How to Become A Happy Person: Advice from A Psychologist

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How To Become A Happy Person?

One thing is invariable – everyone wants to be a happy person. In this article we’ll discuss how to become a happy person in your life and an advice from psychologist to become a happy person. Happiness has been written and talked about since the days of Greco-Roman civilization. Neither philosophers nor scientists have come to a consensus. It was presented as the primary goal in life, declared the meaning of existence, considered a harmful illusion, because of which it is impossible to comprehend the truth.

What is Happiness and How to Become A Happy Person?

Modern psychology has begun to seriously address this vital issue. Gradually, scattered research has become a science. Now it is customary to discuss satisfaction, well-being, joy, starting from scientific experiments and reliable facts.

This is an unsurpassed feeling that arises in a person who is overwhelmed with delight. He glows from the inside, thinks positively, shields himself from negative emotions. The source can be completely different impressions – a boat trip on the river, the birth of a long-awaited baby. There is no universal definition. Each of people is happy in his own way, depending on individual values, preferences, interests. Lifestyle and behavioral patterns directly affect mental and physical health.

You can be completely happy only for a limited time. Indeed, at any second, the unexpected can happen, the state of euphoria will be replaced by negative.

Happiness Criteria

How To Become A Happy Person?
How to Become a Happy Person?

Disputes on this matter do not subside among psychologists. But it is quite possible to highlight the main ones.

  • Favorite business. If someone does something that brings him satisfaction, great. It is doubly wonderful when work gives pleasure. It’s not for nothing that a high-paying hobby is considered the best activity.
  • You need to live here and now. You must be able to feel the present moment. If you only plan for the future, there will be no opportunity to experience the delights of being.
  • The ability to enjoy life. It is much easier for an optimist to learn to be a happy person. He has a simpler attitude to what is happening around him, realizes the value of being, and accordingly enjoys it.
  • The ability to make choices. People often drive themselves into frames, living in society, they understand that this is important. However, one should timely and correctly free oneself from the shackles. To make your own life easier, you need to make decisions promptly without getting hung up on trifles.
  • Support and love. By far the most important criterion. Without the care and help of loved ones, it is impossible to gain confidence, purposefulness, to realize talents and many significant things that are required to feel the fullness of life.
  • Getting rid of envy. Envy, man destroys himself. This is understood by those people who know how to rejoice for others. To achieve happiness, you need to love others.
  • Purposefulness. Anyone who has no goal does not know what to strive for, what to live for. Achievement of the assigned tasks helps to develop, makes us better.

I Want to Be Happy: What’s Stopping?

How To Become A Happy Person?
How to Become a Happy Person?

There are many factors rooted in the subconscious of a person that prevent him from getting satisfaction. The strongest of them:

  • Fear. Fear controls life, does not allow one to rush headlong into dubious events, but also prevents the accomplishment of successful deeds. There is a concept – sherophobia – a condition when people deliberately avoid doing what causes positive emotions. The cause of a specific ailment is the belief in the transience of happiness and the inevitability of the deplorable events that it entails. Only by overcoming fears can you feel satisfied.
  • Negative attitude. Man is the master of his own thoughts. If the negative prevails over the positive, he will not achieve well-being. The statement “I will not become successful” will inevitably lead to low self-esteem, insecurity. Instead of phrases “I can’t”, “I can’t cope”, it is necessary to repeat more often “I will try to do it”, “Try not to torture”.
  • Echoes of the past. The main thing to do to be happy is to let go of the bitter experience of days gone by in a timely manner. You should not constantly look back, revel in despair, grief because of mistakes. The past is worth leaving, so you will be able to fully enjoy the present.
  • Someone else’s dreams. Many live with the expectations of friends, parents, acquaintances, which is absolutely wrong. In trying to fulfill the desires of others, people forget about their own. They cease to understand what they want, what they really need, and only those who are able to go their own way are happy.
  • Waiting for approval. Everyone wants to be loved, but some try so hard to meet the expectations of others that they endlessly try to please them. Unfortunately, everyone likes it – it’s impossible, everyone has different ideals. It is better to focus on what makes you happy, not outsiders.
  • Comparison. It is inherent in man to compare himself with others, but this is a huge mistake. Someone will always be more successful, luckier, smarter. Everyone has their own merits, you don’t need to live someone else’s life, you need to concentrate on yourself and constantly develop. Anyone who can break the habit of impressing is bound to succeed.

