Bad Mood: Reasons and 10 Ways to Escape a Bad Mood Fast

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Bad Mood

Problems at work, instability, difficult relationships with loved ones and other life troubles lead to a bad mood, deterioration in the inner emotional state of a person and irritate him. Negativity snowballs like a snowball and causes chronic dissatisfaction with life in general. The personality becomes gloomy, lethargic, gloomy and depressed, a breakdown is clearly visible on the face, and the ability to work decreases. During the day, all people change their mood, which is formed under the influence of certain factors. However, if a person is unable to correct it and understand why he is sharply declining, this is a reason to think about it and turn to a specialist. Next, I will tell you about the mechanisms of internal negativity and explain what you need to do if you are always in a very bad mood for no reason.

General Information

Most often, negative emotions have a clear explanation that is fairly easy to identify. The methods of struggle are also simple – you need to do something that brings moral satisfaction – sleep well, play your favorite song, chat with loved ones, eat a delicious dinner or cry a lot. However, the more serious the reason for the loss of emotional balance, the longer it will take to recover. Severe shocks often become a provocateur for the development of many mental disorders – depression, neurosis.

Constant bad mood is a kind of mental illness. It is divided into the following groups:

Suppressed is the most common type of ailment that almost everyone is familiar with. The patient feels melancholy, sadness and sorrow. There may be tearfulness, hatred of oneself and others may appear.

Pessimistic – manifested by total self-flagellation and disbelief in their own strength. My head is often visited by thoughts: “How bad everything is, but it will be even worse”, “I will not succeed”, “The weather is disgusting, and tomorrow it will deteriorate even more.” A pessimist sees negative everywhere and is dissatisfied with everything.

Apathetic – complete ignorance of what is happening around. A person is passive, he has no desire to do anything. Frustration can be combined with a depressed and pessimistic attitude.

To understand where the norm ends and the pathology begins is not easy enough. It is believed that one can speak of an illness if bad emotions persist for 2 weeks or more. And if the appearance of such a state was preceded by deep emotional upheavals – parting with a second half, death of a loved one, dismissal from work – a person will need the help of a highly qualified psychiatrist.

What Can Be A Bad Mood?

Bad Mood
Bad Mood

Lack of good spirits is a common part of our life. This is a completely normal reaction of the psyche to a variety of situations and events. However, people often think that depression is just a depressed state that will go away on its own, and they are greatly mistaken. Depressive syndrome is a serious psychological disorder that has extensive symptoms, in which depression is only one of the signs of the disease. Standard methods of raising the mood of the patient will not help – specialized therapy is needed.

Does it Happen Without a Reason

Sadness and sadness can appear without a clear reason. I associate this with a variety of somatic processes in the human body (changes in hormonal levels, various disruptions in brain activity) or with exposure to chemicals such as drugs, alcohol. Also, the reasons for a constantly bad mood can be:

  • the consequences of acute infectious diseases (encephalitis, meningitis);
  • tumors, both benign and malignant;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • congenital anomalies.

People often think that they have no good reason for sadness, their problems are insignificant and of little significance. However, if you dig deeper, then such facts as a difficult relationship with a spouse, a blockage at work, a quarrel with parents are revealed. It is important to understand that even minor life troubles can have a detrimental effect on the psyche, becoming a provocateur of depression or neuroses. With the latter, a person has a failure in the metabolic processes of norepinephrine and serotonin. As a result, everything seems to be fine in his life, but due to a defect at the cellular level in the metabolic mechanism, the person feels an oppressed state and hopelessness.

The Biology of Emotions

Let me explain why there is a bad mood with the following fact – a person’s own ego is depleted. How does it look in practice? People constantly set themselves some kind of framework, for example, they are on a diet for a long time, do not allow themselves to fully rest and relax. As a result, the brain is exhausted, aggression, irritability and discontent arise.

The more severe the restrictions are set and the longer the period of their existence, the stronger the feeling of dissatisfaction. The phenomenon is accompanied by high blood pressure, which increases the secretion of the hormone cortisol. The latter is the provocateur of the deterioration of the general condition.

