Goal and Dream Difference: On the Verge of Goals and Dreams

Goal And Dream Difference

This article is not about how to achieve anything. Unless at the end it says a little about it. Basically, it describes my vision of why we sometimes leave everything as it is, although this “as is” we are not so happy.

Think about your dream, which you want to realize, in all colors. It is like an affectionate cat, brings a smile to your face, warms your soul and, it seems, is about to fall on your head. But, alas, for some reason this does not happen for a long time.

Now think about your immediate goal. For example, today guests will come and you need to cook dinner for 10 people. Not the fact that a smile has already appeared on the face. But you have to do it anyway.

Which will Come True Faster: A Fantasy Dream or An Achievable Goal?

It is clear that the second. Then why not wave your magic wand and turn your dream into a goal? It’s so easy. And because there are two more players between them: unwillingness and fear.

Reluctance to leave your comfort zone, fueled by fear of taking the first step. This couple not only prevents the person from moving, it tightens him. There are cases, even irrevocably.

A dream is a desire not embodied in reality. Like, someday herself. The goal is the desire to get results through concrete actions.

If you want to have something – focus and forget about laziness. Unwillingness and fear are the filter between a real dream and a false one. Every day you promise yourself something, but it keeps being put off? This, my friend, is the same swamp into which the aforementioned couple is trying to drag you.

If you understand that this is the case, decide. Decide how to get off the ground. What are you ready to do for this? Take a break from the article and write out all the ideas on how to achieve your dreams in real ways.

Is it done? Super.

In front of you is a meaningless set of words that you may sound out every day. You can crumple it up and throw it away. The latter is not necessary, if you really put your soul into it and are indignant, why throw these records away?

If so, congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step in turning a dream into a goal: you realized the tasks and completed the action by writing them down. Not so scary, right? Many articles on the Internet like “how to achieve your goal?” Will help you understand what to do next.

It could be described here, but then the article will be endless. Any “today I am for sure”, “I promise myself”, “I will finish the job and get started right away” are ineffective until they remain unsupported by actions. Whether they are written out on a piece of paper or pronounced aloud. They still belong to the dream. The same easy and unattainable.

Only daily gradual steps can pull you out of the swamp of doing nothing. You don’t have to try to jump out of it right away, but marking time is also not a good idea. Remember why you decided to move. This is a fabulous dream. A dream turned into a goal. What made you start to step out of your comfort zone.

And if after a couple of days, you are not up to it, and you have forgotten everything, this is not a real dream and you are actually satisfied with everything. In this case, switch to another, more “kindling” dream for you, or stay in place and continue feeding yourself empty promises.

Just remember that maybe yesterday you would have read this article from your new apartment, at your favorite job, or a cat purring by your side … with your dream realized with the help of a goal.