Happiness Practices: How to Become Happier In 5 Minutes?

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Happiness Practices

Sometimes there is not enough energy for anything, you are lying on the couch or sitting at the computer, unable to disturb the meaninglessness of what is happening and move. Any business, even the most pleasant, now seems overwhelming.

When I hear advice like “get up and go!” or “to start doing, you just need to start”, I really want to throw a brick at these people, by God! If they advise such things, they definitely don’t know what it is when you can’t start doing. But about a month ago, a new practice entered my life, which helped me to reverse this situation.

What’s the secret? It’s simple. At that moment, when I have no strength and desire for anything, I ask myself a very simple question: what can I do in 5 minutes to feel better, so that my life becomes better?

Only 5 minutes, after which you can return to the sofa. This is nothing, just a little, a tiny price for the opportunity to continue to burn your life.

Just 5 minutes and your conscience will be clear. You can mobilize for 5 minutes even when it seems that you cannot move at all.

Just 5 minutes and a change occur in your life. Let it be small, but you and I know that big changes are made up of small steps. This is so commonplace that it’s even embarrassing to repeat it.

What Can Be Done In 5 Minutes or Less?

  • Reply to an important email
  • Clear the table
  • Call a loved one and chat with him
  • Eat fruit
  • Make an appointment with a doctor or a manicure
  • Start the washing machine
  • Wash off cosmetics
  • Do gymnastics for the eyes
  • Remove thrown clothes in the closet
  • Drink a glass of lemon water
  • Make the bed
  • Apply a mask or hand cream
  • Take out the trash
  • Play with your dog or cat
  • Stand in the bar
  • Meditate
  • Pay the bills
  • Write a couple of freewriting pages
  • Read one article from those postponed for the future
  • To water flowers
  • Put the technique to charge
  • Change clothes
  • Sort mail
  • Light candles and incense

Of course, the list can be endless. For example, I listed the things that make me feel better. It’s good to have such a list on hand, for example, on your phone – it just so happens that they are always with us, but in this case it’s a plus.

Once I started applying this practice and asking myself this very question, my life began to change. This is one of the simplest and most effective things I’ve tried in a while.

And most importantly, after you get involved in the process and do something for five minutes, then inertia will start playing into your hands, and you will want to continue to act in the same way as you wanted to continue to mess around before.

Therefore, after one five-minute, another can easily follow, and then a third. But even if not, it’s okay – you did something, and something is always better than nothing, and about the result, which is made up of little things, everyone knows, right?

I hope that you will not only read this not very long (for a change) post, but actually give this practice a try. I am pleased to read about your feelings and observations after a while.

And by the way, be sure to share in the comments your ideas of what else can be done in 5 minutes to feel better, relax, or, conversely, concentrate in order to shove off some “frog” that has been hanging over your soul for a long time, or to work on a useful a habit. Let’s swap ideas for our five-minute lists.