How to Hold Back Tears and Stop Crying from Resentment?

Hold Back Tears

Often, problems appear on our path in life, and sometimes, in order to cope with them, we have to give free rein to our emotions. In this article I’ll show you how to learn to hold back tears in public and how to distract yourself and not to cry when very strongly that it would be desirable.

How to Suppress Feelings of Resentment and Hold Back Tears?

Sometimes it is difficult to keep your emotions under control, and sometimes it is completely impossible, they just ask to go outside. Here are a few ways to overcome feelings of weakness.

Switching attention. Use everyday questions, ask yourself: “Have I turned off the iron?”; “Is my apartment locked?” In addition, you can recall a favorite verse, some important number. You can also concentrate on a certain subject, which consists of small details, carefully consider this thing, distract from negative thoughts.

  • Imagination. Think of the person who upset you and imagine her wearing a funny outfit, just don’t laugh out loud.
  • Lip biting. To make emotions recede faster, focus on physical pain, shift your attention to unpleasant pain sensations.
  • Holding the breath and focusing on it. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth, follow the process and concentrate only on it. In a critical situation, try and hold your breath for a while and let yourself calm down.
  • SIP of water. Give your full attention to the drinking process. Take your time, drink slowly and in small sips.
  • Physical activity. Movement always helps to relieve tension, so try to get up or sit up suddenly. If there is no opportunity for such actions, you can quickly change the position in which you have been for a long time, straighten your shoulders or lift your head up.
  • Avoiding direct looks. Being in a bad mood, you can be hurt by any sign of sympathy and pity, thereby causing a storm of emotions and tears. Such views and sympathies should be ignored.
  • Help from improvised items – a phone or a pen. In an emergency or critical situation, grab a pencil and start writing something fun or enjoyable on a piece of paper. You can also distract yourself from your worries using your smartphone, check your social networks, watch an interesting video.
  • Ability to leave at the right moment. If a scandal flares up in the room and passions heat up, leave this room. This way you will not be exposed to tears and will calm down. After everything calms down, you can continue the conversation, but more calmly.

If, nevertheless, you gave up slack and did not contain your emotions, I will give instructions on how to cope with tears.

  • Take cool water in your hand and wash your face and neck. Alternatively, you can take a piece of ice and place it on your wrist.
  • Take a good look at yourself through the mirror and allow yourself to smile.
  • Think about happy moments, plans for the future.
  • Drink sweet tea.
  • Meet with a close friend and tell him about your feelings.

How to hold back tears, when really in pain?

There are four ways that you can help keep crying and hold back tears from intense pain:

  • Do not close your eyes, open them as wide as possible, now make an effort not to blink.
  • Raise your eyebrows, do not change their position, until the pain sensations begin to decrease.
  • Try to look up without lifting your head. This will distract you from the pain.
  • Relax all the muscles in your face, then open your mouth wide and close a few times.

How to Control the Appearance of Tears?

Hold Back Tears
Hold Back Tears

To keep your emotional state under control, you first need to increase your self-esteem and build confidence. This can be done using special daily workouts. Go to the mirror, tell yourself that nothing threatens you, that you will cope with any troubles and overcome all obstacles, because you are a strong and intelligent person.

You should also remember in advance all those moments that cause extremely positive emotions. This is necessary so that in a critical situation you can use these memories to distract yourself and not cry.

Tears are the body’s response to stressful situations. Sometimes it is necessary to give them free rein for emotional release. You will quickly come to terms with all the hardships if you give yourself the opportunity to be a little sad. Also, along with tears, toxins are removed from our body.

What Else Should I Do, So as Not to Cry?

During a period of severe stress, the eyes are constantly in a wet place, everything falls out of hand. In order not to bring yourself to depression, you need to independently evoke positive emotions in yourself. Dedicate yourself a whole day, watch funny comedies, listen to music, dance to it, gather a company of friends, develop with them.

Another way is cleaning. Physical activity does not take away the opportunity to reflect on the current negative situation, but cleaning the house, you move, and movement helps to accelerate the production of female hormones – estrogens, as well as endorphins, which increase the level of stress resistance and reduce anxiety. After 10 minutes of cleaning, the person not only relaxes and calms down, but is also able to draw up an action plan to deal with troubles and difficulties.

Can’t Hold Back My Tears: Why are My Eyes Watery?

Hold Back Tears
Hold Back Tears

I will give some of the most common explanations for this phenomenon.

  • Damage to the mucous membrane or debris. If your eye is watery for a long time and this brings discomfort, urgently go to the mirror and carefully examine it. Then rinse your face thoroughly with room temperature water.
  • Inflammatory process. Bacteria, viruses and fungus can enter the mucous membrane, which cause increased tearing. If you encounter this problem, hurry up to see an ophthalmologist. He will definitely prescribe you special eye drops that contain an antibiotic.
  • Allergic reaction. It is quite difficult to stop tearfulness with allergies; you should consult a doctor who will prescribe medicines for you.
  • Bow. In order not to cry while cutting such a vegetable, first hold a kitchen knife and the onion itself under running cold water. So the substance that causes tearing will dissolve and not get into the air.
  • Fatigue and tiredness. Such tearfulness is relieved with the help of tea compresses. Dip cotton pads into the tea leaves and apply them to your eyes, wait 15-20 minutes. It is better to carry out this procedure before bedtime. Also, this method helps to fight minor eye inflammations.
  • Emotions. It’s hard to stop tears that are triggered by emotional outbursts. Don’t hold them back, rather allow yourself to cry and then think about some happy moment. This will distract you from the negativity and suppress the rush of emotions.
  • What to do and how to be, if you can not cry the pain and resentment, but much of it would be desirable.
Hold Back Tears
Hold Back Tears

To keep sentimentality in check, try moving your eyes. If you find yourself face to face with a nuisance or someone who hurt you, and you do not want to show your emotions, do the following:

  • Blink to stop tearing.
  • Slant your eyes and then roll them up. This will distract you mentally from the negative.
  • Close them. You will have some time to calm down and think carefully about what is happening, as well as make a plan of action.
  • Remember to breathe, it should be deep and calm.

