Curious Facts: 12 Curious Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Curious Facts

We researched and published 12 curious facts probably you didn’t know and hope you’ll enjoy it. They can come in handy to impress or entertain others.

1. The Chance of Getting Heads, Not Tails, Not 50/50

Curious Facts

The mathematician Percy Diaconis proved Dynamic Bias In The Coin Toss. – the probability that the coin will fall on the side that was on top when tossed is slightly higher. And in general, the coin is not flipped randomly. With practice, you can make it fall the way you want it to.

And if the coin is spinning on the edge, it is more likely to come up tails, because the other side weighs a little more (at least for American cents).

2. There is a Formula for Calculating the Distance to the Horizon

Distance To The Horizon
Curious Facts

When we look at it, the horizon seems to be something unattainable and almost abstract. But in fact, it is quite possible to find out the distance to it. To do this, you need to know how high above sea level you are and use the formula √ (R + h) ² – R². Here R is the radius of the Earth (6,371 kilometers), and h is the height of the observation point. Of course, you can’t calculate it in your head, you have to take a calculator .

3. Paper Money isn’t Really Paper

Paper Money
Curious Facts

Most of the bills are made from cotton and linen fibers. These materials are stronger and more durable than regular paper. And it is thanks to them that banknotes feel the same as we are used to.

4. Orange is the Worst Color for a Job Interview

Orange Color Dress

According to polls New CareerBuilder Study Looks at Best and Worst Colors to Wear in a Job Interview. , candidates wearing this color make the worst impression. They seem to be unprofessional. But the best colors for an interview are blue and black.

5. Calories are Consumed Even During Sleep


Surprisingly, while we sleep, the body continues to consume How Your Body Uses Calories While You Sleep. energy, especially during REM sleep. The exact number of calories burned depends on the person’s weight, metabolic characteristics and sleep duration.

6. The Best Music for Concentration is Video Game Soundtracks

Video Game Soundtracks

This is because their goal is to help the player focus on the current task. Such music creates an atmosphere, but does not draw attention to itself and does not distract. Try turning it on the next time you need to do some deeper work.

7. Banana is A Berry


At least from a botanical point of view. In it, berries are called fruits, consisting of a dense shell, a soft middle and a layer with seeds. In addition, the fruit should only develop from the ovary, and not from other parts of the flower. According to this classification, banana and grapes are berries, but strawberries and raspberries are not.

8. Chips will Help Light the Fire

Chips Light The Fire

They are saturated with oil, which means they will burn well. How to build a fire using Doritos. … So, if you don’t have paper or dry twigs on hand , use your favorite chips. And if you don’t feel sorry for them, you can burn the entire pack – and not go for firewood.

9. An Apple can be Broken in Half with Bare Hands

Apple Half Broken
Apple Half Broken

You don’t need superpowers for that. Push How to Split an Apple with Your Bare Hands. the bases of the thumbs on the groove at the top, after removing the tail. Then squeeze the apple and spread your arms as if you were opening a book. This trick works best with small, crunchy fruits.

10. There are Six Times Fewer Native Speakers of English than People for Whom it is a Second Language

English Language

You’ve probably noticed that in many countries there are inscriptions in English , and many know at least a few basic phrases in it. All over the world speaks English Two thousand million? approximately two billion people. But he is only native to 370 million.

11. There is A Separate Word for Rumbling in the Stomach

Rumbling In The Stomach

Borborygmus – just like that Borborygmus names are sounds that often put us in an awkward position. They are distributed when the contents of the digestive tract or gases move through the intestines. This is considered normal.

12. Hugs Speed Up Recovery

Hugs Speed Up Recovery

Oxytocin is released during hugging and touching. He helps Oxytocin and the modulation of pain experience: Implications for chronic pain management. relieve pain and possibly even speed up healing by stimulating Approaches Mediating Oxytocin Regulation of the Immune System. the immune system.

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Of course, if you are seriously ill, you should not refuse medical help and be treated with hugs alone. But using them as an additional measure will definitely not hurt.