Calling in Life: How to Find Your Calling in Life within 7 Days?

How To Find Your Calling In Life?

The question of how to find your calling in life or vocation is asked not only by graduates of educational institutions looking for their further career path. Each person is engaged in the search for their own destiny at different stages in life. Someone can be caught in an unloved job, when it understands that it is impossible to achieve more in this place. And someone thinks at a mature age when retirement gives the opportunity to spend time at their own discretion.

One way or another, this question arises against the background of some emptiness and confusion. And as never before, at this moment, you need the support of not only loved ones, but also those people who can give advice. If you, too, have embarked on the path of finding your destiny, read this article to the end.

Why is It So Important to Seek Your Calling in Life?

Perhaps everyone in one way or another thought about such a concept as “vocation” and imagined a fabulous happy life that a person could expect if he could find it.

It must be admitted that vocation is not a myth. However, most people are looking for it incorrectly.

Why Its Important To Seek Your Calling In Life?
Why Its Important to Seek Your Calling in Life?

First Rule: A Vocation is A Consequence of Success

Any emotional outbursts occur because of certain events. When the body needs energy, it gives a person a signal in the form of hunger. The feeling of satiety notifies that there is no more need to eat, it’s time to stop. This is approximately the case with the search for a vocation. A person sees cool results from what he is doing, receives moral satisfaction and pleasure, and this says that he has found his calling.

Or here’s a simple example: you started dancing. Learning is easy for you, everything turns out beautifully, the results inspire you, and this means that you feel a vocation for dancing. I would like to study more often, to learn more.

If you must constantly overpower yourself in something, force yourself to do something, disappointment will inevitably come. If this happens, then the chosen business is unlikely to become your calling.

To many, this understanding comes only with time. There is a belief that, having found a vocation, one can reach great heights in a certain area. In fact, the opposite is true, at first a person becomes successful, and a vocation is born as a result.

2nd Rule: Childhood is the Time, When Vocation is Destroyed in the Bud

In fact, it is childhood that is the time when it is possible to reveal all the talents inherent in a person by nature.

But what happens at school? Children, most of whom have approximately the same abilities, are invited to study about 20 subjects. Thousands of students are trying to stand out from others, and for this you need to show some achievements that will be above average. And the system will certainly raise the bar.

Children In Class
Children in Class

A Simple Example: A student is doing well in math. The school will support his ability and help him develop in every possible way, but at the university it will already turn out that a person studies on an equal basis with others. He will cease to feel his exclusivity, the inner excitement will pass, as will the desire to study the exact sciences.

In general, it may turn out that there was no particular interest in this area, a person, even in childhood, was more drawn to art, but his parents initially suggested that “you cannot live on art,” “study to be an engineer, like a dad”, etc. And now the child does not do what his heart is in, but what they say.

Each of the multibillion-dollar population of the Earth cannot be a genius in any field of science and it is in this that one can find his calling. What if you are drawn to dancing or recording videos for YouTube? After all, the school curriculum does not develop these skills.

So, it turns out that people all their lives are not doing what they really would like, not understanding how to find their calling.

Rule Three: Calling Can Be Created

The essence of this rule is that in life it is not necessary to follow pre-existing scenarios in society.

Many have heard stories about how people who have achieved success, trying to find their calling, dropped out at some point, realizing that their area of ​​interest lies outside the institute’s program.

Calling Can Be Created
Calling Can Be Created

Very few people can reach great heights in the narrow list of disciplines that are offered for study in school. And the competition, meanwhile, turns out to be very strong, because it is necessary to show the best results among absolutely all students.

And a completely different picture emerges outside the school curriculum. New, unexplored opportunities open before you, and you are a pioneer along this path. It is here that you are more likely to find your calling.

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How Do I Know My Calling in Life?

How Do I Know My Calling In Life?
How Do I Know My Calling in Life?

Bellow are 3 possibilities you can find your calling in life easily. If not work for you, scroll to third section of my article where I described the method about finding your calling in life within a week.