How to Become A Happy Person: Psychologist Advice

How To Become A Happy Person?
How To Become A Happy Person?

For everyone, happiness looks different. Only by searching can he determine what is most suitable. The recommendations of experienced specialists who study various aspects of people’s lives can help in this difficult matter. In my experience, I have been working in psychology for several years and providing psychological assistance to everyone who needs it. On my account there are more than 1000 consultations and grateful reviews from satisfied customers.

Psychologist’s Advice

Here are 20 things you shouldn’t focus on to feel satisfied. I tried to give short tips on how you can become a happy person in a short period of time.

  • The Approval of others. It doesn’t matter what outsiders think. If you are happy with the decisions you made, then you made the right choice, it doesn’t matter how they react to it. Of course, it is correct to take into account the advice of knowledgeable people, but you should not allow them to indicate how to live.
  • Anger and resentment. Anger is destructive. Learning to deal with external stimuli is vital. This does not mean at all that you need to allow others to do unpleasant things, just to avoid a possible scandal. It’s just that hate, pain and resentment must be dealt with.
  • Ideal figure. Often, modern fashion trends, like the opinion of friends, force a person to try to change their appearance. In pursuit of ideals, he forgets that the body belongs only to him, it is up to him to decide how it will look. Only the state of health matters, the rest does not matter.
  • Dreams of a perfect partner. In our view, there is a certain set of qualities that the chosen one must possess. In fact, making such lists is pointless. The first thing to do to be a happy person is to love with all your heart. You need to feel light and at ease with your significant other. If from the presented list of characteristics two points coincide, it is already a success.
  • Ideal life. To live means to make efforts, to work seriously. If someone is not ready for this, he should not count on a successful outcome.
  • Pursuit of wealth. Many people dream of becoming millionaires. An excellent desire, to achieve it you will have to work hard. Just don’t get hung up on it. The main thing is to find a business to your liking, then there will be no problems with money.
  • Phantom luck. Do not expect to be lucky one day. To appreciate and cherish properly what is already there is important.
  • Excuses. This is what people usually justify for not doing things on time. A bad habit will not lead to anything good.
  • Reflections on the ex. If you broke up with someone, then there were reasons. You don’t need to constantly remember your old love, you need to think about how to avoid such mistakes in the future. Endless memories can negatively impact new relationships.
  • Stubbornness. It is often difficult for a person to admit that he was wrong. Continuing to be stubborn, he only closes himself off from the new.
  • Procrastination. You need to live for today, you cannot forever postpone solving problems for tomorrow. If you are constantly putting off a task, you should consider whether it is worth taking on it at all.
  • Cargo from the past. It is undesirable to drag along with you memories of events, especially about previous relationships. If before you loved someone dearly or often thought about him, then subconsciously you will forever compare him with another person who appeared later.
  • Building new relationships, you need to get rid of old ones. This applies not only to lovers, but also to colleagues, acquaintances, friends.
  • Negative thinking. Words and thoughts are material. The more often you repeat: “everything will be fine,” the more rosy the prospects are. For someone who thinks so, nothing is impossible.
  • Condemnation. The world is a projection of our subconscious. Often we know for sure that rumors are spread about us, therefore we ourselves act in this way. In order not to worry, you must first stop criticizing others. No one has the right to condemn, it is impossible to try on someone else’s skin.
  • Envy. Few people now imagine life without social networks, but they often make people unhappy. Often we look at photos of smiling, beaming with happiness of friends, classmates or colleagues and begin to envy. It is important to remember that none of us knows at all about their world. He has no idea what they think about, how they live, what they hope for. It is possible that in fact they do not know real happiness. Do not treat others with prejudice, do so that you feel good.
  • Uncertainty. A happy person has a sense of his own dignity, he is pleased with himself, constantly exudes confidence. Doubting yourself is a bad thing. If you have traits that you consider unworthy, you should either accept them or try to get rid of them.
  • Dependence on others. If someone is unable to think positively, be self-sufficient, enjoy life, no one will do it for him. To share something good, you need to have it. The secret to success is in your hands, not others.
  • Past. To live by the bygone day is to consciously bury the present and the future. Errors are common to everyone. Lessons must be learned and moved forward.
  • Total control. Sometimes it’s worth relaxing and letting things take their course. Controlling absolutely everything is impossible. So you will constantly be nervous, wind yourself up, but you still cannot change anything. You should understand that there are things beyond your control.
  • Expectations. There is a misconception among people that others should correspond to their ideas. Nobody really is obliged to be honest, polite, neat, attentive, punctual. If yes – great, but no, there is no point in getting upset.

