consumption is generated when electrical appliances are not in use? If you are not necessarily green, this simple fact should alert you to the savings you can achieve across your business! There are several methods to reduce your bill. The most effective is to adopt simple gestures (or to have them adopted). Use natural light – free! – artificial lighting and pay attention to the types of lighting you use. Low-energy bulbs, for example, use three times less energy than traditional bulbs. You can also use multiple sockets with switch that turn off the electricity to all devices with one click. Sleep mode represents a loss of energy that can amount to up to 15% of your electricity bill. You can also work on saving heating and air conditioning by regularly checking that they are working properly. Finally, carrying out an energy diagnosis in a company can be an essential step in detecting the various energy consuming stations and bringing about solutions adapted to the company. Its cost is quite high but can be amortized by financial aid from the French Energy Management Agency (ADEME) up to 50% and up to 70% for very small businesses. carrying out an energy diagnosis in a company can be an essential step in detecting the various energy consuming stations and bringing about solutions adapted to the company. Its cost is quite high but can be amortized by financial aid from the French Energy Management Agency (ADEME) up to 50% and up to 70% for very small businesses. carrying out an energy diagnosis in a company can be an essential step in detecting the various energy consuming stations and bringing about solutions adapted to the company. Its cost is quite high but can be amortized by financial aid from the French Energy Management Agency (ADEME) up to 50% and up to 70% for very small businesses.

Hire the best you can

In addition to recruitment, think about investment. You want the best for your business, don’t you? So leave your ego aside, which would consist in saying that the leader or the creator must be in every way the most competent and drape yourself in humility. You don’t know how to do everything. If there are things that you are very good at, others certainly leave something to be desired. Choose the most intelligent among the candidates who present themselves to you. Even if it means, more than you. Some entrepreneurs are afraid of recruiting people with higher skills than them. However, these new elements are able to challenge your company and bring it improvement and progress. However, beware of high performers who are not imbued with the same values ​​as you.Recruiting is a difficult choice that you must make wisely while also considering the dynamics of your team. Even if it means sidelining sometimes the best elements that do not adapt to the corporate culture.

Take care of your photography on social networks

Common usage claims that a photograph is better than a thousand words. And so that your profile picture on social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…) leads to discussion, you might as well put the odds in your favor. It is a safe bet that in a hyper-connected world, clients, investors or future associates “Googlize” your name after a first interview or after receiving files concerning you. You must make your web portrait your ally and prevent it from discrediting you professionally. To inspire confidence in your photography, there are a few tips to consider. First of all, focus on consistency and simplicity. Draw attention with a tight portrait and avoid offbeat backgrounds (a fine sandy beach is a dream but does not necessarily appeal to your future customers). Also ban group selfies in which you would be hardly recognizable. Your face speaks for you. Give it some animation. A smile or a burst of laughter, even frozen, is communicative and encourages conversation. Don’t try to be “cool” by wearing sunglasses, either. You appear more competent and engaging when your eyes can be caught at first glance. Finally, avoid the clothes trap. Do you offer your DJ services? A costume may not be necessary. On the other hand, as a business manager in sales and advice, it can help a lot … Also ban group selfies in which you would be hardly recognizable. Your face speaks for you. Give it some animation. A smile or a burst of laughter, even frozen, is communicative and encourages conversation. Don’t try to be “cool” by wearing sunglasses, either. You appear more competent and engaging when your eyes can be caught at first glance. Finally, avoid the clothes trap. Do you offer your DJ services? A costume may not be necessary. On the other hand, as a business manager in sales and advice, it can help a lot … Also ban group selfies in which you would be hardly recognizable. Your face speaks for you. Give it some animation. A smile or a burst of laughter, even frozen, is communicative and encourages conversation. Don’t try to be “cool” by wearing sunglasses, either. You appear more competent and engaging when your eyes can be caught at first glance. Finally, avoid the clothes trap. Do you offer your DJ services? A costume may not be necessary. On the other hand, as a business manager in sales and advice, it can really help … Don’t try to be “cool” by wearing sunglasses, either. You appear more competent and engaging when your eyes can be caught at first glance. Finally, avoid the clothes trap. Do you offer your DJ services? A costume may not be necessary. On the other hand, as a business manager in sales and advice, it can really help … Don’t try to be “cool” by wearing sunglasses, either. You appear more competent and engaging when your eyes can be caught at first glance. Finally, avoid the clothes trap. Do you offer your DJ services? A costume may not be necessary. On the other hand, as a business manager in sales and advice, it can help a lot …