First Possibility: Try to Create Something of Your Own

This is where you can invent something that is of real interest to you. Let it be a unique furniture design, a book (as was the case with Harry Potter) or a blog in which you will cover one side of life or another.

New ideas are perceived as something special; they will highlight and elevate your importance in the chosen area.

Try To Create Something Of Your Own
Try to Create Something of Your Own

At the same time, when wondering how to find your vocation in the profession, remember the very first rule: a vocation is born after success. Having ten readers of your blog in a year is not a very inspiring result. And you would have a completely different interest in a million subscribers, blog in general would become your main job.

Few people have enough determination to look for new areas for development, and here you always have a chance to be the first, that is, to have more opportunities and fewer competitors in attempts to find your calling.

Look at how famous people have gone to success. As a student, Mark Zuckerberg was just studying to be a programmer and at some point, realized that he was good at it. He distinguished himself precisely by the fact that as an experiment he tried to create something of his own, namely, the Facebook network. Others simply followed the existing training program.

Second Opportunity: Become A Trend Maker

In well-known and well-studied areas, it is difficult to stand out. There are already many competitors here trying to gain credibility. However, it is hardly possible to feel a vocation for a sphere where everyone is moving in approximately the same direction.

It’s quite another matter if you have discovered a new area for yourself in which others can do nothing, but you, on the contrary, show impressive results from the very beginning. Maybe it is here that you will be able to find your calling.

Become A Trend Maker
Become A Trend Maker

For example, at a young age you came up with the idea to shoot small, interesting videos and upload them to YouTube. And it turned out that they are watched with pleasure, there are many subscribers, and this cannot but inspire. Now when others realized the possibilities of YouTube with its four million visitors a day, you are already at your best, a master of your craft and “ahead of the rest of the planet.”

And this is not a fantasy example. It contains the answer to the question of how a person can find his calling. Now famous bloggers, creators of video games, rappers have achieved success, because they were once not afraid to be “black sheep” and persistently did what they really like.

Your vocation will be development in a new area that you have discovered, where you are already doing something, and there are no competitors yet.

Third Possibility: Using All Your Possibilities

This is hardly possible in the general education system. Here, as a rule, emphasis is placed on the development of one area in which you have successfully shown yourself.

But most people are not unique in just one area of ​​knowledge. They reveal themselves to the maximum only when they can use the full range of their abilities.

A simple example: a person draws well and has a great sense of humor. Perhaps, even after becoming an academician of arts, he will not be a famous artist, however, he will not be a famous humorist either. But the multiplier from him would be excellent. This is where he can find his calling.

Using All Your Possibilities
Using All Your Possibilities

Or, for example, a young man studies at the Institute of Management, while he is a good programmer and has good experience in sales. His path is precisely the leadership of those who showed good inclinations in only one of the named areas.

When wondering how to achieve full self-realization and find your vocation, it is worth remembering that most successful people developed and applied their abilities in several directions at the same time. Moreover, these abilities were not always so supernatural. People, by their own efforts, collected an effective set of skills and applied it in practice. Steve Jobs is an eloquent example. Not the best engineer, businessman, designer, or salesperson. However, in every area he was good, combined his skills, and look at the result.

Do not be afraid to combine your abilities, thus creating something unique and very effective, which no one has ever done before. And the vocation will come to you after success.

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How to Find Your Calling in Life in Just 7 Days?

How To Find Your Calling In Life In Just 7 Days?
How to Find Your Calling in Life in Just 7 Days?

Of course, vocation entails. It is this that gives a person confidence in himself and his unique capabilities.

Seeing your great interest, other people will believe in you. But here it is even more important that you yourself believe in the uniqueness of your ideas and abilities. It is a sincere interest in what and how you are doing that will push you not just to go forward, but to fly on wings. And such emotions and love for their work are dear.

And if something is found so important for you that it has become the meaning of life, then you cannot quit. Are you still thinking about how to find your calling? Discover something new, form trends, bring together your different possibilities, constantly look for something that no one else has done before.