In addition, there is another technique – relaxation of the facial muscles. If you are unhappy and do not know what to do in order not to cry, accept your usual facial expression. Keep your eyebrows and lips relaxed, so you don’t let the person know that they are upset about something, they won’t see signs of upset on your face.

If you have the opportunity to leave the premises, be sure to go outside, get some fresh air and smile. A smile can instantly change the mood, directing it towards positive.

If you feel a lump in your throat and you feel that tears are about to come, take a sip of water to relax and relieve tension. If you do not have such a liquid on hand, try to breathe evenly and slowly swallow saliva. This will save you from a lump in your throat.

If you are still late and did not have time to contain your emotions, come up with a reason for your sentimentality:

  • Cite a severe allergic reaction.
  • Pretend to yawn. When yawning, eyes often turn red and watery.
  • Explain that you are sick or not feeling well. This will give you the opportunity to leave the room.
  • Pretend you got a speck in your eye.
  • Try sneezing.

How to Make Yourself not Cry If You Really Want to?

Hold Back Tears
Hold Back Tears

All people are different, each person has his own character and reacts in his own way to different situations. Some are so emotionally strong that they will not shed a tear even at the most difficult moment. And others, on the contrary, are able to burst into tears even with insignificant trouble. It is very unpleasant to get upset about any reason with strangers, colleagues or friends. This will show your weakness.

However, holding back your feelings and not giving vent to tears is also not worth it, as this will not relieve psychological stress, but will only worsen health and lead to a depressive disorder.

People who often cry sometimes cannot immediately orient themselves and control tearing. In such individuals, their eyes become wet at the most inopportune moment – a reprimand from a boss, a teacher’s remark, rudeness in public transport.

The most unpleasant feeling is a lump in your throat, because of which your voice begins to tremble, and you can no longer speak calmly. To avoid this, listen to the following guidelines:

  • Drink a glass of water in as large sips as possible.
  • Breathe in and out slowly 10 times.
  • Change the position of your body, if you were sitting – stand up, if you were standing – sit down.
  • Pull on a lock of hair to cause physical pain.
  • Try to remember the phone number of your mom or husband.
  • Imagine an acquaintance who has offended you in a fancy costume.

These are the most effective methods to suppress tears. I do not recommend using them all the time, sometimes you need to cry and omit all the hardships. Thanks to crying, we throw off all the negativity from ourselves and it becomes easier for us at heart.

What to Do If a Storm of Emotions Sweeps Over?

Hold Back Tears
Hold Back Tears

If you are susceptible to a constant manifestation of sentimentality, these tips will be appropriate:

  • Overcome all difficulties as they come. Trouble does not come alone, if you do not fight them in a timely manner, they will fall on you like a snowball, this makes you lose heart and you begin to feel sorry for yourself. One cannot do without tears in this situation. So that you do not find yourself in such a position, carefully and carefully plan your time, make a list of difficulties, at the beginning write down those that need to be solved now. Then sit down and calmly think over the options for solving all the problems that have accumulated on your shoulders. Overcoming all difficulties will make you stronger and more confident in yourself.
  • Tune in to a positive wave. It is normal for people to cry when watching a sad melodrama or listening to lyric music. But the emotional state must have boundaries. You should not be upset and cry for the most insignificant reason, you should not give up and give up. Look for the positive, don’t think about the negative.
  • With constant stress, a person loses his emotional stability, turns into a weak personality. To prevent this, let your body relax: sign up for a yoga class, go dancing, visit the pool or fitness room, hang out with your best friends, take a bath and add essential oils to the water. Change your work or negative environment daily and give yourself time to rest.
  • Find something that interests you. Hobbies distract us from everyday problems, allow the body to relax and recharge.
  • Don’t take criticism to heart. Do not pay attention to the statements of others about your appearance and intelligence.
  • Fight addiction to other people’s opinions.
  • Do not accumulate resentment in yourself, either forgive the people who offended you, or discuss with them why they did this to you. Sometimes, in order to fully understand the situation, it is necessary to listen to the opinions of two parties.
  • Do not be upset over trifles, take care of your nervous system.
  • Take life calmly, do not engage in self-flagellation because of life’s difficulties, absolutely every person faces them. Do not wonder what people think of you, listen only to your opinion.

13 Effective Ways to Suppress Sadness & Hold Back Tears

Hold Back Tears
Hold Back Tears
  • Practice breathing techniques.
  • Pinch yourself to distract yourself.
  • Tighten your muscles so you feel more confident.
  • Drink a cold drink or cold water.
  • Avoid unpleasant moments.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and only focus on the positive ones.
  • Look away and look at something until you become calm.
  • Get rid of a lump in your throat by drinking water.
  • Read positive books.
  • Listen to music that suits your mood.
  • Make plans for the future.
  • Talk to yourself.
  • Let yourself cry if no one sees you.

Sometimes you need to give vent to emotions. So, sometime its ok to flow with your emotion and in such occasion don’t hold back tears, its okay.

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In this article, I described in detail all the ways you can learn to hold back tears when talking and never cry from resentment, even if you really want to. Follow my recommendations, stop being sad and live a happy life.

Tears help us discharge psychologically, they protect us from stress. Do not hold back crying, and you will be freed from all life’s hardships and emotionally recharged. You can also share your experiences with a close friend who will understand you, listen carefully, and give you valuable advice. After this conversation, your mood will improve and you will be charged with optimism.

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