Career Growth: How to Make A Career and Grow Continuously?

Career Growth

Working in any team, a self respecting person wants his efforts to be noticed and appreciated. To become a professional in his field, an employee has the right to demand a career growth or growth in salary. Of course, there are those who simply love their job and are ready to work for years for a fixed payment, but there are only a few of them. In this article we will talk about what career growth (definition) is and how you need to behave in order to avoid miscalculations.

Career Growth: The Definition

Career growth is moving up the career ladder, expanding, developing one’s skills, capabilities, and competencies. Many factors influence this, but the main thing is the constant striving of the employee for self-improvement.

Why Do You Need to Develop A Career?

Career Growth
Career Growth

Everyone dreams of fast career growth and the coveted executive chair. However, to make the plan come true, you will have to make a lot of efforts. It is worth determining why you need professional promotion. Someone wants development, others want to get rich, others just want to lead a team. After identifying the main goal is to understand, how to build a career.

Someone thinks that he has sat in one place. You need to find out if you want to innovate in this company or want to change your activities in general. And in fact, and in that case, you need to look for trainings, courses, exhibitions and expand your skills.

If the goal is to make money, never focus your mind on it. First of all, a well-executed task – and only after that the calculation. Do projects at a high level and you will be noticed – the salary will surely increase significantly.

Benefits of Career Growth

Many may say that working above the norm and investing more in work every day than receiving on a payroll is a thankless task. That it is easier to monotonously cope with duties, not to take on too much and wait for the authorities to mark you for the years worked. On the one hand, the judgment is correct. But for those who are not used to standing in one place, completely different perspectives open up.

Moving up the career ladder is self improvement, learning new technologies, dating, meeting, expanding connections, the ability to adapt to other environments, constant exercise for the brain, and most importantly, an increase in the level of pay, which significantly affects your life outside the work process. This is an opportunity to travel, educate and benefit your family.

What You Need to Know?

Career Growth
Career Growth

Many people are interested in the question of how to achieve career growth, grow up at work and not get stuck in one position for many years. In some cases, experience, a red diploma and monotonous fulfillment of the requirements of the authorities do not help to go up.

Sincere love for their work cannot but be appreciated. If it is not just a way to receive a salary, but a lifelong goal, you will certainly be distinguished from the background of employees who simply serve in line from Monday to Friday.

  • It is also important to be able to listen and accept criticism and not repeat mistakes in the future.
  • It will be much easier for a sociable person who knows how to maintain a conversation, ask for help in time or get information.

No matter how professional you are, improper distribution of working time and irrational systematization of tasks will constantly prevent you from doing work quickly and not breaking deadlines.

The Role of Education

The first and foremost thing that is needed for career growth is education. In addition to the fact that you are superficially studying the main provisions of your future field of activity, at an interview or when reviewing a resume, the personnel department will definitely pay attention to this point.

When applying, first try to get into the highest-rated universities. You shouldn’t go “just where”. You risk wasting 5-6 years of your life on useless skills. At the university, you can make useful contacts and even be recommended to the place of work by a particularly caring teacher.

Ask if there is an opportunity for additional education, attending refresher courses, learning English, German or another foreign language.

Communication with professionals also provides invaluable knowledge. Therefore, when going to university, arm yourself with patience, adjust your memory and dare in several directions at once: special literature, business meetings, seminars, communication.

What Personal Qualities Do You Need for Career Growth?

Career Growth
Career Growth

Following personal qualities required for a continuous career growth:

  • purposefulness;
  • responsibility;
  • hard work.

Self-discipline is essential for career advancement. It will allow you to soberly assess tasks and distribute your opportunities. Punctual personalities inspire respect and win over themselves from the very first meetings. But neglect of duties, failure to meet deadlines forms an extremely negative opinion about you as an employee.

Self-promotion, neat and unobtrusive, will also play into your hands. If a person’s name is always heard, he is known and respected – most likely, he will be recommended for a leadership position.

Motivate yourself to achieve career growth despite all sorts of obstacles. Think of failure as a new impetus for development. If you are looking for excuses, are reluctant to analyze and correct mistakes – you should forget about a career shift.

Know how to put yourself right. Know your worth. If you mindlessly do a lot of tasks for pennies, they will get used to it.

You should come to work in a decent outfit, with a neat haircut and light perfume. Appearance sometimes acts as a powerful argument in getting a job. A stylish coquette in a dress with curled locks will appeal to the bosses more if they have the same experience and knowledge as a colleague in dirty jeans with untimed hair.

Self Development

Self development is important for any person, regardless of the level of their position. Nowadays, there are many online courses, international programs, trainings, seminars for obtaining new information and skills. Focusing on one area, develop other knowledge contiguously. For example, if you are a recruiter, skills in psychology, sociology, etc. are unlikely to be superfluous.

Business As A Career Growth Opportunity

Career Growth
Career Growth

Doing business is a step for responsible, courageous individuals who are ready to take risks. You need to evaluate your skills and understand that you will have to start small and gradually move forward. If you want to make a profit in the first month, this tactic does not suit you.

Business is a great way to figure out how to build a career. You need to be prepared for the fact that you do not have assistants; you will have to make all decisions yourself and take responsibility for them. But there will be plenty of those who want to hinder you or do better and better quality than you.

