A Month without Social Media: What I Learned from 30 Day Social Media Detox?

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A Month Without Social Media

Friends, many were looking forward to this post, and here it is in front of you. I deliberately postponed its release a little in order to tell about my feelings not only for a month without social networks, but also for a couple of days after, when I finally opened it all up again.

I want to make a reservation that my experiment cannot be considered clean – I still used networks in a very limited and pre-agreed volume, since this is my working tool. But I didn’t watch feeds and comments, only looking through messages so as not to miss something important (I’ll tell you about this separately!), Opened direct links if my friends sent them to me, and didn’t run away from them like hell from incense.

So, to be honest, my feelings surprised me myself.

Although I try to choose a focus that is in tune with the current state, I expected that reflexes would take their toll and that every morning, in those minutes when I was already awake, and my brain not yet, I’ll habitually grab my phone and check Instagram. But no, to be honest, I didn’t have much of an impulse. Somewhere in the middle of the month, in rare moments of boredom, I began to think that I would now look through my dear Instagram, but the book (or even better, work) perfectly replaced it.

To summarize my observations, here they are:

Entering a social network or an application “on business” and immediately leaving is not as difficult as it seems. The pictures from the tape that caught my eye did not really attract me.

Another thing is that for many, using the same Instagram, as if for themselves, is actually exactly the same professional tool. To be aware, to see opportunities and trends, to strengthen social contacts, to PR, after all – we live in such a time. To abandon this altogether means to miss out on additional resources for development at work. And here I see only one solution – to go online on a timer.

And yet, if someone is interested in numbers, my Instagram has grown superbly in the month that I was absent from it. Maybe this is also some secret of success.

Although the website has a separate Instagram account, I didn’t go there too much, contrary to all plans. But this is hardly connected with the experiment, rather, it is just summer. In general, I think a separate work account is a great idea.

Those who really need to contact you will do so. By mail, first of all. Although over the years I have made sure that there are two categories of people: those who want an answer, and those who want to write. The second will always be, and they will always choose the communication channels that are inconvenient for you. It remains only to exhale and give people the freedom to spoil their own lives on their own.

Without social networks, you can’t remember the birthdays of many people whom I would like to congratulate. I take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who was born in August.

With some people, contact through instant messengers was established so tightly that for some reason it was not transferred to other channels, and this month we did not contact. But I think this is a matter of habit and everything is fixable.

Most of all, I was torn from the inability to ask a question to the collective mind and discuss some small topics that revolve in my head for 20 pieces a day. Here I am so dependent, it turns out. But now I understand that I have not accumulated anything that I have not been able to solve without the power of this very mind.

It’s very funny that during this time there was a lot of news in the world of social networks and applications. Updating Instagram (I had to get in and watch, of course), the release of Snapster, which banned active links on Instagram, so many conversations about Snapchat and Periscope that I also had to watch (I did not understand anything, I am hopelessly old and conservative), after all something- that was … We need to make up for everything. But I don’t want to. But you need to.

When I returned and opened all my call recordings, I realized a few more things:

For now, I still forget to check the call recording and understand that I will not miss anything important. I did not miss this “important” in August, as my friends-friends told me about truly outstanding events and he was attracted by caring people to issues that require attention, for which I thank them.

Sitting down to see what anyone had on Instagram, I looked at the feed differently and saw there a lot of beautiful identical feeds with which I personally did not establish an emotional connection. I realized that the pictures are more comfortable for me to look at other sites, and I deleted most of them. It turned out that I have a straight pattern: pensive girls from the back against the background of wild beauties. No, well, it’s beautiful, of course. But I want to know whose back is in general and what is inside.

I appreciated the option “subscribe to updates”, in general I think that its meaning is to ask yourself a question, do you want to know about each update of this account. There will be very few of them, it makes sense to subscribe to them. And watch the rest of the posts only according to the mood, and not so that, God forbid, do not miss something.

The Facebook feed consists of Lifehacker and Adme. 20 ways of this and 30 ways of this (yes, we all love this and know how good it is for viral spread, but ALL the posts!). Productivity, awareness, minimalism, happiness, harmony, spirituality trend. Well, just like my blog. And there is a recipe for everything, strictly from 10 points. We urgently need to ban them all.

I will definitely do this from time to time, not for a month, but for shorter periods and with a complete shutdown. I think every time afterwards I will want to do another general cleaning.

I was really missed and my blogging heart melts.

In general, if you think about it, it’s rather ridiculous and, in general, sad that such topics come to our minds and are relevant for such a huge number of people. The response to my online course this month was the most active, some decided to join, everyone was looking forward to the results. It turns out that people themselves invented a headache, invented something that can destroy us. Literally a dystopia with robots.

Unfortunately, I will not tell you how much I did this month, because I didn’t do more than usual or much more. Procrastination and the desire for distraction exist on their own, and social media is not the root cause of our troubles, but just the easiest way to satisfy this desire. In his absence, it is quite easy to find others, and therefore it is not technical progress or not only it that should be blamed. First of all, you need to work on yourself, on your own awareness in the process of doing something, learn to set motivating goals and, most importantly, discipline yourself. And in no case should you lie to yourself about where and why our time is running away.

But still, the lack of constant switching between other activities and checking the mails has a certain positive effect, calmness and awareness from this is added. That’s how I am today Cap.

Tell us how you are doing, how your relationship with virtual reality is developing.