10 Quick Tips to Become a Happy Person in a Short Time Period

How To Become A Happy Person?
How to Become a Happy Person?
  • Think positively. This is a simple rule of thumb to help you deal with any problem. Difficulties are indispensable, the important thing is how you treat them. After all, all bad things come to an end sooner or later, and from life lessons you can take out a lot of useful things that will definitely come in handy in the future. Focus on the good and move away from the negative.
  • Record achievements, devote time to hobbies. You must acknowledge your own successes. You should notice progress and be proud of yourself, which later turns out to be a serious motivation for future achievements. Do what you love, thanks to a hobby, you can get rid of stress, expand your social circle and, in general, make life interesting. You shouldn’t stop there. Develop and constantly learn new skills to enjoy your work.
  • Give thanks. Feel free to express your gratitude. Learn to appreciate the serious and even insignificant influence of those around you in your life. Saying “thank you” in a timely manner is a sure step towards improving your mood and attracting positive emotions.
  • Learn to forgive. Holding back a hurtful hurt is not easy. It’s important to remember that it is harmful because you have negative, painful memories. No need to get hung up on anger, and even more so the desire for revenge. In order to forgive the offender, it is not at all necessary to talk to him. But liberation from oppressive feelings will significantly improve well-being, relieve anxiety, and give serenity.
  • Connect with positive people. Be surrounded by those who are close to you in spirit, support and are always ready to lend a helping hand. Try to minimize the presence in your life of those who cause negative emotions, make you nervous and upset. The closeness of loved ones makes you happy. According to American scientists, with a hug, the human body releases serotonin, due to which blood pressure decreases, the frequency of heartbeats and a person relaxes.
  • Get a pet. Animals help relieve depression. If you have such a useful quality as responsibility, a four-legged friend can become a full member of the family for you. His devotion and love will surely make you smile, laugh more and give you many happy moments.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. Physical health is inextricably linked to emotional well-being. It is necessary to eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, which contain useful substances, improve mood and improve appearance. Remember, sleep is also important for your wellness. It is recommended to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. Sports are just as good for the mind and body. This stimulates the production of endorphins (hormones of happiness). Active activities need to be made a habit. You need to ride a bike, run, dance, work out in the gym at least 3 hours a week. It is very useful to walk in the fresh air. Walking relieves stress, relaxes and energizes.
  • Plan pleasant events. Make a decision to go somewhere or invite guests in the near future. The anticipation of this event and the preparatory chores will significantly improve mood and contribute to the flow of thoughts in a fertile channel. Remember – good experiences make us happier.
  • Help others, cultivate kindness. Good deeds invariably contribute to well-being. When we help people or animals, we receive warmth and gratitude from them. Social activities and charity fill life with a positive.
  • Smile more often and appreciate the simple joys. A sincere smile is a symbol of happy people. Think more about the pleasant things that make you laugh. Learn to notice little things, rejoice in them as something serious. After all, our routine consists of them. A loved one, family and friends nearby – unique moments that should be cherished and remembered. Don’t waste time chasing material goods; it’s important to value relationships.
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It should be remembered that there is no need to look for the good somewhere on the side. First of all, you need to take a closer look at your own life, focus on all the good that is in it, understand if I really want to be happy. You should only really worry when there is an opportunity to influence the situation. Also, do not neglect the help of qualified specialists. An experienced psychologist is able to correctly assess the situation and promptly relieve the person who turns to them from problems.

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