How to Achieve Goals in Life: 10 Effective Steps

How To Achieve Goals?

The life of each of us is an endless purposeful movement. The unquenchable desire to achieve success acts as a powerful motive force. Of course, not everything is so simple and on the path of life there are often many obstacles. The article will discuss how to achieve goals quickly in life.

What is Worth Knowing First?

To follow a confident route to the desired one, you need to remember the basics, without which it will be impossible to move forward:

  • You need to realize that there are things that you cannot or simply not worth getting. So, becoming a famous artist, marrying a famous actress, or buying a plane ticket and traveling to another country to taste that exotic pie are amazing ideas. Only it is much more pleasant to experience them mentally than to feel them in real life.
  • Some do not even realize that they are spending all the time on the realization of not their desires, no matter how strange it may sound. A person may think that he is dreaming of a career as a successful surgeon, but in reality he just wants his parents to be proud. Or someone is trying with all his might to get married (get married), taking it for his own desire, although he does so, following the lead of public opinion.
  • People tend to grossly overestimate the amount and duration of happiness they think they will experience after reaching a goal. In reality, the result obtained does not bring such a joyful storm as it initially appears.

Therefore, in order not to waste several years, or even most of your life, you should not blindly rush after your dream. The ability to achieve your goals requires careful consideration of each step that separates you from the desired one.

What can Prevent You from Achieving the Desired Goals?

How To Achieve Goals?
How to achieve goals in life?

Over the years of development of psychology as a science, researchers have identified several main obstacles that prevent a person from achieving the results he is striving for:

  • Low awareness. So, for example, someone wants to organize their own business, but does not have enough knowledge to properly plan their actions.
  • This problem is completely surmountable. Regardless of age, anyone can get higher education or take training in special training courses. In extreme cases, you can get the necessary information using the Internet. Nevertheless, before embarking on the implementation of an idea, it is necessary to study in detail all its nuances. This is the only way to achieve the goal.
  • Fear. Fear of success and failure complicates the path to success the most. In the first version, a person is not afraid of the most positive result, but of responsibility, which invariably increases with its achievement. Therefore, it often happens that someone confidently moves towards their dream, and in the end slows down or completely abandons it. If someone else as a child is constantly criticized and reproached, leaving without praise and support, he is likely to be afraid of doing something wrong. Such people, unfortunately, prefer not to strive for anything at all, just not to run into criticism again.
  • Dispersed attention due to the large number of tasks assigned. With this approach, you can burn out too quickly and fail to implement any of them. It makes more sense to concentrate on one fundamental desire, divide it into parts, and begin to gradually achieve these small pieces.
  • Comparing yourself to more successful people. This will most likely lead to a decrease in self-esteem and a devaluation of their own achievements. Over time, this will turn into the biggest obstacle on the way to what you want. The life and personal development of others should be monitored only for the purpose of gaining additional experience. It is necessary to analyze their actions and draw conclusions, and not look for shortcomings in themselves.
  • Lack of desire for something more. Often, after a person has achieved certain results, he decides that he does not need anything else (and he lives so well). And, as a result, it loses a lot of good opportunities and deprives itself of many prospects.
  • Mismanagement of time. Its lack is a real scourge of our time. It is she who very often acts as the reason why people do not have time to complete their plans and stop, never reaching what they were striving for. It is very important to spend the cherished hours and minutes wisely, and not waste them.
  • Lack of funds. Due to the lack of money, many do not finish what they have begun or do not undertake the implementation of the tasks at all. There is only one way out of this situation – to look for additional sources of income.

When it is possible to understand the reasons that interfere, it will become clear what is needed to achieve the goal . After all, most of the barriers to success are psychological in nature. To eliminate them, it will be enough to work on yourself.

Learn How to Achieve Goals

How To Achieve Goals In Life?
How to achieve goals in life?

You can want a lot, but no matter how hard you try, difficulties will invariably arise on the way to what you want. Some appear from the external environment, others are created by man himself. Goal setting is about identifying and dealing with these barriers.


Setting a challenge is a real art. This unpretentious action requires a competent approach.

Principle 1: Be clear about what you want and visualize it. It should not negatively influence the already existing achievements and appear in the form of fantastic images (something like “I want to find a magic lamp so that the Genie will fulfill my wishes”). Its leading characteristics are feasibility, reality. Therefore, if you want to have a large fortune, what you want should be formulated as follows: “I want to earn $ 10,000 a month.” With this approach, there will indeed be a chance of success.

Principle 2: The second principle is not to use vague formulations, avoid abstraction and negation, and put exact dates and numbers. For example, “I need an expensive car” is not a problem. It would be correct to put the phrase like this: “In 1 year I will buy a BMW X5”. It’s a good idea to additionally secure a visual image, attach a photo of this car model to your computer desktop, as an option.

How to Achieve Goals in life: Techniques and Exercises

How To Achieve Goals In Life?
How to achieve goals in life?

There are several methods that can help you to confidently move forward to implement your plans. Having tried each of them, you can choose the best one for yourself.

1. How to Eat an Elephant?

Not everyone can cope with a serious problem in one step. And there is no need to try to jump over the head. It would be more reasonable to divide a large task into several small subtasks and solve them in stages. In this way, the psychological barrier that arises when imagining an elusive dream will be overcome. And it’s much easier to deal with small difficulties. In addition, in this way you can constantly monitor what is happening and track important achievements.