Don’t give up your decision without taking time to think it over

You know the adage “There is a time to speak and a time to be silent”? When you face new opportunities, be it market, partnership, diversification of your offer, and even if they seem tempting, think twice. You have heard that you need to be open to challenges for your start-up / business and that you need to jump at the opportunities that come your way. It’s true!… But not always. Also prefer temporization and reflection. Not all opportunities are good to seize. Of course, you’ll never be 100% sure your decision is the best one, but taking the time to sit down for a second rather than half a second before you jump in could save you time. In front of your interlocutor, know how to be silent to let the one, in front of you, talk and explain what he expects from the project he is proposing to you. Then give yourself a few days, weeks to think about the idea, confronting it with your team and your own growth strategy. Then, if you are convinced, do not wait any longer, go for it!

You have the right to ask for ADVICE!

Surrounding yourself well is not just advice for new entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial journey is hard and strewn with pitfalls. And even if the trip is sometimes done alone, you should neither have the pride of thinking you know everything nor the fear of appearing weak as soon as you ask for advice. The perspective of others can make a big difference to your business. However, be aware that your advisers are certainly very busy. So ask them one question at a time, as specific as possible, especially if the contact is by e-mail. Present the situation objectively, trying to detach yourself from the problem. You will be more able to welcome the advice given to you. Accept it as it comes, although it might surprise you at first.

You can also turn to more specialized people according to your needs such as lawyers.

Learn from your mistakes. But don’t do the same twice

You made mistakes. You make mistakes. You will make mistakes. Nothing else is more commonplace in the life of an entrepreneur. And according to many, it is even a necessity! Making choices leads to taking risks, to trying one path rather than the thousand others that present themselves to you. We wish you success. Keep in mind the likelihood that you will fail at some point. Big and beautiful things take time.

Rest assured, you are on the move. Make your mistakes the foundation of your motivation. Not the breeding ground for your apologies. Decide now that every thing you miss gives you more experience and wisdom than the negative experiences you have had in the past predict the future of your business in any way. Failures are commas, breathing, pausing, and bouncing times. The idea is to use it to put an end to the fatalism that tells you that you will not succeed. Don’t fall for the same thing twice, just to make sure you don’t have to do it again! An experience of the type suffices. Rest assured, there are other errors to test …

Remember That Customers have your best ideas

Let’s go ! A little decency. The customer is a significant person in your creative process. He should not be confined to his rearguard position, that of simple receiver of the product or service. Times have changed and the customer has no reason to be left behind. When you start to engage a customer with your product or service, they become an evangelist of your brand. Besides the fact that he will prospect around him for you (we are talking about influencers), it can lead you to come up with innovative ideas that you might not have thought of. Such people can also act as a trigger, if you didn’t dare to come up with an idea you had that you felt was too out of place. Because the support you create meets the needs and expectations of the customers you have targeted, they will generally give you positive but also critical feedback. Take them as they come! Give them time. These are all seeds to improve your business because customers often expect more.

So many challenges that your company must take into account in order to improve and grow! And then, you can always get ahead of them by asking them directly what they think of your products or what improvements need to be made. Let’s see! Don’t be so shy!

Do a personal assessment before you start

The entrepreneurial recipe for cooking successful projects may seem easy or daunting depending on the personalities but you’ll really know if you can do it when you look in the fridge to see the ingredients you have available. In other words, make a comprehensive base of your skills with a focus on who you are, what your talents are, and what you can / know / want to do. This first step is a good way to avoid going straight into the wall. Between the idea of ​​creation and the putting into practice, there is a gulf. Either you cross it brilliantly, carried by your momentum and your supernatural wings, or you crash to the ground. You might as well be sure before jumping about what constitutes your motivation and your energy.

Ask yourself the question: “Do you have the profile to create?” »And start taking stock of your knowledge, whether general or professional. Collect data on your current situation, on what makes your values, your motivations and even on your hobbies. Take an honest view of yourself by writing down your flaws, your qualities, and your vision for the future, the areas in which you feel ready to evolve. Ask your loved ones the same and compare the data collected.