Why Persistent Bad Mood Haunts for No Apparent Reason?

There are a huge number of reasons for the accumulation of negative emotions, and all of them in combination or separately, create a general picture of the mood. It is impossible to single out any one factor that affects the emotional state, usually there are always several of them. The reason for depression can be unexpected both for the patient himself and for his environment – a traffic jam, a skirmish in a queue, being late. Next, I will describe the most common symptoms, causes of detachment and bad mood.

I Don’t Want Anything

Almost everyone is familiar with the feeling when you understand that you have no strength to do something, you feel empty, you don’t want to get out of bed. People who are not well versed in psychological subtleties consider such a state of mind and body to be banal laziness. However, as such, laziness does not exist, but there are signs that relate to it. The latter are directly related to mental health.

Feelings of apathy can manifest in many ways:

  • diseases of a somatic nature (pathology of the endocrine system, the consequences of injuries and operations, changes in hormonal terms);
  • a sharp emotional outburst (death of relatives, divorce, betrayal, an episode of violence, disability);
  • the presence of abnormalities in the psyche (chronic depression, anxiety disorder, neuroses, schizophrenia);
  • exposure from outside, chemistry (drugs, side effects of medications, alcohol, cigarettes).
  • In people prone to mental illness, an apathetic mood usually occurs at the onset or after a period of constant stress (blockage at work, family troubles, session).

I Always Want to Cry

This condition is usually observed in people who have experienced unpleasant and difficult events in life (death, divorce, problems at work or school). After a certain period of time, the state of health should return to normal by itself. However, tearfulness and sadness can be symptoms of neurosis and chronic depression. If crying manifests itself for more than two weeks in a row, then you should seek help from a specialist. First of all, you need to come to an appointment with a therapist, and he, having determined the degree and cause of the disorder, will give recommendations or refer you to a psychotherapist.

After Drinking Alcohol

Contrary to the prevailing opinion in society, alcoholic beverages are depressants. They cause short-term pleasure, followed by a period of depression and sadness. This inner feeling prompts you to take a dose again, which will bring relief. Alcoholic beverages have a detrimental effect on the exchange of neurotransmitters, therefore, cause depression. For such a disease, a special name has been invented – alcoholic depression.

If a person does not have such an addiction and just went over too much at the holiday, then the mood of depression will soon pass. However, if the mental health is very poor, then you need to seek help from a medical facility.


Why are there no good emotions at all on such a merry holiday? In childhood, it is a celebration of gifts, delicious treats and loved ones. But with every year of growing up, a person’s perception of this day changes in a negative direction. This is usually due to the following:

  • The holiday is associated with aging and reminds us that days are counting and we are all mortal.
  • This event is a vivid reminder that a person has grown older, but has not achieved his life goals. This is very noticeable during the midlife crisis.
  • The celebration does not take place according to the birthday boy’s scenario, and he can be very upset.

Experiences of an existential nature are often annoying precisely on the birthday and this is quite normal. If the sadness goes beyond, it lasts too long, then I recommend contacting a specialist.

My Husband is Constantly in A Bad Mood

If the second half has a terrible mood all the time, he looks depressed, sad, crying, then this is a clear sign of some kind of mental problems. Perhaps the spouse has chronic depression or neurosis. But before you go to an appointment with a psychotherapist, you need to be examined in a regular clinic for somatic pathologies that can also adversely affect mood.

Everyday Problems

Emotional swings are often associated with the season. These symptoms are especially pronounced in the autumn-winter period. To get away from the seasonal blues, it is enough to drink the vitamins necessary for the body, change your attitude to the weather, take a cool shower in the morning, and change your outfit to a brighter one. The same applies to everyday troubles – you just need to shift your attention to doing what you love, communicating with nice people. If you can’t get rid of the feeling of anxiety on your own, sign up for my consultation, I will help you get out of a difficult life situation.

