15 Fun Facts About The World That Few People Know

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Fun Facts

Our world is full of amazing things. Some are told to us at school, some we learn from everyday life. But there are those fun facts that few people know about, but in vain! After all, facts that do not fit into our usual order of things only broaden our horizons and remind us of what a strange planet we still live on.

15 Fun Facts

# 1. What is an avocado? Despite the opinion of the majority, this is not a vegetable or even a fruit, but a berry.

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# 2. Do you know what triboluminescence is? This process is what happens to the sugar cube when it is crushed. If you watch it in the dark, you can see how the sugar glows.


# 3. Sharks are real long-livers. Some of them are even older than many old trees.


# 4. Half of the world’s population has never seen snow live.

Fun Facts

# 5. Squirrels, like cats, can “purr”. Few people know about this, because most often they are wary of coming close to a person.


# 6. What do you think is the best-selling item in the world? Considering that Apple technology is in second place – surprisingly – this is the Rubik’s Cube!

Rubik'S Cube

# 7. The hummingbird is an amazing bird, not only because of its size, appearance or speed. It is also the only bird that can fly back! But at the same time he cannot walk. Isn’t it strange?

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# 8. The inventor of the telephone has never called his mother or his beloved wife in his entire life. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t — they were both deaf. So he really invented this device for humanity, and not for personal purposes.


# 9. Rain of frogs is not an invention from a fairy tale. In Mexico in 1997, there was a whole storm of these little creatures. Probably, such rain is not the most pleasant sensation.

Rain Of Frogs

# 10. You don’t smell when you sleep.


# 11. Modern Eskimos buy refrigerators not to cool food … but to keep food from freezing. Now imagine how cold it is if the refrigerator is used for heating.


# 12. The world’s oceans contain hundreds of times more gold than was mined by mankind in its entire history. Just think – a treasure is hidden at the bottom of the ocean that can turn the world economy!


# 13. Canada is an Indian word that translates as “big village”. Although, the name does not suit it for a long time, because Canada is one of the most developed countries with a high level of prosperity.


# 14. The most popular and used word in the whole world is okay (OK)


# 15. Have you noticed how sharp the whip makes when hitting hard? This is because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound during impact.

Sharp The Whip

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