How to Be Productive and Get 5 Times More Progress?

How To Be Productive

The headline (how to be productive?) sounds promising, right? And I’ll tell you right away that I’m not flirting with you, there really will be a recipe for super-productivity. Exclusively in my understanding, so it’s not true, of course. But not so long ago an insight came over me, and I have no strength to keep it in myself.

So, each of us, I think, has in his environment a couple of people who, jokingly, move mountains. We look at some from afar, we even communicate with someone, but we just can’t understand what the secret of such efficiency is and how we, worthless lazy bastards, can also speed up. And if it doesn’t work out, what method of suicide is better to choose so as not to desecrate the Earth with your meaningless existence. We constantly feel a load of guilt for not using our potential, wasting time, not doing as much as we could.

I also observe such people with great interest. Their way of interacting with the world is so different from mine, from what I am used to seeing with friends, with most clients, readers, in general, with my entire social circle, that for a long time I could not get to this topic. But suddenly everything cleared up, and I saw the price of productivity, clearly and clearly.

So, What Is Productivity?

It turns out that productivity is not at all about “the same, only more”, can you imagine? That is, to some extent, everything is so, professional procrastinators, raise your hands. We all know how much time and opportunity flows away like water through our fingers. We know that you can do more if you stop doing nonsense or stop doing nothing.

But if you tried all the tips from blogs and fashion books, gave up multitasking, instilled in yourself the habit and love of meditation, curbed your monkey mind, clearly plan your time, do not waste energy on memorizing upcoming tasks, mastered delegation, refuse unimportant and non-urgent, you drink two liters of water a day, sleep 8 hours in a ventilated room and generally behave according to all the rules, but it still seems to you that others do more, then I have news for you. There really is something wrong with you. At least you are definitely in the minority.

Then it’s a little bit about mathematics, but no, it’s about life, so bear with it. Pareto’s law is such a stubborn thing, his ears stick out from everywhere. So, it is here. 20 percent of the effort gives 80 percent of the result, and the remaining 80 percent of the effort can only improve your performance by 20 percent. Most time management systems, project management and other management systems recommend that we stop at 20 and use a bunch of time that suddenly fell on us wisely.

Let’s continue to apply the law – this difference of 20 percent, on which you spent so much effort, can be noticed by no more than 20 percent of people. For the rest of the 80s, the “simpler” product is already good enough and, with a high degree of probability, more attractive due to the fact that it appeared faster, costs less and is generally filled with energy (we are here about the fact that someone bakes cases and finished projects like pies). In general, so far everything is logical. Know how to stop in time, and you will conquer the world.

But Something Went Wrong…

Still, I want to add something else to this story. Let’s look at that 80 percent differently. I think you will agree that we are not applying them “in width” – to make more, but “in depth” – to make them more voluminous. This makes sense both as a metaphor and as a visual representation of what exactly happens when we do not want to stop in time.

In a flat 2D world, the fruits of twenty and one hundred percent of the effort look about the same. And for those who live in this flat world, we senselessly transfer the resource, investing one hundred percent in the result. By the way, it is in this world that most people live.

Those who look at the world in 3D and see the third dimension in it – depth (or, say, height), notice how strikingly a twenty percent product differs from a 100 percent one, a twenty percent person from one hundred percent. 80% of efforts are nothing more than reflection, the desire to realize, to pass through oneself, to structure and fill one’s life and activity with meaning and meaning. Feel what is happening to you, get to know the people with whom you work and live, taste the tastes, live the moments.

Sometimes it can look like procrastination, a creative crisis, a failed experiment and wasted resources, like a mud mask on your face, a bucket of ice cream and a marathon of TV shows all weekend. Like a cup of tea, sad music and rain outside the window. Like “I will give up everything and go to India.” And the time that we invest in ourselves, in our development, in simply being here and now, to stop and smell the roses, to give up in ourselves and our business and again love everything around with renewed vigor – this is also about 3D world and 3D result.

I Didn’t Understand Which Way to Dig?

These are two different ways to live, no better, no worse, but these are two pictures of the world that there is no point in even comparing with each other. And therefore, when you see someone again picking fruits from the tree of life on low level flight, think about it and answer the question whether you are ready to pay for these fruits with your nature. Are you ready to become someone else and give up one dimension of yourself to scale up in your new 2D reality?

Yes, most people do not see the difference between one and the other, and choosing a plane is not at all the path of least resistance, it is neither worse nor better. Achieving goals, doing more, serving many, moving fast is wonderful.

But is it right for you? Is this what you want? Or maybe you should stop gnawing at yourself for your characteristics, for your uniqueness, for your gift? Maybe you should thank the Universe for the fact that you have the ability to look deeper and see more, the ability to create volume, create fullness?

Try not to estimate the amount of formal ticks done. Sometimes it seems to us that we are doing so little compared to others. But sometimes what we do cannot be born otherwise. It needs to be endured, comprehended, realized, it needs to be given time. And what happens in the end makes this world a better place. Whether it is a cure for a terrible disease or a cake baked with love for your family. I’m not talking about saving the world or not just about it, I’m about keeping our world volumetric for as long as possible.

PS: My beloved procrastinators and idlers, let’s hug. I am with you with all my heart, there are many of us, and I can imagine how words about exclusivity, exclusivity and an important mission are spilled on our lazy souls. But still I warn you that this text is not a pass to the world of idleness.

If in the fifth paragraph you come across unfamiliar words, you definitely have something to work on, you can do more than now. We always have something to learn from each other, where to move and in what to develop. Reflection and mindless conquest of sofa cushions are often so similar to each other that we easily cease to distinguish one from the other. Do not fall for this hook, correct the tag “very deep person” and go to work. Remember that five times zero is also zero.