How to Deal with Criticism Positively At Work?

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How To Deal With Criticism Positively?

In this article we’ll discuss about – how to deal with criticism positively at work? Emotional imbalances caused by criticism from others can lead to personality disorder. There are many reasons why many women and men are unhappy with their lives. They are convinced that the whole environment is an obstacle to their happiness.

But is it really so?

How often are others to blame for our problems? The blame for everything is the critic himself. With evil thoughts, he creates a glass cage for himself. Fills the dwelling with gloomy colors with words. By actions he pushes loved and loving people out of life. He remains all alone. He continues to rot in this place and spread malice to other people.

How To Deal With Criticism Positively?
How to deal with criticism positively?

One or two signs are enough.

Displeased face. Here I explain the sign using the example of a situation: come to a New Year’s corporate party with your colleagues in the most beautiful institution in the city, enjoy wonderful music, delicious dishes, and an interesting program. We decided to capture the moment and take a picture. A few days later, open the gallery and see, first of all, not 30 happy faces of your colleagues, but the evil expression on your partner’s face. Remember not how the music was played or what the contests were. And the dissatisfied one who constantly grumbled. Start thinking about him and feel uncomfortable with the negativity that comes from him. There are such people in almost every team. They always don’t like everything. They spoil the overall picture of the perception of even the most fabulous moment in life.

Gossip. Here I can explain the symptom with an example of a situation: You communicate well with a colleague at work, as with a friend. During your lunch break, hear dirty gossip about your relationship. You will feel uneasy. Leave the restaurant or think about how to resolve this misunderstanding so as not to look in the eyes of your colleagues or your beloved in a bad light.

Do otherwise. Continue listening to the conversation. You will realize that you are not the subject of their discussion. Gossipers don’t care what to say about whom. Do not worry that someone hears unreliable information from their lips, they will not be believed. So don’t waste your energy on them.

How to Deal with Criticism Positively?

How To Deal With Criticism Positively
How to deal with criticism positively?

The behavior that will help you deal effectively with criticism depends on the criticism itself.

First, learn to distinguish between objective and biased criticism. Objective criticism is based on the addressee’s desire to help correct behavior for the better. If the other person is well-intentioned, listen and think about his opinion. Maybe you accept his point of view, it will be acceptable to you, then do not forget to thank.

As a rule, we are faced with biased criticism. In this case, the interlocutor tries to manipulate our life. As a result, he infects us with bad thoughts and feelings of well-being. What to do in this case?

1. Quarantine the Critic

Remember, such a person is a carrier of an infectious emotional disease. Communication with him will only lead to irritability, anger and hatred towards yourself and others.

If right now you remember someone with such a diagnosis, feel free to pick up your phone and delete it from your friends on social networks and from your notebook. Does this seem absurd? Try this and you will see how your life will change. You will even begin to feel the taste of water in a new way, not to mention how much you will love life and will be able to get real pleasure from seemingly ordinary things.

Think back to the last time you played with the children in the yard. And so that they do not think about work, about a colleague who went on vacation and left you in the midst of the reporting period? A year, two, three years ago? Of course you don’t remember. Now, imagine that you have divided the responsibilities equally in advance and completed everything on time. How nice it will be to take a day off and spend time with your family, without thinking about work and without accumulating anger on colleagues.

The main rule in any criticism is to start with yourself. Stop criticizing your actions, deeds, thinking that others are to blame for this situation. With such thoughts you are eating yourself from the inside. By the way, this is why you cannot relax and fully rest. Happiness is not with you, you are a prisoner of hatred and anger.

2. Don’t Make Excuses

When you start making excuses to the critic, arguing with him, you automatically let anger into your life, accumulate hatred and destroy all positive emotions.

3. Don’t Attack

Do you hear criticism in your address and immediately strike back? Why stoop to the level of a critic and poison your life?

4. Sorry

Do not hide anger and resentment against this person, so all the hatred will be inside you. Let go of all bad thoughts and sincerely, with an open heart, pray for him. Ask the universe for help so that this person gets rid of the poison in his heart.

5. Do Not Treat

Unless you are an experienced mentor, a doctor who knows all the tools for dealing with infectious emotional diseases, do not interfere with the patient’s life. By trying to listen to and support the other person, you expose your emotional center to infection. If you want to help, offer to contact an expert in this field and he will prescribe the appropriate course of treatment.

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How to Get Rid of Negativity?

How To Deal With Criticism Positively
How to deal with criticism positively?

In one day, a huge amount of information passes through us. We ride in a minibus and hear the driver’s swear words, at work we meet with disgruntled colleagues, listen to the grievances of friends and relatives.

One evil word, like ashes, settles in karma and spoils us from the inside. How many bad thoughts do we hear every day, and how many do we utter? Our karma is filled with black ash. Hence all our failures and discontent with life. Therefore, it is so important not only to monitor your speech and the speech of loved ones, but also to clear karma so as not to keep all the anger and hatred inside, not to rot. Try to clear your thoughts and open the way to new achievements. You will see how your life will change and, finally, you will notice the achievements on the way to your goal.

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