Perhaps some points will become clearer to you. And then, above all, remember that there is not just one recipe to start. Certain basic ingredients are necessary, this is what the personal assessment must validate and highlight. For the rest, your talent, the course undertaken and the participation of other people will raise the dough.

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Have full financial reporting regularly

Knowing how to count is not enough, it must be done regularly. Financial reporting allows you to have a sound management of your entries and exits but also to prepare forecasts and validate budgets essential to the well-being of your company. The preferred indicators are, in general, the level of profitability of the project, the cost of implementation and the expected benefits. Good management of these indicators over time and on a regular basis will give you elements of comparison to situate yourself. Reporting will be all the more useful and impactful. Of course, one of the main problems for young entrepreneurs (as for older ones but depending on the size of the company, this can always be delegated!) Is that getting down to this task is not sexy. ! However, there is no point in collecting too many elements. Focus your attention on essential data. One of the keys is to be reactive because doing it every year will not be enough. Financial reporting is usually monthly or bimonthly and should highlight new, important facts that are briefly presented. Computer solutions free of rights can be used to create a personalized tool. It can also be done in Microsoft Excel.

Pay your taxes. Manage administration with care

“Late payment” is an expression that speaks to you? To avoid being burdened with administrative paperwork at the last moment, you had better get organized and plan your missions – even if, as a man in the field, these absolutely do not kick you! Every day, take time to open your correspondence, whether they are e-mails or letters and classify them according to the importance and the urgency that they have to be addressed. During the week, block a time slot to manage the administration on a regular basis. Set yourself a work schedule and be disciplined to take stock of the accounting thanks to Internet or hardware tools such as the adoption of a filing cabinet with 12 or more entries which allows you to follow the files each month important to deal with.

Anticipate the calendar of deadlines related to the size of your business that you can find on a site like www.net-entreprises.fr and plan your tasks using this calendar. You don’t think you have the required skills, nothing serious! You can request training from consulting firms or public institutions. You can also use an external service provider. It is also strongly recommended that you appoint an accountant.

Dismissal: think of the collective first

Ooh! The bad word. Dismissal. How to part with an employee who does not suit? It is also the implicit admission of failure on both sides. For any business, a “professional divorce” is difficult to manage. So what about a small company whose members can be counted on the fingers of one hand? Especially since a young entrepreneur does not have the means to use the care of an HR and that fire – oops! We mean send back – an employee is certainly a deflower in this area, a critical period in the entrepreneurial journey. Whether for fault, incompetence or because of the economic context. In each case, you must think about the good of the collective, your team and your company. How many entrepreneurs did not want to lay off for fear of hurting their employees and subsequently found themselves shutting down their company for economic reasons? In terms of dismissal, you must, as little as possible, get emotional.

Learn to say no

The reality is that in your busy schedule, everything is essential to you. In addition, there are requests for help from collaborators or other entrepreneurs, pressure from customers, family or married life that you have so much trouble reconciling and friends who no longer dare to call you. Your time is not endlessly flexible, however. One of the consequences, apart from the well-known burnout, is the fragmentation of your identity. By saying yes to everything, you run the risk of exhausting yourself, while omitting your own urge to do things. You no longer focus on the important points, you take everything equally without distinction. Prioritizing your priorities also means knowing how to say yes and knowing how to say no. An exercise of self-assertion but above all of refocusing on your goals and your vision which will allow you to avoid dispersions. There is nothing selfish in knowing how to say no, it is especially maturity that speaks.

Be honest with yourself

When a traffic accident occurs while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is unfortunate for whoever is at fault. it is all the more so if external victims are to be deplored. In life, it’s all about responsibility. Far from us, the desire to lower your morale, nor that of taking the place of Road Safety. Whether you are a driver and / or an entrepreneur, there are safeguards. In particular that of the Breathalyzer: be cruelly honest with yourself to avoid going straight into the wall.

Even more so, if you manage a team. As the rider, you owe it to yourself not to drive it down the wrong slope. So get to know yourself, to determine what your weaknesses are and how you can overcome them (hire new recruits, build partnerships, outsource certain areas, etc.). It is essential to carry out your management, your customer relationship, your partnerships … Your business can only be honest and inspire confidence if you are honest with yourself.

