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5 Ways Of Personality Self-Improvement


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In recent years, more and more talk about the importance of selfdevelopment and self-improvement of the individual. Many articles and books are written on this topic, training’s are conducted. What are the ways to improve your personality? Let’s consider five of the most popular.

Self-improvement is work, sometimes very hard. But this is the mystery of human nature that he needs self-development, since any delay at the achieved level sooner or later leads to stagnation and, ultimately, to personality degradation.

Striving for self-improvement is always a sign of a certain spiritual maturity.

The paths to the development of one’s personality can be very different, and they are not always sublime spiritual practices. Conventionally, these paths can be divided into several types:


Household self-development.

When a person not only perceives the world around him as a moving picture outside the bus window, but carefully contemplates this world, analyzes and draws certain conclusions, he is engaged in nothing more than self-improvement. He comprehends the environment, tries to determine his place in it, sometimes coming to rather global conclusions. Which, as a result, can begin to move it in one direction or another. Or a person can purposefully build his career, starting from some small position and steadily moving forward and upward. Great cultivation practice. Or taking care of
your family – after all, this also develops personality in a wonderful way.


Self-development is aesthetic.

You can, of course, be content in your musical tastes with the set offered by your favorite radio station that sounds in the car radio. But for many people this is very, very little, and they carefully study the peculiarities of chamber music of the European Baroque, or, for example, are looking for masterpieces of the Australian new wave. And if a person himself has any talents and develops them – plays the flute, paints watercolors, is engaged in ballroom dancing, then the aesthetic side of his personality is improved to real heights. Moreover, if he does it professionally.


Body-oriented practices

These are yoga, martial arts, and qigong … I will not dwell on this in detail – both yoga and the other listed methods of self-improvement are among the most effective and generally recognized.


Intellectual self-improvement.

These are studies of science, persistent attempts to penetrate the mysteries of nature. Very often you can hear when a scientist who, for the sake of conducting an important experiment, is ready to go to some unimaginable wilderness, dragging tons of equipment, or waiting for years for favorable conditions, is called a maniac. Of course, for people who are not so keen on science, such a passion is incomprehensible. However, this scientist not only discovers new laws of nature – he also develops himself.


Spiritual and religious methods.

With these types of self-development, too, everything is more or less clear. In fact, spiritual self-improvement is what man exists as a species for. In any case, I would like to believe it.

In general, the self-improvement of the individual, the very craving for self-improvement and the ability to do it – this is what makes us human.

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