The First Day: Look into The Future and Dream Up

A lot is hidden in human fantasies. Here not only your dreams are collected, but also the motives for their fulfillment are hidden. You can explore the world of your fantasies, and at the same time try to find your calling, using a simple psychological game. Imagine that you have lived to see your centenary and are celebrating it. Moreover, your life is surprisingly beautiful, you are completely healthy, successful, rich, everything and always turned out exactly as you wanted. A large circle of guests gathered, not only close relatives, but possibly even some famous people, representatives of the press, etc.

Now try to imagine your whole long and wonderful life in detail. What kind of business did you do? What surrounded you? What kind of people were there? What emotions did you have? Try to paint a detailed picture of your life, preferably in writing, by hand, or on a computer.

Look Into The Future And Dream Up
Look into The Future and Dream Up

When the text is ready, read it out loud, while listening not only to the voice, but also to the emotions. You will already partly receive an answer to the question of how to find your calling. Do you like what you are reading, do you really want to do it all?

Second Day: Allow Yourself Everything and Dream

In life, it often happens that a person’s real vocation is associated with his interests, secret dreams, and old childhood fantasies. And this is such a mixture that not everyone dares to pull out into the light. Rather, on the contrary, a person stores all new desires, ideas, plans in this peculiar chest, and they remain unfulfilled.

Wondering how to find your calling? Pull this chest out of the dark closet, open it, and start taking out everything that has been stuffed there during your life. Remember everything that you once dreamed about, that you were really interested, what desires remained unfulfilled. Take notes. Fantasies that seem completely incredible are also included in this list. There should be a lot of points, at least twenty, even a hundred – it’s even better.

Allow Yourself Everything And Dream
Allow Yourself Everything and Dream

What is amazing: if you re-read this list after a while (in no case throw it away), it turns out that part of the wishes came true just like that, without any effort on your part. Of course, for the execution of absolutely everyone, you will need to work more.

If you can’t remember what you most wanted in childhood, let your close relatives tell you.

Day Three: Draw Up Your Ideal Contract

Again, fantasize, as they say, “from the heart.” Do not hesitate, because you have a big goal – to find your calling. Now, if you were a popular superstar, a mega-professional that everyone around you dreams of getting. And now a contract has been drawn up especially for you, for which you yourself determine what and under what conditions you will do and how much you will receive for it. Isn’t it cool?

Does it not occur to you that, in fact, everything in life is exactly like that? The world has a huge sea of ​​opportunities, professions, and occupations, with special work schedules and other selection criteria. The paradox is that people do not always have a clear idea of ​​what they want, or they imagine, but do not try to get it. And many did not even think about it for real, seriously.

Draw Up Your Ideal Contract
Draw Up Your Ideal Contract

And if you are thinking about how to find your professional calling, then now is the time to decide on your dream job. Forget about unnecessary conventions, do not limit yourself in fantasies, write as many points as you can think of in the proposed contract. It will not be superfluous to repeat this exercise sometimes, because over time, for inspiration, you may want something new, then feel free to add new items to the list.

Save this ideal contract, re-read, and revise it when you feel the need to. As you strive to find your calling, remember that human desires change over time, and with them the idea of ​​ideal work.

Day Four: What Would You Like to Give to Others?

The peculiarity of existence in society is that people always look with surprise and incomprehension at those who fall out of the usual picture and established rules, get out of the general scheme, and try to find their real vocation. It seems strange to others when a person, instead of living according to generally accepted attitudes, begins to do what he really likes, and at the same time enjoys what he has achieved. However, being surrounded by misunderstanding on the part of society, a person may doubt the correctness of his aspirations and actions.

What Would You Like To Give To Others?
What Would You Like to Give to Others?

In finding your calling, it is important to understand that no matter what you do, the desire to be useful is of the utmost importance. It is a great thing when you see that your activity is necessary and important for others, you share what you were able to achieve, and people need it. Then your favorite activity can be turned into work.

You will receive satisfaction from your chosen profession only when you not only understand why you are doing this or that business, but also feel that you strive to be useful to others.

Day Five: What You Really Like and Really Enjoy

So, you’ve made lists of your desires and interests. They contain everything that only you could dream up, without any restrictions. All these dreams are representations of what you want to do in life. But how to find your vocation in work, if much of what has been written remains only a fantasy? You think that you have found and put together something of your cherished that could bring you happiness in life. However, without trying it in practice, one cannot be sure that this is the right choice. However, such records are essential.