Beware of emotional involvement, know how to detach yourself

Since the creation and launch of your company, you keep hearing that what will keep you going and be successful is your passion. Far be it from us to make you listen to reason. Passionate people are the ones who speak best about their business. These are the passionate entrepreneurs who have enough guts and guts to believe in their luck and who do whatever it takes to get it done. The flip side is that obsessed with passion, you might tend to lose your critical thinking. And that is understandable. Hours of pampering your project like a newborn baby.

Who would have the desire and even the objectivity to say that it is, after all, not that beautiful? This is one of the hardest pieces of advice to give and certainly one of the most difficult to apply, because deep down, passion cannot be controlled. However, be alerted and cultivate your ability to sharpen your critical thinking about your own project. Also try to detach yourself from your business at all. He is not part of you. If you fail, it is your project that has failed and not you who are. Do you see the difference? Place your identity in who you are, not in what you do.

Negotiate! Sale is necessary

This is one of the parts feared or overlooked by some of the entrepreneurs. Selling is one of the daily jobs, along with customer prospecting, where mind, technique and behavior play on all fronts. If you are not comfortable on this point, know that being a good salesperson, if that is the role you have to take on, is not innate and can be learned through practice and work. These are hooking techniques to acquire, silences to respect, a rhythm to handle. You have to be convinced that it is not you who needs the customer, but the customer who needs you. You offer him a product / service that he is useful.

You need to master the art of negotiation and be able to sense the dynamics of power relations between you and the other participants in the negotiation. To best serve the interests of both parties, you will also need to be prepared to haggle, without turning into the carpet merchant …

Learn from those who failed before you

Do you prefer to pay when you are offered something free? Not always, is it? When you make your own mistakes, you pay a heavy price, even if you learn through trial by fire. An important step, most often necessary. However, some lessons cost much less… These are the mistakes that others have made before you! In your entourage, you certainly know entrepreneurs who have liquidated their business, who have separated from their closest collaborator, who have lost gigantic opportunities or have missed out on their dreams. They all have things to tell you, if you will hear them! Do you think that conferences on the topic of failure, management issues or associates do not concern you (yet)? 1st Sherlock mistake!

Don’t overlook grants or competitions

Did you know that you receive $3,000 in subsidy to create / take over your very small business in the Nièvre? If doing business in Burgundy would be a stopgap for you, you can always find other public aid from the state and regions. The toutaide.com site lists the database of systems in place. Do not neglect participation in business creation contests that allow you to present your project, to make contacts but also to win prizes and assistance.

These endowments are useful for the development of your business. In most cases, they take the form of financial envelopes. These awards create a virtuous circle since they stimulate the media’s interest in your business, give you credibility and reassure your partners and customers.

In a time of success, be careful not to turn into an idiot

Some are born fools. Others become. With age, time, regrets… or money! This does not mean that some are not already stupid before they succeed (this is the idea of ​​”ME, I am an entrepreneur) or that the status of idiot is acquired in pack with professional success.

Let us simply mention the fact that it is a risk, qualified as plausible. To avoid the bowler or too narrow shoes, keep it simple and committed to the idea that you didn’t succeed on your own. Keep up the momentum and the values ​​that have led you to success, success which is not the end of an adventure but quite simply a new stage. Do not make greed, your only career motivation and always have a fresh, lively and open mind by being able to constantly renew yourself and know how to target your weaknesses. Finally, keep people with you who know how to advise and criticize you. One of the first remedies for idiocy is the ability to question yourself!

Challenge everything, even what still works

Despite the challenges that you gain and even if you are first in several areas, the company remains a fragile ecosystem subject to competition and various changes. To ensure a bright future for your society, you must constantly question yourself and not leave it to others to undo what you have patiently woven. Go out of style yourself! Be visionary and critical by anticipating what no one else can think of yet. If you fail, you must question yourself and not look for arguments that disempower you. Accept your mistakes and the fact that others are ahead of you. By reviewing your experience, you will be able to think better and better about the strategy of your next project, and get back on the saddle with flying colors.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have multiple business partners

When a business grows, it needs to rely on a network of good partners and reliable suppliers for its supplies. The reasons can be new opportunities abroad, a need for diversification, suddenly increased demand…

When you approach distant markets, you must be accompanied by reliable local partners who will import and distribute your products across the country. Play strategic! While trust should be at the center of your relationships, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. By diversifying the number of business partners, you decrease your risk of insolvency. This allows you to carry out a diversification strategy by developing a wider range of products and taking into account all of the desideratas.

