How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety?

Today I will tell you how to get rid of anxiety. I am sharing three proven methods to get rid of anxiety in this article. Check it out for yourself, and share with your loved ones.

Anxiety is the fear of the unknown (a quiet and indistinct fear). When anxiety comes, you can no longer be sure that everything is in order with your life. Even if objectively, everything is ok, you will feel as if something is wrong. If the anxiety is strong, then everything will be “wrong”.

As, if some kind of invisible breakdown is approaching. You don’t even ask yourself what it is, but simply “know”: something big and dark is already very close – and it may just start.

How is Anxiety Different from Fear?

How Is Anxiety Different From Fear?
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

Fear usually lasts no longer than a few hours. And anxiety can last for days. You can spend most of your life in anxiety.

Ordinary fear has an object: a predatory animal, a “predatory” boss, medical procedures. You at least roughly feel what you are afraid of. And the anxiety is not specific. In anxiety, you yourself do not understand what you feel, what you are anxious about.

Anxiety as A Premonition

Our mind cannot simply accept the inexplicable. It also needs to somehow explain the anxiety, and you don’t see a specific danger. But since the alarm sounds, the mind concludes: “apparently, I’m worried, not about what is here and now. I have a presentiment of something.”

That is, anxiety pretends the sixth sense with confidence in future troubles. This is a key property of anxiety – intuition is attributed to oneself under it. For example, you can read space and even predict the future, like a psychic.

This can create a vicious circle and triggers negative predictions. These predictions can increase anxiety. Increased anxiety triggers even more negative predictions. And so on in a circle – until a panic attack.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety?
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

Therefore, the first key to healing anxiety is to doubt your “psychic” abilities. Assume that you cannot anticipate real trouble.

Key 1: Doubting Your Predictions

Ask yourself: “Are my anxious premonitions coming true?”

The question must be asked from that part of the soul that is worried. So that it is this self-confident inner predictor who doubts his gift of foreseeing the future.

When the anxiety comes again, feel yourself trusting your sixth sense. Notice how irrational it is to ascribe such a premonition to yourself. You need to seriously doubt your prophetic gift.

Key 2: Analyzing Anxiety

I have been working with clients as a psychologist for a long time and I can confidently say that any psychological problem lasts as long as it remains vague and unexpressed. In such an unclear form, the problem seems insoluble. Therefore, one of the tasks of the psychologist is to help the client understand how he is feeling.

Anxiety also lasts as long as it remains vague – until you understand what you are anxious about.

To begin with, you can ask yourself: what exactly worries me? It is important here to listen to your feelings sensitively, to tune in to them, to be with them. And then – you need to express them. As it turns out. Leisurely.

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety?
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

Expressing your feelings is not easy and needs to be learned. Mastery comes with practice.

When anxiety is expressed, it ceases to seem like a vague, unsolvable problem. You see what you are dealing with, what you need to go through, and the anxiety dissipates before our eyes.

Examples of Specified Anxiety

For example, being alone, a person may feel lost and unnecessary doubts. As if he was expelled, and he is forced to wander in a hostile foreign world. Alone, he is too small and weak to withstand life.

Note that anxiety arises here due to irrational beliefs. It need to be calculated and questioned.

  • Are you forced lonely?
  • Is the world so hostile?
  • Is it so alien? Are you so weak yourself?

Analysis helps to dispel illusions and accept the truth. If a person somehow manages and continues to live day after day, year after year, this confirms that he can rely on his own strength.

The next example is anxiety due to loss of control. You quickly lose faith in yourself because of short-sighted decisions with which there is no internal agreement – those very internal conflicts.

For example, a person was going to work, take high standards, but suddenly, in spite of all plans, he gets drunk: his self-esteem falls and doubts appear about himself. Now he seems to himself: unassembled, weak, incapable. Not at all those who can achieve success, as it was believed yesterday.

Feelings of guilt are also a kind of anxiety. You are lazy, you don’t work, and therefore you anticipate a natural decline in the quality of life.

Anxiety arises because you perceive yourself as an uncontrollable element. It’s as if it’s not you who make the choice, but some separate dark part of your soul. It’s not you, yourself who’s drunk and lazy, but someone who possesses you and blocks your will. This is a refusal to take responsibility for yourself and your desires. Such denial of their desires can lead to a split in the personality.