2. Cheese Method

When it is not possible to solve the problem immediately, it is necessary to make holes in it (figuratively speaking). You should not overpower yourself, it is enough to first take on the simplest actions that contribute to its elimination, gradually moving on to more complex ones (larger holes). A thoroughly “eaten away” task no longer seems too difficult.

3. Don’t Stop

Never stopping is the main key to success. The method is based on regularity. Every day, make the smallest effort it takes to get things done . Ideally, all actions should be differentiated into minimum, optimal and maximum:

Minimum: Learn to write 5 Japanese characters.
Optimal: in addition to the first point, learn 1 grammar rule.
Maximum: Watch a movie in the original language in addition to the above.

Good advice: you need to practice according to the drawn up plan every day, while you need to focus on the third point. If, for health reasons or other unforeseen reasons, the task cannot be completed completely, you should try to do at least a small part. The most important thing is not to miss or put off until tomorrow.

Atmosphere of Success to Achieve Your Goals Quickly

How To Achieve Goals In Life?
How to achieve goals in life?

To achieve what you want, it’s not enough just to know what you want. It is necessary to consider the current situation from all sides. It is very difficult to become a purposeful, persistent person among passive sedentary people. You need to choose for yourself such an environment that will constantly inspire you to new achievements, help in your endeavors and cope with emerging difficulties. This applies not only to colleagues, friends and family. Books, films, information from the Internet, and the usual way of life are of great importance.

Do not be afraid to get acquainted, expand your social circle with those who are ready for more and are able to achieve their goals. Go to interesting events, actively participate in them, and soon you will notice how more like-minded people will be around. Online seminars are an excellent solution for finding “soul mates”.

Remind yourself constantly of your dream. Use motivating phrases, photos, change them regularly so as not to get bored. Make a plan for yourself how to achieve your goals in life: 10 effective steps and gradually implement it. In a word – create for yourself such an environment in which it will be comfortable to develop.

Nowhere to Retreat

How To Achieve Goals In Life?
How to achieve goals in life?

If you are determined to change, it is a great idea to mark the price of a word. To do this, you will need to agree with a friend or colleague that if your plan is not fulfilled, you will give him something valuable (a certain amount of money, as an option). Awareness of the likely risks will motivate you to take action when you want to drop everything and retreat. Indeed, in this situation, you can lose not only material resources, but also respect, and this is important. The only thing, before resorting to this option, is to make sure that it is really necessary to solve a certain problem.

How to Achieve Goals Quickly in Just 12 Steps (Brian Tracy’s System)

How To Achieve Goals In Life?
How to achieve goals in life?

This technique is in some way a ready-made treadmill that helps you get where you want to be.

Arouse burning strong desire. It is it that acts as the leading motivating force that helps to overcome fears.

Develop a conviction. You need to be confident in the possibility of getting what you want. If confidence is lacking, it needs to be developed and reinforced.

Write it down. An elementary action that few people perform, but in vain. Goals not reflected on paper are just fantasies. The written tasks are real, they can be touched, examined, felt.

List the benefits. They strengthen desires, make you move forward. The more impressive the list, the more determination and motivation.

Determine the starting position. Measuring progress requires a benchmark. The more clearly you imagine the starting position, the more chances you will achieve what you desire.

Indicate the time limit. To program the achievement of a goal, you must set a time limit for it. If it is rather long, say, 4 – 6 years, it is better to divide the task into subtasks, which will also correspond to certain time intervals. Ideally, you should try to create those that will take no more than a month to complete.

Make a list of the barriers to getting what you want. Obstacles are integral to success. If there are none, then there is no goal. All upcoming and existing difficulties should be grouped by importance. From the crowd, single out the most solid ones and focus on them first. Remember that they are not only external, but also internal. If the barrier is inside, then it’s time to change something in yourself or acquire some new skill.

Determine what additional information may be required. It is important to understand what information and knowledge will contribute to obtaining the desired results. It may be helpful to advise a specialist or consultant in a particular area. It’s a good idea to work out a plan for learning new skills in advance to calculate how long it will take.

List people who can be enlisted for help or mentoring. If outside participation is expected in the process of solving the problem, write a list of all involved persons in descending order of priority.

Make a plan. He’s a list of actions. Try to make it as detailed as possible. After all, this is the basis for the effectiveness of your activities.

Use visualization. Visual images are great for activating consciousness. The picture of your goal must be presented clearly and clearly, as if you have already achieved it. Didn’t it work the first time? Don’t despair and keep exercising. Clear pictures enhance power and broaden thinking. Good people, interesting ideas, and positive experiences will start to be attracted like a magnet.

Make a firm decision never to back down. Build your determination and put the thoughts of failure out of your head. Only through perseverance can one go the intended path, overcoming numerous obstacles.

Help from Psychologist

How To Achieve Goals In Life?
How to achieve goals in life?

So that your understanding of all of the above in this article is firmly entrenched in your mind, sign up for my consultation. There you will learn a lot of interesting things, including:

  • about ways to deal with your own insecurity;
  • how to overcome the fear of change;
  • rationally distribute free and working time;
  • how to quickly and effectively turn dreams into reality;
  • learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses;
  • use personal advantages to successfully achieve your goals.

Plus, my tips will help you achieve great results in life and work. So you will take the first serious step towards your bright future.

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Any task involves several options for its solution. No need to give up if something didn’t work out the first time. Think, see, try, look for other methods to achieve the desired result. Feel free to take risks, because everyone, without exception, has the right to make a mistake. Be open to change, the only way you can figure out how to achieve goals and success in life.

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