Best Tips from Steven Spielberg: Four of His Best Life Lessons

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Best Tips From Steven Spielberg

Today we will see the best tips from Steven Spielberg to improve our daily life in general. The vast majority of human beings actually go in search of happiness for almost their entire lives, without ever reaching it. Nowadays, having a fulfilling life is now part of the ambitions of more and more people. It is probably for this reason that personal development has attracted so many followers in recent years.

For the most part, it is easy to lull yourself with illusions. “When I can afford this car and this house or when I have this or that thing, I will finally be happy.” But in reality, happiness is within the reach of each of us. Right now! Comfort may contribute to an easier existence. But a serene life often goes through simple things. It is usually enough to change the way we think, act and see the world to see the change.

Here are some life lessons and best tips from Steven Spielberg to help you in this regard.

Best Tips from Steven Spielberg

Best Tips From Steven Spielberg
Best Tips From Steven Spielberg

1: Make Fear A Source of Motivation

One of the most beautiful life lessons given by the American producer is undoubtedly “Failure is Inevitable. Success is Elusive.” This means that you should not be afraid to fail. According to Steven Spielberg’s advice, you should not actually let your apprehensions hold you back in your momentum. In reality, Fear is a particularly powerful emotion. Whether you are faced with the fear of failure, the fear of rejection or even the fear of success, the result will always be the same if you do not learn to use it to your advantage.

You’ll miss opportunities that probably won’t show up twice at your door. You will doubt yourself at each of your actions. This will surely end up hurting your productivity and your daily performance. But fear can also be a real source of motion that will encourage you to go beyond your limits. Not surprisingly, best tips from Steven Spielberg is in favor of the second option. “I have to make movies that scare me, Fear inspires me more than confidence.” He even adds that ” the work I am most proud of is the work I am most afraid of.”

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2: Make Bad Experiences Your Strength

According to Steven Spielberg’s advice, the best way to improve our present is to learn from our past mistakes. You have to learn a lesson from every experience – no matter how good or bad. According to that, “all those horrible and traumatic years I spent as a child have become what I draw in a creative way today”. But the American director and producer also uses history and the past in his career. He confessed this during his speech during a graduation ceremony at Harvard University in 2016. That is why, his films are usually based on events that really took place, he said.

The truth is that at some point in your life you would face adversity. Maybe even several times. You should for sure face a failure or a major problem that will no doubt affect the way you see things. It’s normal, it’s part of life on Earth! Only it is you who decide how you will react in these moments. Would you let yourself down and run the risk of dragging this “heavy load” throughout your life? Or would you rather use it to improve your existence? The choice is yours! If you opt for the second scenario, always remember that during the worst days, you have to see beyond the obstacles.

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3: Believe in Your Intuition

Advice Of Steven Spielberg
Advice Of Steven Spielberg

“You have to believe in magic, when the world keeps getting worse, you need magic.” But it also involves believing in your dreams – that they can actually come true if you do what it takes to do that. According to the advice of Steven Spielberg, it is necessary to follow your intuition for this. During the same speech discussed earlier, he also mentioned the importance of listening to this small inner voice (intuitive intelligence) that speaks to you. According to him, the human being is encouraged to follow paths that are not his own from childhood. At school, teachers teach us, for example, knowledge that is essential to everyday life. Then it is the turn of employers and mentors who guide us to the best alternatives for a “stable” life.

However, none of these voices are our own. Someone else imagined it for us. Although this support may be essential to improve our daily lives considerably, it is also at this very moment that we begin to doubt our capabilities, our ambitions, our decisions. We are trained to favor this or that path. Best tips from Steven Spielberg would then be to search for your own voice, to live for yourself today. And your intuition will be your best ally to do this.

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4: Sharpen Your Listening Skills

“When you listen, you learn. You absorb like a sponge and your life becomes so much better than when you try to be listened to all the time.” This is the last of Steven Spielberg’s advice that we will see today. The sentence speaks for itself. It is necessary to strengthen its listening capacity. This is the minimum required for a life away from hassles and misunderstandings. This is also what will allow you to better understand what surrounds you. You will be more able to know what others think. Then you will more easily realize your life project. This iconic figure of American cinema uses it for example in getting inspiration. “The public has an appetite for everything about the imagination – everything that is as far away from reality as possible.” And the least we can say is that he was able to respond to that urge from his audience.

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