It’s All The Fault of Menstruation

The female body reacts to the approach of the menstrual cycle with increased irritability, and sometimes with aggression. This is explained by the fact that during menstruation, in the body of the beautiful half of humanity, there is a lack of progesterone, which lowers sugar and increases the production of adrenaline. Women feel fear and nervous tension. B vitamins will help to minimize emotional instability.


In expectant mothers, abrupt mood swings are manifested quite often – absent-mindedness, nervousness, anxiety, sentimentality, uncertainty, tearfulness, etc., increase. All these symptoms are the body’s response to changes in hormonal levels. In order to avoid the consequences, the woman is recommended to do what she loves, which brings moral satisfaction and joy.

Male Depression

What to do when a man is in a very bad mood – you can often hear such a question from loving wives and mothers. The stronger half are also prone to emotional disorders. To deal with such a condition, a person needs to make it clear that he is not alone and has a reliable rear and support, in the form of a beloved woman. A sincere conversation, a look at the problem from a different angle and a delicious dinner – quickly return your man to duty.

Mood Disorders in Psychiatry

Affect is a term that defines the relationship between the feeling of one’s own mood and behavior in accordance with it. In medical practice, there is a huge list of mental abnormalities. Major disorders fall into the following categories:

  • depressive;
  • bipolar;
  • manic;
  • For any such ailments, specialized help is needed.

Effects of Mood on Health

Prolonged stress directly affects well-being in the form of cardiovascular ailments. The human body throws all its strength to restore emotional balance. With constant disorders in the patient, the concentration of cortisol increases markedly, which can cause increased fatigue, a decrease in labor activity. There is a suppression of immune forces, provoking problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

10 Ways to Beat Negative Attitudes

Here are 10 simple tips on how to overcome depression:

  • get enough sleep;
  • live in the present;
  • eat a chocolate bar or other delicious food;
  • hug someone you love;
  • listen to your favorite music (just not sad songs);
  • chat with animals;
  • engage in physical activity (running, cycling);
  • find or imagine your dream job;
  • think only positively;
  • change the environment both within yourself and outside.

Use these tips, and your life will take on bright colors.

Ways to Avoid Sadness

The first step is to try to abstract from all the problems. Remember who you are, that everything in the world is not as bad as it seems. Next, you need to switch to doing what you love, which will bring not only joy, but also quietly bring you out of depression.

How to Relieve Emotional Stress

In order to relax as much as possible, to raise the spirits, I recommend using the following methods:

  • Herbal medicine – medicinal herbs soothe the nervous system, relieve irritability and fill the body with vitamins.
  • Allopathy – and taking homeopathic medicines.
  • Physiotherapy – it includes a whole range of hardware procedures (UHF, electrophoresis).

How to Be in A Good Mood in the Morning

In order for the day to be positive, you need to try to do the following:

  • sleep well;
  • wake up exclusively to a pleasant alarm melody;
  • take a shower;
  • put on clothes prepared in the evening;
  • before falling asleep, be sure to ventilate the room;
  • you need to get out of bed slowly so that all muscles have time to tune in to physical activity;
  • do exercises and have a hearty breakfast.

How to Prevent Depression

Depressive syndrome has a negative impact on life. The patient has a disturbed sleep, a feeling of fatigue, irritability. If the depression persists for more than two weeks, I recommend going to the doctor. If the diagnosis is confirmed, he will prescribe antidepressants, sleeping pills, or sedatives.

Getting Rid of Bad Moods for The Body

Sufferers need to do something pleasing to the soul. And in order to combine useful with interesting, you can go to dances, get involved in sports, regularly arrange walks with friends (without drinking alcohol).

Non-Standard Means

There are many different ways of how to bring psycho-emotional well-being back to normal. For some, it is delicious natural chocolate, for others – shopping, while others go headlong into intellectual entertainment (crosswords, chess). You can visit the zoo, water park or ride one of the driving attractions.

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Thinking about why I am always in a bad mood and what to do with it, try to find the root of the problem. If it does not come out to abstract from what is happening around, use the tips outlined above, or write to me for a consultation.