What happens to you in the real world, and not in dreams, is also of great importance for revealing your vocation. After all, you are doing something, making efforts, some processes bring you pleasure, while others do not. If you want to find your calling – do not ignore such moments.

What You Really Like And Really Enjoy?
What You Really Like and Really Enjoy?

Go through your previous places of work, study, remember everything you’ve ever been passionate about, and make a list too. Now it will collect what you experienced on yourself, and you can say for sure whether a particular activity brought pleasure. As in previous cases, the list should be large, from 20 positions and higher (at least up to a hundred).

It is impossible to know in advance what will be truly enjoyable to do. If you have a dream, you must try. How else can you find your calling? Imagine, feel free to start a new one, rely on experience, do what is interesting and enjoyable.

Sixth Day: Your Talents, Abilities, Skills and Their Reflection in Others

Absolutely any person is talented, even if he does not suspect it and does not develop his abilities. How do you find your true calling? Ask yourself what comes easy and is better for you than others? There is always something like that. If you can’t remember, think about what people often ask you to help with because they can’t cope themselves? You can even call your friends and ask directly, so if the person did not know you, what problems would remain unresolved? Here, by the way, you can hear something that you would never have thought of.

Your Talents, Abilities, Skills And Their Reflection In Others
Your Talents, Abilities, Skills and Their Reflection in Others

Now is the time to carefully study the compiled lists. Highlight those positions in them that:

  • They meet more than once.
  • At this point in time are of the greatest interest and value to you.
  • Seems to you the most exciting, touch the soul.

Explore the lists according to these criteria and select about 10 items from each. Now, all that you have chosen, combine into four groups according to the following parameters:

  • What area of ​​activity does the occupation belong to (sports, science, medicine, etc.).
  • What exactly is the type of activity (what exactly needs to be done).
  • What conditions are necessary for this (how long it will take, where will it take place, who will participate, etc.).
  • Necessary skills and abilities (what you know how to fulfill this desire).

Write everything down on a piece of paper by hand or electronically. Also include the items from your dreams made on the first day, and notes about what you want to bring useful to people with your activity (from the fourth day).

Your Talents, Abilities, Skills And Their Reflection In Others
Your Talents, Abilities, Skills and Their Reflection in Others

You will have a picture of the desired lifestyle. But how to find your calling in it? Now ask yourself several important questions:

  • How does the world change from what I do in it?
  • What does the world get from me in the process of my work?
  • What is my special strength and what gives me inspiration in my business?

By answering these questions, you will receive an answer to the main one.

It’s great when you manage to find your calling and make it your profession. Approach the study of your notes as if from the point of view of an outsider. Formulate a set of activities that would fit the collected conditions. Contact your friends, acquaintances, let them also offer something. Feel free to show it on social media. After all, there are many people around, with different professions, education, intelligence. They can suggest all sorts of interesting, even unexpected, options. It’s good if you manage to collect an extensive list of professions, items from 20-30. You just have to choose a couple of the most interesting, attractive for you.

Seventh Day: Now Get Back to Reality

  • What are you currently working for, and how does it match your request?
  • How to arrive at what you want?
  • How to find your calling?
  • Give it up completely and start over?
  • Gradually change the field of activity?
  • Remain in your old profession and at the same time do what you love as a hobby?
Got It: Now Get Back To Reality
Got It: Now Get Back to Reality

Describe everything step by step, take action, analyze the results. It’s not that easy and even scary. Such changes can take months or years. But something must be done, because this time will pass anyway, and you will either waste it or drastically change your life. Do not wait for the onset of happiness, have fun already in the process of moving towards it. Every step taken towards a dream is already a small victory when your goal is to find your true calling.

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What to Do If You Can’t Find Your Calling in Life?

At the very beginning, you may not have a clear idea of ​​what to strive for. Just get started. Get out of the usual circle of activities, sign up for courses that are interesting for you, go to professional events, communicate with people. This does not mean quitting your job, changing everything cool, or immediately choosing one thing.

