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Everything About the Relationship Between A Guy and A Girl


the Relationship Between A Guy and A Girl
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This article will discuss the relationship between a guy and a girl, where they start, and the main stages? It is impossible to give a precise definition of the relationship between a guy and a girl. From the point of view of psychology, this is the unity of souls. From the point of view of biology, it is a chemical reaction.

Some fall in love in their youth and live together all their lives; others find their love already in adulthood.

There are as many plots of the development of relationships as there are people on the planet. But they still obey several general principles. It helps to understand from youth what mistakes should not be made and how to strengthen the union and make it happy.


What is A Boy-Girl Relationship?

Each of us is born surrounded by loving relatives. We grow up observing behavior patterns in the relationship between parents and perceive it as a role model. As adults, we start looking for our halves.

Depending on what kind of worldview has developed throughout a past life, relationships will develop. One partner may dominate the other, or the relationship between a guy and a girl may be equal. If the views on the life of both lovers coincide, then this can develop into a strong union. In this regard, there are several types of relationships between young people:

Passionate. They are based on physical attraction to each other, while the partner may not coincide in psycho-type. Therefore, the union can end as quickly as it began.

Sensual. As a rule, they begin with the fact that a guy or a girl has feelings for the opposite sex. It is followed by a declaration of love and mutual sympathy, the establishment of a relationship. The fortress of such an alliance is 50/50.

Common Interests. The couple always has something to discuss during a walk or a date. Events can develop slowly but eventually grow into intense love.

Mutual Support. Feelings are based on adolescent maximalism, the desire to resist laws and foundations. As a rule, such relationships are bright and memorable but doomed to parting.

Teenagers in love think that the feelings between them will last a lifetime and will be as passionate as on the first day. But according to statistics, first love ends in parting. You may also like to read: How to Meet a Man: Best Places to Find Your Prince Charming


• What is Their Basis?

Lovers expect respect from their partners. It is the main foundation of the relationship between a couple. It means, first of all, the ability to accept the soul mate as it is. Each person has strengths and weaknesses of character, as well as habits and outlooks on life.

If young people want to preserve their feelings for a long time and not part too soon, they need to respect each other.

To do this, you need to stop pointing out to your partner his shortcomings, teach him how to live correctly, and give him freedom of action and support.

The second essential ingredient in a successful relationship is trust. This quality helps to avoid conflicts and maintain warm feelings. No one can tolerate mistrust and jealousy.

In young couples, jealousy is the main reason for separation. A casual glance or a phrase spoken through carelessness can lead to this. Some guys and girls are so suspicious that they do not allow their soulmate to live in peace, constantly terrorizing her with parting.

Attention! Jealousy does not appear from scratch. Very often, a person equates his partner with himself, and he could admit treason.


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• How Do They Start?

There may be several reasons for the beginning of a relationship between a guy and a girl:

  • love.
  • logical choice.
  • casual kiss or sex.

The beginning is always full of dreams and hopes. Young people try to please each other, show their best.

The beginning is always full of dreams and hopes. Young people try to please each other, show their best sides. During this period, you should not think about whether this feeling will become serious, but enjoy each other’s company.

During this period, it is essential to pay attention to what you are experiencing for your partner. Are you comfortable in his company? What feelings do you have for him? It is worth noting! If the relationship is a burden for you, then they should be interrupted so that later it does not become even harder to do it.

If you like a young man or girl, it is essential to think about how not to ruin the relationship from the very beginning. First of all, you need to remember that you are different people and do not limit each other’s freedom. You shouldn’t call or write every free minute. Leave time for your activities and hobbies.

The second mistake many make when starting a relationship is to dissolve in a partner completely. You shouldn’t indulge all your partner’s desires, even if you are in love. You must have your point of view on the situation. Otherwise, you will quickly bore your partner, and the feelings will come to an end.


• Stages

All relationships, before becoming a solid union, go through several stages. If partners withstand each stage with dignity, they will receive a reward – true love.

• The First is Attraction and Idealization

For the first 2-3 months, a guy and a girl are attracted by hormones. They are the ones that cause the physical attraction between partners. After this time, the hormones subside, and other feelings come to the place of passion.

This period is filled with flirting, courtship, dating, first kisses. Due to the high level of hormones in the blood, young people are overwhelmed with happiness, and they see the world “in pink glasses.” From this, it seems that the relationship will remain that way for life.

This period is marked by the fact that partners idealize each other, overlook shortcomings, consider they chosen to be the best of all.

If you want a long-term relationship, it is worth remembering the moment when you appreciated each other’s dignity and recognizing when you are in a quarrel or if you’re going to break up.

• The Second is Oversaturation and Disgust

After 2-3 months of acquaintance, the first period of checking feelings begins. The hormones stop raging, and you start thinking about relationships from the practical side. During this period, a habit appears, partners relax and show their real character.

Because of this, all the shortcomings are revealed, and the first disagreements arise. It seems that the best way out will be parting during this period, but not everything is so simple. Even if you find another partner, you cannot avoid this stage.

• The Third is Patience and Respect

If you decide to keep the relationship, you will move on to the next stage. Along with this, you will gain wisdom and experience. Quarrels with a loved one will become rare; long conversations and discussions of existing problems will appear.

The primary skill at this stage is patience with the shortcomings of your chosen one. It will push the appearance of such feelings as respect, which will be the first sign of true love.

From this moment on, you will not want to demand reciprocal feelings from your partner, but on the contrary, there will be a desire to give him your warmth and tenderness. You will become genuinely close people who can trust each other with any experience.


• Conclusion

You can go to true love for a long time, going through difficult situations together, and make the right decisions. Real feelings are not suddenly given to you from the sky, as almost everyone thinks. For true love, a person matures, giving up selfishness and prejudice.


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