How much Water a Day Should You Drink: 1 Liter, 2 Liter or 4 Liters?

Drink Water

In this article, I want to share with you my feelings, observations and information that I have been eagerly absorbing all this time. I want to make a reservation that I am not a scientist or an expert, and I do not refer through the word to specific research. What I am writing about is personal experience, supported by a certain amount of information from various sources.

The issue of water consumption is directly related to your health, and there cannot be a clear and correct recipe that is the same for everyone. Listen to your body and to specialists, if you have chronic diseases and physiological characteristics, double-check and ask again about any decisions in this area (as well as many others related to your body). And I beg you, do not rush headlong into any food or drink system or anything, give your body time to adapt, and yourself to hear and correctly interpret the signals that your body gives. Take care of yourself.

Well, having said all this (not in order to absolve ourselves of responsibility, but in order to correctly place the accents in this burning topic), let us proceed to discuss the most interesting. Let me not “sell” you the idea of ​​the correct water balance, you probably know about it without me, otherwise you would not have read even this line. Let’s go straight to the practical aspects.

How to Start?

First, it is difficult to start drinking several times more than usual, you know, I guess. Constant escapes to the toilet (sorry), reminders to ourselves, drinking through force, convulsive drinking of the norm in the late afternoon, and then swelling and getting up at night – you must admit, this is not what we instill in ourselves new habits for. Therefore, it is probably better to start without fanaticism, and if you do not drink at all, then break your addiction into stages. First a liter per day, then a little more.

It is very helpful to remember about water such tricks as a jug or bottle on the table, which already contain all your daily allowance, as well as applications on the phone in which you enter what you drink and which bother you with their reminders during the day. In my case, this is Water Balance for iOS, but upon request water balance or water balance, you will find a lot more options, choose to your taste, they all have the same essence.

How to Drink Correctly?

Does everyone know that drinking in one gulp is harmful and potentially even deadly? Even a glass is better to drink not in one gulp, but in sips, an exception is for a morning glass, which starts all vital processes in a barely awakened body. You can also add lemon and honey there (although there is so much controversy about honey).

Distribute water evenly throughout the day and try to avoid situations when it’s time for you to sleep and urgently need to finish the missing half liter. Sometime before bedtime, most may prefer to stop drinking, because if your body tends to retain water and often “pleases” you with morning edema, excess water in the evening will only contribute to this.

If you exercise, then most studies and researchers will not keep you thirsty while exercising. But be sure to study the topic of drinking during exercise, especially marathons, this is a vital aspect.

It is better to drink water at room temperature or even warm. Of course, not from the tap, but bottled or filtered. Water quality is very important, not all bottled water is created equal, so dig into the research and make sure your favorite brand adheres to all norms and standards – both for the water itself and for its packaging. And, of course, the water should not be mineralized (you can overdo it with salts if you drink so much mineral water) and not carbonated (more on this below, everything is not so simple here), well, you already know, yes?

Is Another Liquid and Food Counted?

There is no single answer to this question. It is believed that caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks), as well as alcohol, draw away liquid, and you must pay for everything you drink with a double volume of water. Sweet and carbonated drinks are also traditionally prohibited and are also punishable by fines. And indeed, many will confirm that a certain dryness is really felt when using all of the above. However, a number of studies prove that the type of drink does not affect the “hydration” of our body at all. So, choose not to drink all this (in any case, it definitely won’t get any worse! But for other reasons), lean on water or not think about it at all and drink what you like.

With food, which, in theory, also contains a lot of water, it is still less clear. Scientists are divided here, so follow your feelings again. If you have a lot of juicy vegetables, soups, etc. in your diet, and you don’t feel thirsty and dry, you may be fine and don’t need to drink so much.

Well, and if just water is too boring, try infusions, that is, tinctures are the same herbal “teas” that are not tea, as well as variations of lemonades without added sugar and just cool water infused with some herbs, vegetables or berries, for example. These options do not contradict the opinions of even the most rigorous fiendish scientists who forbid us to tea.

Is It Possible to Drink with Food?

There is a separate issue of drinking before meals, drinking and, in general, a combination of water and food. This question is the most painful one, because the statement “drinking is harmful, you need to drink half an hour before meals” sits in our subcortex, and the horrors about diluting gastric juice, which will slow down digestion and lead to rotting food in the stomach, prevent especially sensitive people from sleeping at night. Meanwhile, there is quite a scientific justification for why this is nonsense. Let me embed a video for you, and there a smart uncle will tell us everything.

Again, this is not an absolute opinion, and you can do what you think is right, it certainly shouldn’t be worse from not drinking. The main thing is not to forget to chew thoroughly 🙂 And, in any case, a glass of water 15-30 minutes before meals will help us eat less and better control the amount eaten.

So How Much to Drink?

I specially highlight this question in order to emphasize once again that there is no single answer to it. And fanatics, pouring 5 liters a day into themselves and telling how their life has sparkled with new colors, and those who do not drink at all and claim that they feel great, are extremes, but in extremes, as you know, there is nothing good. And the worst thing about these extremes is when others begin to agitate for them.

So, I am agitating you to carefully grope for your own norm. The usual volume of 2 liters for everyone is very average. Your norm is influenced by the climate, the level of physical activity, your diet, your weight and the state of internal organs, after all.

Focus on how you feel – you shouldn’t feel very thirsty, and over time, you shouldn’t also have too much urge to urinate (sorry again).

So Why Is It All Needed?

Well, let us, for inspiration and for greater determination, once again remember what the correct water balance gives us. Or, more precisely, what will happen if it is not supported.

Dehydration, that is, dehydration of the body entails a lot of unpleasant consequences for health and well-being. Up to a lethal outcome, but of course we are not talking about that now.

Dehydration’s unpleasant consequences are:

  • Bad mood
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Increased appetite
  • Cravings for sweets
  • Bad breath
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Puffiness
  • Skin rashes
  • Kidney stones and much, much more …

There are enough reasons for me to stay hydrated.

Water is the source of life, we are 80 percent water, and all that. These are all platitudes, but you know what good is platitudes? Most often they are true, so true that they already drive teeth. Therefore, my friends, make friends with water – inside and outside.

I was once again convinced that the rule of habits in 21 days works exactly the opposite for me – for about 3 weeks my enthusiasm is enough, and then it becomes much more difficult for me. Therefore, lately I have been doing hack, but, in general, I will continue to move in the same direction and I do not presume to judge the sensations.

Please share your relationship with water and helpful, reliable sources of information on this topic. I (I am sure that the rest of the readers along with me) will be very grateful to you.