What To Do If You Can'T Find Your Calling In Life?
What to Do If You Can’t Find Your Calling in Life?

1. Get Out of Never-Ever Mode

Do you know such stories from life? As a child, the boy had a big dream to grow up and become the captain of a large ship (to make films, fly into space, make scientific discoveries, etc.). But the reality turned out to be simple: school, institute, work (albeit not bad). It looks pretty sad.

A huge number of people put off until later attempts to find their vocation, dreams, deeds that could truly inspire. They are waiting for some suitable moment for change, but he is still not the same, and time is running out.

2. Don’t Put Off Your Dreams

Remember that you yourself are responsible for your life and you can change it at any moment, even if you were afraid for a very long time and did not dare to change, to take some steps to find your calling.

In general, for most people who dream of parting with their boring work, the ideal world seems like complete solitude or travel to other countries, life on the ocean, etc. Many people are sure that happiness is possible somewhere far away, but here and now it will not be possible to find your calling.

But this is not necessary at all. Something interesting is surely going on around you, right next to you. Perhaps something that I wanted to try but did not have enough time or courage.

3. Expand Your Interests

If a person clearly realizes that he does not want to work in the old place anymore, then he is looking for something more interesting for himself. But you don’t always have an idea of ​​what to look for. How, then, can you find your calling? It means that it remains to explore the world around you, to discover something new.

Look around. Explore topics that are new to you. Attend lectures, trainings, read, watch interesting videos, collect information. Go to educational sites and explore everything new, take a closer look, listen to your emotions. Now you are not yet making a global decision. At this stage, the goal is to expand the range of interests, to bring them outside the scope of their own profession.

Such research can take months, even years, and such things are not done quickly. But then you can choose from the collected options exactly what you will especially like and help you find your vocation.

4. Start with Any Small Action

A simple example: for a young man, everything went wrong, the business “faded”, the family also fell apart. To somehow pull himself together, he simply began to obligatorily brush his teeth every day in the morning and before going to bed.

Morning jogging “pulled up” to brushing teeth, good acquaintances were made. The man started a new business, which is now developing with great success.

This is a story that even a small obligatory action (in the form of reading, meditation, or even ten squats instead of exercising, but certainly every day) is very disciplining and leads to unexpectedly large changes that, as a result, will help you find your calling.

5. Plan in Reverse Order – Last Steps to First Steps

But what if you have outlined a goal, but you don’t understand where to start? Try to build a plan of action, arguing from end to beginning. Example: to receive a diploma from an institute of culture, you must first enter it, having previously submitted documents. To pass the entrance exams, you need to be trained in courses, which means you need to find them in your city and start attending. The first step is emerging – to collect information about the current courses. Or, for example, if your goal is to write a story about your trip to Europe, start with small, simple steps too.

In search of an answer to the question of how to find your calling, the main task is to move, without this nothing will work.

6. Get Rid of Excess

Free your life from the piles of unnecessary affairs and obligations. Every dream needs a place to unfold. Nobody calls for throwing all things out of the house together with cabinets, familiar furnishings help and somehow even inspire. However, excessive clutter presses too much, interferes, as they say, with the “flight of thought”. Among the dollars of junk, it is unlikely that it will be possible to start painting a picture or develop a project for a new business.

Remove unnecessary trash from today’s life, and then there will certainly be a place for new ideas and projects. And this applies not only to things in the house, but also thoughts, obligations.

This advice does not mean that in search of your calling, you need to rush around the house with a rag and a vacuum cleaner for a week. Put basic order on the table, hide important documents like a passport and driver’s license in a drawer, throw away unnecessary old pieces of paper, let the magazines lie if you like. Just put the books on the shelf, find a place for photos. In general, if you throw out 10 old things every month, surprisingly a lot of space is freed up, a certain space, light appears in the house, and by some miracle, there is time for new things.

