Greed: Meaning of the Greed and What Does Greed Do to A Person?


A child who has seen a cartoon about a golden antelope can probably explain what greed is, but I would like to understand the term in more detail. Greed has many synonyms as well as different manifestations. Today we will talk not only about the term greed, but also explain the nature of the appearance of this destructive character trait.

A greedy person has a number of characteristics, as well as features that betray him in society. Some argue that a greedy person is born that way, but this is not at all the case. There are certain factors that influence the occurrence of such a phenomenon as greed. Let’s discuss how greed affects the personality, as well as its communication with society.

At the end of the article, the reader will find the answer to the question of how to get rid of greed and become a person who will cease to depend on material values.

What is Greed: Parsing the Term

What Is Greed: Parsing The Term

Everyone knows the term greed in simple words, but I would like to make a clear definition. Greed is a person’s tendency to accumulate material wealth, with which he is partially or completely unable to cope. And we can also say that greed is a pathological urge to get as many benefits as possible, without a clear goal of enrichment.

This phenomenon combines greed, stinginess, hoarding. Therefore, it cannot be said that greed is synonymous with greed. This is a stronger quality. A greedy person does not just like to share, he is prudent, thinks strategically, he will never do what does not bring him wealth.

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Characteristics of Greedy Man

Characteristics Of Greedy Man

Greed is incompatible with spiritual principles, and therefore a greedy person often becomes withdrawn, envious, angry and with an eternal desire for enrichment. The person is constantly afraid of losing what she has already accumulated, which leads to nervous disorders. If greed is consumed by personality, then money is the same as happiness. Therefore, the greedy person seeks to fill the inner emptiness from the lack of ordinary human feelings with material as much as possible.

So, here are the main points about what greed is:

  • unquenchable thirst for enrichment (without any goal);
  • replacement of spiritual goods with material ones (it comes to obsession);
  • worship of money, and wealth is the main value;
  • pushed to the extreme, bordering on insanity, greed;
  • in the Orthodox religion, this is one of the seven deadly sins.

How Greed Arises?

How Greed Arises?

Not everyone knows that greed is shaped by some important patterns. This feeling is provoked by the culture of overconsumption, which is a big problem in modern society. But the source of motivation to constantly accumulate something, and not give away, is at the genetic level of the individual.

At a time when society was sorely lacking resources, it sought to collect food, weapons, raw materials and other benefits for a normal life. The majority of representatives of the society did not want to share everything they had gathered. Over time, this phenomenon manifested itself less and less, as people quickly realized that only in a community can you survive. Therefore, they began to unite into tribes and divide the spoils among all.

External Factors

In modern man, greed can hardly be called a congenital defect. The emergence of greed is influenced by many external factors. For example:

  • Conditioned reflexes that are formed under certain living conditions.
  • Features of upbringing in a family, values laid by parents.
  • The influence of the society in which a person grows, works and develops.

Since the combination of these factors will be completely different for all people, not everyone suffers from greed. Therefore, it is very difficult to say for sure where greed comes from.

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What is Greed: The Reasons for Development

What Is Greed: The Reasons For Development

Years of research have helped psychologists and other specialists studying human nature find out several reasons why not only greed, but also greedy individuals are most often formed.

Education and Complexes

Dissatisfaction with oneself and insecurity, of course, arises due to improper upbringing, psychological trauma associated with severe failure, complexes due to appearance, physical disabilities. This is how greedy individuals begin to form, because a person cannot tolerate her own “inferiority” and tries to cover it with money and other material goods. Consciousness begins to change; the personality is focused only on enrichment.

Fierce Competition in Society

Increased sense of competition, fear of losing. Throughout their lives, children and adolescents are taught to be the best: get good grades, jump the farthest in physical education, be the best student. It would seem that what has to do with the term greed? But in this way, a stereotype is formed in the psyche that everything around is competitors, and the personality must defeat them. The person finds her victory in big earnings and the accumulation of material wealth.

Greed: A Reward for Money

Upbringing, constantly supported by gifts and money. If parents show their love for a child not with quality time, attention and care spent together, but with expensive gifts. So, there is the emergence of such a phenomenon as greed from an early age. In a child, spiritual values are replaced by material ones, and he can grow up to be a greedy person.

Parents should instill in their children the correct values from an early age, because in old age you can pay for the poor upbringing of your own child.

A Greedy Person is Bad

Striving to make a lot is pretty good. The problem arises when a person no longer sees any other meaning in life than to accumulate, collect and enrich himself. Thus, the greedy person becomes a vessel for the development of the main disadvantages:

  • the boundaries between friend and foe are blurred;
  • the person is quite ready to commit a crime;
  • the person becomes envious, ready to overstep his principles;
  • a person becomes angry that it is impossible to receive all the time, and not to give anything;
  • there is an intrusive fear of losing maniacal wealth, since a person depends on it;
  • personality degrades, as the ability to compassion disappears.

Based on this, greed is a real evil that affects all areas of life. In professional activities, it is difficult to work with such a person, because he only cares about himself and tries to earn only for himself. Greed negatively affects different types of relationships between a man and a woman, and most of all, the family.

In a relationship, close ties are lost, since a person is more interested in his own savings and the opportunity to get expensive and material things than spiritual closeness. Personal growth stops, since a greedy person looks like an obsessed person, he is not ready to invest either time or money in his own development. Ultimately, mental health suffers due to excessive stress, psychosomatic illnesses appear.

What is Greed: How to Get Rid?

What Is Greed: How To Get Rid?

The first step on the path to getting rid of such a vice as greed is to recognize the problem. It is important that the greedy person admits that there is a deviation in their behavior. Just by realizing, half of the difficulties can already be solved.

The second step is to find other ways to fill the inner void. Some hobbies, creativity or sports, communication with friends and family. Close people, in turn, need to constantly help the greedy person “come back to life.” For example, ask him for help and sincerely thank him for what he does for them, involve them in family affairs. Thus, the person will feel her importance and soon she will understand:

  • what are good and important relationships with loved ones;
  • why it is good to be in a team;
  • than intangible benefits are useful.

The third step is to find the reason why greed has developed. A psychologist will help with this. The specialist, using conversations and tests, will be able to identify the source of the problem, and then help to re-evaluate the events that led to such consequences. It is difficult to defeat greed on your own, and working with a psychologist is guaranteed to simplify getting rid of the problem. You can get rid of greed, but the longer a person has been in this state, the more difficult it will be on the path to mental health.

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