Stop perfectionism!

In your hands, your product. You find it good, not excellent. From the front, from the back, in profile… There are still a few details to add, finishes that only you see. It doesn’t make you feel confident about launching it. And yet, a made product is better than a perfect but non-existent product. To snub the perfectionism and fear that plague your stomach, think there is no such thing as a zero defect goal. By daring, you will certainly confront the opinions of those who would have done better or done differently anyway. Don’t take their criticism personally, but feed your thinking with what you think is most relevant. Your product, your service is certainly not perfect but it will improve over time. Free yourself from your fears, what blocks you and makes you believe that no error is allowed. Unlock your potential, make mistakes, grow and improve your product step by step.

Learn to develop your charisma

Among our Greek friends, charisma was a special grace granted by the gods to a being. They gave him an extraordinary spiritual power for the well-being of the community. Today, the meaning of charisma is more reductive, it is for many of us a power of seduction and influence that leaders have naturally but that some bosses sorely lack. Do not panic ! Not everyone is born a leader and not everyone will become one, but with a little practice you can discover and develop the charisma that is in you. The body is notably the first key. If you have to pitch in front of an audience, you must take care of your posture by making your presence credible in the eyes of your interlocutors. Another key is the emotions you convey and which are conveyed through your attitude. By playing on silences, the rhythm of your speech, passion, you have a more significant impact on your interlocutors… who can only be interested in you!

Remember that a business is first and foremost a group of people

The great truth of a business is that it is neither a building nor just a business. A business brings together people first and foremost. And it is these men and women who create the value of services or products. Managers must take care of the quality of their management and not focus their attention solely on the profitability of the company, however important that may be! Relationships within a team have more consequences than some leaders realize. Doubts, questions, frustrations, jealousies, personal problems, but also good humor, understanding, professional and friendly ties play an important part in your business. These aggregates of personalities and egos can both build or destroy your society. So take care of relationships, try to set up activities that bring together and unite your teams, even and especially in a company with more than 50 employees. Take a close look at the turnover percentage and set up a follow-up to understand what can be improved within it.

Be a sponge!

Look for inspiration around you, you are no longer full of ideas. Only one solution to remedy it! Think outside the box and do not remain compartmentalized in the unique vision of the world as offered by your field. There are so many facets to see and polish. The inspiration for your new idea or your next innovation is somewhere there. To find it, open your eyes wide and put the world at your feet (symbolically speaking!). Make a list of places to visit and bloggers to follow in the morning before you start the day. This web review must absolutely contain international and national sites covering the main outlines of current events but also articles in the field of high-tech and new ideas and technologies. Advertising, art, fashion, … Can also inspire you and hook your sensitivity. Sometimes a phrase, word, context, or idea from halfway around the world can sharpen your mind and bring out something new about you. Do not deprive yourself of it!

Surround yourself with friends who are not afraid to be honest with you

In your friends, you count those who introduced you to your first girlfriend, those who stole her from you, those who are always present at night, during the day. at each period of life, its specific friend. And for the entrepreneurial adventure? You need to surround yourself with friends that you won’t be afraid to indulge in. Those who are ready to hear, the good, the bad, and the rest. These pillars are not lacking when it comes to doubts, fears and challenges. Some only meet once a year, others follow you throughout your journey. They play a huge role in your experience because they speak truth to you. Without detours. Without blah blah. These friends don’t just tell you that your idea is great. They give you their advice to improve it. And when your project sucks, they don’t pretend. These relationships are to be cultivated more than usual.

Learn to trust your team

There is one thing you need to understand as a business executive. When you put your trust in your team more than they could hope for, their members will step up their work to show you that they are worthy of your trust. An excellent entrepreneur is not a superhero, he is someone who is able to surround themselves with the best, delegate tasks and give their trust. Test your team members by delegating certain tasks in stages and see how they expose themselves to risk taking. Trusting increases the faculty and the desire to innovate, to create and to propose new ideas. And this, even if you manage a virtual and remote team. Communicate openly and honestly with each member and give them the freedom to do the same with you.