First you need to write down a clear business plan, define goals – both personal and professional – and follow the instructions that have been developed.

Do not be afraid to take risks – you cannot run your own business without the risk of losing profit. Find like-minded people or practical advisors, constantly rotate in the circle of those who have been working in your field for a long time, and expand connections.

The time to start a business is different for everyone. Someone does this already on the student’s bench, while others need many years of professional experience. It all depends on your acumen, your reaction to market changes, and your ability to anticipate innovative trends.

How fast can you grow professionally at work?

There is no clear time frame. For many, career growth lasts for years and decades, while the only ones are rapidly running up. Someone works to the limit of their capabilities in order to prove their need to their superiors, others are accustomed to measured work. How long you stand still is up to you.

15 Rules for Rapid Career Growth in Life

Career Growth
Career Growth
  1. Start work earlier than everyone else and finish at least an hour later than they do.
  2. Always do your job well and to a greater extent than is expected of you.
  3. Find yourself a mentor in your field.
  4. If the boss, after checking your work, was not satisfied, do not complain about his ingratitude – quickly analyze and correct your mistakes.
  5. Always take the initiative, do not go away from assignments.
  6. If you have been entrusted with a case, it does not matter whether it is by yourself or with the involvement of colleagues, bring it to the end, without shifting decisions to others.
  7. Learn to follow the instructions clearly, even if it is unacceptable or inconvenient, once having gone through a difficult path, then you will be able to act according to the knurled pattern.
  8. To grow to the level of a boss, you have to work no less, and sometimes more, than him.
  9. Respect the mentor, support, express your opinion carefully.
  10. If the boss is clearly wrong or has made a mistake – delicately approach the explanations.
  11. Do not keep rumors and conversations behind your boss about his work methods.
  12. Get enough sleep and exercise so that you have the zeal and desire to constantly leave your comfort zone.
  13. Forget that you are adding value to the organization – you must focus solely on the leader.
  14. Treat tasks like your own business, rather than being negligent as part of your job responsibilities.
  15. Improve yourself and offer something new.

Career Growth Tips for Employees

Naturally, university studies are encouraged. The more prestigious the university, the more interesting and popular a specialty, the easier it will be for you to achieve growth in the future. Your language training is also important for some companies – if there is an opportunity not to abandon foreign language courses, take the chance to be better than your colleagues.

You will never be appointed head of a department or head of a sector if you do not have at least 2-3 years of work experience in a specific position. Of course, this does not apply to cases when you were hired by recommendation or acquaintance. To begin with, after graduation, it is better to apply for employment in a large, well-known company that can offer you a high-quality level of employee training, although not for a large fee. This will be a good start for further search for income.

In each place you need to get the maximum number of skills. You never know what exactly will come in handy. For example, there is an opportunity to learn 1C, graphic editors, text programs – take on everything, especially if, as a result, they offer to obtain a certificate.

When leaving, maintain a normal relationship, and it does not matter on whose initiative you leave the organization. You may need a letter of recommendation, or perhaps you will run into the same people again.

Before you get into the team, you will probably have to go through a “casting”. Getting the coveted position directly depends on how you behave in the interview. Practice making a first impression in advance, thinking through the answers and arguments to the most common questions. Answer reasonably and confidently. After all, incorrect speech structure and ignorance of the basic laws in your field, even valuable knowledge can turn into disadvantages.

How to Make a Successful Career for a Woman?

There is a stereotype that it is much more difficult for a woman to achieve heights. If we take the statistics for USA, then among 100 percent of the working population, 49 are women, but only 1/6 of the seats of officials and leaders belong to women. Many argue that women are more emotional, they go on maternity leave and their academic performance depends on their mood. Therefore, in order to succeed, girls need to put in much more effort.

What is Not Recommended in the Workplace, So, As Not to Ruin Your Career

Career Growth
Career Growth

Here are some basic prerequisites for career growth and development.

  • Be punctual. If you’re new to a new organization, give the impression that you have control over what is happening. Even if previously you did not differ in this quality, it is worth reconsidering your foundations.
  • Do not gossip and do not participate in conversations where colleagues and especially the management team are discussing. Even if you really want to share your impressions – keep them to yourself, there are a lot of “well-wishers” around you, who are just waiting, and how to convey such information to the authorities.
  • Do not show your advantage in experience or knowledge, especially if it differs greatly from the average office level. People tend to envy and even hate upstarts, and, accordingly, put sticks in their career prospects. Unleash your potential in work.
  • Keep your personal life under lock and key, try not to “coo” with your beloved over the phone in the presence of colleagues. Learn to share personal space and work relationships.
  • It is necessary to point out the mistakes of colleagues carefully and delicately, without showing what a fine fellow you are that you have discovered a defect.
  • Do not be lazy to work, get new knowledge and skills, do not stand still. Feel free to sign up for trainings and seminars, even if it seems that they are useless and you know everything.
  • And one more rule – watch your appearance. Hair, clothing, and fitness are also important.

If it seems to you that you have been holding a position for a long time, but you can do much more, but your bosses do not see your work at close range, if you want to receive a decent salary and quickly step up the career ladder, but cannot independently build the correct tactics, feel free to make an appointment. Innovative proven programs, trainings, improvement of communication skills, analysis of your actions will help you achieve any goals.

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