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety?
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

As long as you perceive your own thoughts and feelings as an element, you will be afraid that one day you will let yourself down. Therefore, it is important to realize that you yourself are building your life, you yourself choose what you choose – and it is in your hands to make a new choice.

Sometimes anxiety is completely irrational – it dissipates almost immediately when it can be calculated. For example, one of my clients opened the alarm – and saw that he forbids himself to be happy. It seems like happiness is a shameful betrayal of the whole family. Ancestors lived in difficult times, suffered, therefore, out of solidarity, he also “must” carry a heavy cross.

Such negative beliefs can overwhelm you with an alarming background day and night. In this case, anxiety dissipates when you understand from the depths of your soul that you can be happy in spite of everything.

Notice: How important it is to calculate and question your beliefs. As long as beliefs are in the form of an obscure emotion, you blindly believe in them.

Development of Anxiety

Development Of Anxiety
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

Anxiety can come when you lose your usual supports, and new, more subtle ones have not yet been developed.

Here is a good analogy – a turn in the path. You don’t see what will happen next when you turn off. When I have already turned, the horizon is gradually clearing up and the future again seems cozy and predictable.

Any crisis is accompanied by anxiety. This is an indicator of growth.

Anxiety Due to Stimulants

Anxiety can start from strong coffee, tea, or stimulant medications. If you are an anxious person, pay close attention to your diet first: what you drink and in what proportions.

Key 3: Mindfulness

Another powerful working method for eliminating anxiety is mindfulness. The fact is that our subconscious mind does not understand where we are, in what time, with whom we live. The subconscious mind does not distinguish thought from reality. Therefore, we are not worried about what is in the present, but about what is being dreamed about – about fictitious “events” in our mind.

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety?
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

It’s usually okay right here and now. And this needs to be shown to your subconscious. To wake it up from its disturbing hallucinations.

Feel that here and now is your real life.

Notice the present. The more clearly you are aware of the present, the sooner the anxiety dissipates.

Mindfulness kills illusion. You just find yourself safe in the present. The subconscious mind notices what event you are in and the signals of “false” alarms subside.

Anxiety is Not A Prediction, But A Test

If anxiety cannot be dealt with – it is too vague and ineffable, there is a good way not to dramatize about it.

Try to perceive anxiety not as a premonition of trouble, but as a little test.

If anxiety no longer predicts any troubles, but as if “asks” to endure itself, the attitude towards it changes. You stop dramatizing about her. Anxiety as a tempering test is not so painful and quite bearable.

Justified Anxiety

Imagine that you are comprehending life on two levels of the psyche at the same time. You have a surface mind and a subconscious mind. You understand everything that happens with the surface mind and at the same time with the mind from the subconscious.

All your vague guesses and forebodings are sending from the subconscious. The second mind constantly tells you something with the help of vague moods. This is your intuition. You constantly feel something.

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety?
How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

Therefore, anxiety is sometimes still justified. As an exception, you can anticipate real troubles.

For example, I once had a dream where an acquaintance let me down. And then it happened in reality. That is, I unconsciously felt that this could happen. Not because I have a psychic gift. But because I vaguely in the depths of my soul guessed what was happening.

Conscience works on a similar principle. It also protects us from negative consequences. For example, when you ruin a relationship with someone, mess around, or harm your health, you will worry about the future. With the help of conscience.

That is, the unconscious sometimes suggests something useful, and anxiety can be a kind of intuition. Therefore, it is so important to unpack anxiety – to translate it from a vague experience into concrete awareness. This is the only way to understand whether you are worried justifiably, or in vain.

Usually worrying in vain! You can spend your whole life in anxiety. Anxious people know themselves that the world deserves more trust.

Let Me Remind You

Let me remind you of three methods to get rid of anxiety:

  1. Doubt about your prophetic abilities. Anxiety is not a prediction.
  2. Psychological analysis – concretization of anxiety. If you cannot do it yourself, contact a psychologist – from the outside it can be better known.
  3. Mindfulness. Finding yourself in the present awakens from disturbing thoughts.