30 Years Old: Things to Do When You’re 30

When You Are 30 Years Old

If you are 30 years old, you have already noticed that a unique and, quite possibly, the best period in your life has come. You are no longer the same clot of hormones that you were recently. You are not a pimply student who is starving and stuffing his head with incomprehensible information called knowledge.

You have learned the taste of money, discovered the true beauty of women, you are still young, but you already have a good experience. What next, you ask? The next milestone is 40 years, for which you should prepare very seriously. In order not to reinvent the wheel again, I present to your attention the advice for thirty from those who have already passed this path, and know what to focus on in the period of life from 30 to 40 years.

Finance: When You are 30 Years Old

Finance - When You Are 30 Years Old
Finance: When You are 30 Years Old

The time to live without thinking about the future is over. Now you should take yourself and your life under complete control and start investing in what awaits you in 10 years, unless of course you have already started. The first and foremost task is to create a financial safety cushion, i.e. provide yourself with a supply of funds.

The easiest and most effective way to save money is to save some of your monthly income. It is necessary to collect money on an ongoing basis. If you think you have nothing to save because you barely have enough money to live on, you are deceiving yourself.

What other advice do the “big brothers” give to 30 years old in finance? Set a goal and solve the problem with housing. If you have your own apartment (house), you are undoubtedly handsome. If by the age of 30 you have not received the status of a homeowner, this problem must be solved, and the sooner the better. Not having your own home by 40 is a very big mistake. Also, think about a possible side job, explore alternative sources of income, Google for help.

Health: When You are 30 Years Old

Health: When You Are 30 Years Old
Health: When You are 30 Years Old

Men after forty advise thirty years old to come to grips with their health. If you have bad habits, the moment has come when they should be erased from your life once and for all. You need to quit smoking and not abuse alcohol. Start playing sports. The simplest and most useful exercise that you should involve in your life is running. Strength training even at home will be useful for you. Start thinking right now about how to strengthen your body, remove the beer belly, and also please women.

Start your annual medical examination. Think about the condition of your teeth and be sure to eliminate all existing problems with them. Start loving yourself and your body.

Surrounding Environment: When You are 30 Years Old

Surrounding Environment: When You Are 30 Years Old
Surrounding Environment: When You are 30 Years Old

Each person who appeared in our life influenced us, taught us something, and received in return, among other things, our time. After 30 years, you will begin to value your time more than you did before. And you should think about this:

  • Who are the people around you?
  • Are there those among them, communication with whom is harmful to you?
  • Is it possible to exclude unnecessary people from your life who are wasting your time?

Make sure to avoid people who bring negative emotions. For your part, try to bring more positive to the people around you. Be generous with positive emotions and value your time.

Stay Focused: When You are 30 Years Old

Stay Focused: When You Are 30 Years Old
Stay Focused: When You are 30 Years Old

The time of childhood, trial and blunder is over, the period of meaningful action has come. Focus on what you do best. Concentrate on things that are satisfying, beneficial, and “work”.

Stop going through and looking for various alternatives. Set a goal and achieve results. Focus on what you have talent for, what you are good at in order to fully realize yourself in the next 10 years.

Risks: When You are 30 Years Old

Risks: When You Are 30 Years Old
Risks: When You are 30 Years Old

Don’t be afraid to take risks if you don’t have anything behind you. From 30 to 40 years is a time when you can still make it. Moreover, you are not some insecure boy. You have experience and a formed worldview, perhaps you have already felt the sweetness of victories and the bitterness of defeat.

Ray Kroc is the founder of McDonald’s in the usual format, he started this type of business when he was 52 years old, and you are only 30 years old. You’re just a youngster, and excuses are inappropriate here. You have time to change your destiny and do what you are really interested in and in which you can succeed. Do not miss your chance, while trying not to do stupid things.

Investing in Yourself and Your Family

Investing In Yourself And Your Family
Investing in Yourself and Your Family

How many new and interesting things have you seen in your life? How many countries have you visited? Are there many events in your memory that can be called an exciting adventure? No? It’s time to change something:

  • Go on vacation to an exotic country.
  • Visit Monte Carlo. Jump with a parachute.
  • Learn to ride a horse.
  • Enroll in courses of foreign languages or oratory.
  • Invest in yourself and develop as a person.

All your life experience, acquired knowledge and skills, emotions and memories – this is the real you. Expand the circle of your interests, move only forward. Start investing in your loved ones and your family.

Do not forget about your parents and give them every help. Send them to rest at a resort in warmer regions. The emotions that they receive will certainly be passed on to you. If you haven’t started your own family yet, be sure to think about it.

Those investments that you make now in people close to you will certainly bear fruit after a certain time. Bringing new life to this world is one way to leave a mark on yourself.

You need to realize yourself as a husband and father, because close people fill each new day with meaning and motivate you to continue moving in this seething ocean of life.

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