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Key Mistakes That Prevent You from Finding Your Calling in Life

Key Mistakes That Prevent You From Finding Your Calling In Life
Key Mistakes That Prevent You from Finding Your Calling in Life

1. You Put Off Life for Later

Many have probably heard phrases like “somehow I’ll change it all” and they themselves often thought or said so. It often seems to a person that now the moment is not right, but then everything will change, he will find a more exciting job, start doing what he has long dreamed of. And everyone is waiting for this time of change to come, when suddenly his life begins to turn into a fairy tale. But the miracle doesn’t happen.

Over time, this familiar swamp draws in more and more, and it becomes more and more difficult to decide on any changes in life. And yet it is never too late to stop postponing the fulfillment of your cherished desires.

You ask, how can a person find his calling? Imagine for a second what your life will be like in five years if you still do not dare to change something. An attractive picture? If this is not what you dreamed of, then let today become the beginning of the movement towards a new future, the main thing is to decide, and it will go.

2. First I Save Money, and Only Then Take A Step Towards the Desired Life

Collecting money can take half your life, or even most of it. When will you decide to start living for real?

Time is very fleeting. You should not put off happy moments for later, because life consists of meeting friends, work, hobbies, everything that interests you.

Identify things for yourself that you would love to devote time to if you had the opportunity. And find ways to do what you want, now, not sometime later. Not always and not everything depends solely on money, as it is commonly believed. It is a big mistake to believe that you first need to achieve everything in life, and then some kind of happiness will come. Be happy today and you will fly to success on the wings.

3. I Am Confident That My Talent is A Guarantee of Success

Talent is ability given to a person by nature, which the majority do not have. People say: he has a talent for painting, mathematics, dancing, or he is an excellent speaker. And it is believed that nature has either gifted a person or not, nothing can be changed here. And how then can you find your calling?

However, talent, not supplemented by ambition and development, can remain just a kind of useless souvenir in the house. Likewise, the lack of talent does not mean that a person cannot be happy.

It is possible to reveal hidden abilities in a rather simple way, namely, according to the principle “what do I like to do?” The bottom line is that a person most likely has a talent for what he does with special pleasure. So, apply this principle in practice. Write down all the things you do during the week and rate each lesson in points from 1 to 10. Put one where the work does not cause any emotions, 10 – for your favorite activities. And where the grades 8-10 are the areas where you can maximize your talents.

To self-actualize and find your vocation, talent alone is not enough, you still need a great desire for success, active actions. And then it all depends on you. Do not sit idly by, try, strive, and you will find a profession in which you will be happy.

4. Falling into The Trap of “Real Vocation”

Another common misconception is to think that there should be one calling and for life. It is not right. Human nature is multifaceted, and the statistics are such that after working in one place for 3-5 years, many people think about the need for changes in life. Getting hung up on one thing is as weird as thinking that you can start a family with just one single person in the world. Everyone “lives” at least several different talents.

Do not try to delve into your addictions and mistakes for years, looking for something unique. So, you may end up finding nothing. Start changing your life right away, try new activities, sign up for some courses, expand your circle of contacts and interests, learn, and learn new professions.

5. Fascinated by Viral Dreams

People, driven by the routine of being to an unloved dull job, dream about the same thing. Have you paid attention to this? They want to either hide from human eyes in some wilderness or fly away by plane to the ocean with a laptop at the ready, or wander around the world with a backpack, not thinking about anything.

And these are in some way ghostly, standard dreams, which are very easy to “lead” when everything around is tired. You are attracted by the fact that somewhere out there is much better than here and now, and that, perhaps, it is there that you will be able to find your calling.

Do not rush to give up what you are doing right now. Just try to look at your profession, as they say, not with a “blurry” eye. Maybe there are areas that have not yet been discovered and tested by you, more interesting and exciting formats.

And if the question of changing your professional activity has been resolved and your plans for the future have nothing to do with your current job, then first try to live your dream, for example, by taking a vacation. These standard concepts of happiness can taste very good, after all, just allow yourself to relax. And in any case, do not postpone it until later, reboot, and the sooner the better. The main rule in answering the question of how to find your calling is not to sit idly by and wait for better times. Act, move forward, towards your dream, even with tiny steps, but from today.