Coquetry: All You Need to Know About Coquetry


Today’s topic is coquetry, and we’ll discuss it in this article. These days, women often go up the career ladder on a par with men, become independent and courageous. However, even in such situations, any woman should remember her primary weapon – femininity and tenderness. These qualities are coquetry. We will talk about it further.

Definition: What is Coquetry?

What Is Coquetry?

Coquetry most often refers specifically to women. It is a confident demeanor that allows you to attract attention and please another person. Most women flirt without even noticing it.

The coquette moves gracefully, chooses graceful poses, gestures that attract attention. Even gait, voice, smile play a massive role in this matter. In addition, the coquette not only shows interest but can also respond with coldness, for example, not answering calls.

Attention! When showing indifference, it is important not to cross the line, not to overdo it, so that the man does not leave, deciding that he is indifferent and uninteresting to you.

What Is the Difference Between Coquetry and Flirting?

Difference Between Coquetry And Flirting

Together with coquetry, flirting is often remembered as one of the female measures to attract male attention and seduction. What are the differences between these two concepts?

Flirtation by itself means a playful, alluring demeanor when there are no specific promises, but there are hints of what could have been. It arouses interest, intrigues, captivates, fascinates.

Flirting can be called flirting, a promise for one particular object. It can be either friendly, having no connotation and continuation of the relationship, or more progressive, carrying a sexual sense. It is bright makeup, sexy clothes, sexy positions, sexy conversations. This kind of behavior and appearance turns on, prompts to action.

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Coquetry: Good or Bad?

It is impossible to answer whether it is good or bad to flirt. Each person may have his own point of view regarding this process. In addition, the existence of different worldviews and religions also makes it difficult to answer for sure.

When considering popular and common teachings, the following can be distinguished:

  • Christianity, Islam, and other patriarchal religions consider coquetry a sin. Christianity thinks so because of the act of Eve, as well as the mortification of the flesh. For Islam, this behavior is permissible only to the husband.
  • Secular humanism permits coquetry in its various forms. The main thing is that the rights and freedoms of other people are not violated.
  • Esoteric and psychological concepts of our time positively related to coquetry and consider it necessary since the phenomenon allows you to increase and strengthen women’s self-esteem and improve well-being.

How to Coquette with Men Correctly?

How To Coquette And Flirt With Men Correctly?

Since people are different and have different ideas about behavior, it is not a possible task to describe a specific order of action.

Consequently, there are no universal techniques for learning to flirt and flirt with men.

However, specific important points can still be highlighted, namely:

  • Smooth, graceful movements are essential, but sharp gestures should be abandoned.
  • Be sure to draw attention with gestures using body parts such as the wrists and neck. It speaks of tenderness and defenselessness, gullibility. Demonstration of the buttocks and breasts will look vulgar, defiant, and aggressive; therefore, it is inappropriate for flirtation. You can play with a bracelet on your wrist, fix your hair. The main thing is to know when to stop and not to do it constantly, pretendingly.
  • It is necessary to speak correctly and beautifully in a pleasant voice, to maintain a conversation.
  • It is necessary to respect the chosen object for coquetry.
  • Clothing should be of its style, with a balance that is somewhere between provocative and modest attire.

One of the main tasks is inaccessibility, maintaining a distance, which will keep a man in good shape, in tension. At the same time, it is essential not to push him away to feel a lack of interest.

How to Coquette with A Man by Correspondence?

How To Flirt With A Man By Correspondence?

In connection with the development of the Internet industry, distance dating has become popular. In this case, a personal meeting takes place after the interlocutor has become interested at a distance.

Therefore, there are methods of seduction with a man by correspondence:

  • Write without mistakes and with a consistent style.
  • If the interlocutor made a mistake, there is no need to correct him.
  • Show interest in the life of the other person.
  • Be original, because simple boring questions are unlikely to be of interest, but you should not start philosophical topics in the first message.
  • Do not be intrusive, but it is necessary to be the first to take the initiative.
  • It would help if you did not embellish yourself, as a personal meeting will reveal the truth.

How to Stop Coquetting with Everyone?

Everything should always be in moderation, including coquetry. It should be abandoned if such behavior spoils the relationship with the current man or becomes a means of control over others.

How to do it? It is impossible to answer precisely this question. However, you should not completely deprive yourself of this; you do not need to turn into a courageous person.

One of the options may be a new hobby, hobby. You can also ask your friends to try to track your behavior and point out mistakes. The radical measure will be a change in the circle of friends.

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Even in the depths of her soul, every woman always remains a flirt. This demeanor does not carry a sexual connotation but attracts attention and interest. A light, graceful gait and a seductive scent can be great ways to flirt. As with any business, the main goal is not to overdo it.