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8 Reasons Why Excellent Students Work for Someone Else, While Bad Students Get Rich


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Children, many of us have surely heard their parents say something like: “study well in school and get 20/20 !” And when we received a bad grade (for some, even a 15/20 was considered bad), we listened obediently to the fiery tirade of our mother or father, and then went to study for hours, immersed in our textbooks.

As life often shows us, at school it is absolutely useless to try to always get good grades. After all, it happens that yesterday’s excellent student comes today to look for a job in the company that is headed by the former “shame” of the class, which copied all his homework from others.

At PathThatFits, we consulted with psychologists and tried to answer the question together. Why are bad students sometimes much better adapted to life than their peers who had excellent grades? And at the end of the article you will find a bonus where you will find out why being a bad student is not a disadvantage, but in a way, an advantage.


They Do Not Seek to Constantly Get Good Grades

For most excellent students, grades are the main indicator of success: getting a 20/20 means you’ve done a good job and accomplished a feat. However, this way of thinking does not take into account at all the fact that any assessment is subjective and depends not only on the quality of knowledge, but also on other factors such as, for example, the attitude of the teacher to the student, and sometimes even, his mood.

As for bad students, they do not need to confirm the level of their success with the help of their grades. When they follow their goals, they are guided not by the approval of their surroundings, but rather by their inner satisfaction for the work they have done.

They do not try to deserve good treatment from others and always make a good impression.

For excellent students, it is usually very important to make a good impression on their teachers, and that is why many of them strive to be applied students, who raise their finger even during the most boring lessons, and who always serve teachers without hesitation. Children who receive bad grades usually do not try to impress anyone: although they treat their teachers with respect, they do not try to score points.

As our experience shows, by becoming an adult, people keep these same patterns of behavior and use them in their relationships with their leaders.


They Do Not Do Everything Themselves

Even after finishing school, many former excellent students continue to follow the rule: “if you want something to be done, do it yourself!”. And all this, because they now have the habit of giving themselves thoroughly and controlling everything themselves in everything they undertake.

While the bad students, the lazy and the scoundrels, use the abilities of others according to their abilities (“I’ll copy the math at Alice’s, and I’ll sit with Paul in chemistry class”).

In adulthood, excellent and bad students continue to stick to this principle: some do everything themselves to the point of exhaustion, while others delegate tasks to their subordinates or colleagues.


They Allow Themselves Not Always to Be Perfect

In psychology, there is a phenomenon called “excellent student syndrome”, when a person builds his life on the principle “either I do it perfectly well, or I do not do it at all.” It is incredibly difficult to live with such an attitude, because, after all, it is impossible to always achieve everything in all areas. The result: either the person will hold all his life to a job without a future, constantly forcing himself to redouble his efforts, or, on the contrary, he will never dare to do what he really likes, for fear of failure.

And here is an example “as a child, I attended an art school in which a boy was also enrolled. He drew quite well, but in the last year he completely dropped classes, and finally did not graduate.

Neither this event nor the fact that his first works received a huge amount of bad reviews did not prevent him from becoming one of the most famous graffiti artists in Russia and now having customers all over the world. If he had been a perfectionist and an excellent student obsessed with grades, his talent would surely never have come to light.”


They Do Not Spend Their Forces for Nothing

A bad student will never force himself to do something that he does not like and does not see the usefulness of, but rather will focus on what really interests him. On the other hand, an excellent student will force himself to study until he becomes green, only so as not to lower his school average.

Subsequently, it often happens that in adulthood, this excellent student spends all his energy on doing what he does not like, whether it is a hated job or a love relationship doomed to failure.

The logic that bad students follow is perfectly explained in the story that Ivan, the founder and owner of the chain of watch shops Zifferblatt told us: “I changed seven different schools, and I was a bad student in each of them. I did not want to study the subjects that do not interest me, that is, all the exact sciences. First, I just stopped showing up at math classes. However, I read a lot and studied various phenomena that interested me. I must point out that we installed the internet at home in 1994, and at the time, none of my teachers really realized what benefits it gives. I spent all my free time surfing the internet, playing games, and reading.


They Have Other Hobbies Besides Studies

While their classmates spend hours sitting behind their books so they don’t lag behind in their race to the right grades, the wrong students spend their free time doing what they really like:

reading, playing sports, music, dancing, or just playing with other children.

According to psychologists, excellent students find it very difficult to relax, because they constantly feel stress, not only mentally, but also psychologically. Unfortunately, such students often keep this problem even after they have already become adults: they are constantly haunted by inexplicable anxiety and fear of not living up to the expectations of their surroundings.


They Know How to Accept Not Only Success, But Also Failure

We probably all know one (or more) excellent student for whom getting a 10/20 means being useless and worthless. In life, such people very painfully experience the slightest failure, and any mistake, even minimal, is perceived as a whole tragedy. Bad students are used to receiving not only good, but also bad grades. For them, a 5/20 is not the end of the world, but just a few numbers in their diary. In life, such people adapt much more easily to stress and recover faster from failures.


They Are Ready to Take Risks

Those who received in school bad grades or average grades, learned to act according to situations, get out of various problems, and even sometimes take risks. Their future was not fully planned by their parents, and therefore they allow themselves to dream, to live free and not according to a specific plan, and to treat their mistakes more easily.

If a bad student one day realizes that he wants to leave the University, change his profession or go to live in another country, he will most likely. And, strange as it may sound, it will happen, because this person is much more used to listening to his own desires than the opinion of others.

2020 is the year when all our life and our usual daily life collapsed and now we all need original and revolutionary ideas. We need it like a breath of fresh air. We need unexpected ideas, which means that we all need mistakes, or rather, the courage to make mistakes. After all, it is after many mistakes that we manage to find the best solutions.

There is no better time than that of change. It is at this very moment that man can fully realize himself by becoming a witness, or participating in the change in the course of historical events.

These are not my words, but those of Fyodor Tiutchev. But if you are real bad students, you probably do not know who Fyodor Tiutchev is, and it does not matter. The most important thing is not to know, but to act. In fact, there can be only one inexcusable mistake : to give up, give up, do nothing and do nothing. Never stop, guys, and be bold !

Do you know where the worst student in your class now works? Do you agree with the points stated in this article, or do you think that this is not entirely true? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.

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