How To Get Smarter: Train Your Brain 24/7

Get Smarter

Do you want to improve memory and concentration, learn to think outside the box? Develop your brain memory! We have collected the best types of workouts for you and found out what lifestyle the smartest people on the planet lead.

What does it mean to be smart?

Many people believe that in order to be smart, it is enough to be born to outstanding parents. And they are mistaken: not always a genius is born in a couple with a high IQ; the parents of a thinking person are not always smart people themselves. We are all born with approximately the same abilities: memory, attention, thinking. The way we handle our mind makes us more or less evolved. The number of synapses (connections in the brain that are responsible for our reactions and the ability to remember) grows only until the age of 25, and later gradually decreases. Like any muscle, the brain needs to be trained, and then you will be a brilliant conversationalist even in old age.

Brain exercise: how to get smarter

Constantly feed your memory with new information. These will not necessarily be boring lectures: knowledge can be exciting and delicious!

Use your free time

You have no idea how much time is spent watching funny videos and memes. Believe me, you always have a minute to browse the forum or an interesting article on a professional topic. A bonus for a career, a tone for the mind.

You already know English – great, try German or Spanish. Start watching the same soap operas in foreign languages: the vocabulary there is not difficult, and before you have time to look back, you begin to understand the most common phrases.

Play games

We don’t mean poker. Although … No, it’s about something else today. About board games. “Monopoly”, backgammon and, of course, chess. Varieties based on card games or “Dungeons and Dragons” will take over the world in many and varied ways, and they also develop the ability for tactics and strategy, train memory and the ability to operate with large amounts of information. Also during the game, you can communicate with interesting people.

Download Tetris to your smartphone and various logic puzzles: you can develop your brain, even while standing in an elevator or subway. There is also an excellent online service, Wikium , which trains memory, thinking and attention. I had a free minute at work – play!

How else to train your memory ? Solve crosswords. This is useful not only for retirees.

Listen to the music

How to become an intelligent person? Listening to classical music (Mozart, Bach, Wagner – what you like best) perfectly pumps your brain. Proven by classical music lovers 🙂

Adepts of rock and metal, among whom there are many physicists, mathematicians, programmers, engineers, lawyers and surgeons, on the contrary, claim that their beloved “heavy weight” builds up the brain. True, it is not clear: either they became so smart because they listened to this kind of music, or other music does not seem interesting enough to people of intellectual professions. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Read books – Memory

We do not mean Daria Dontsova, “Twilight” and other popular reading material, although this is more than nothing. The best reading is the time-tested classics (including the one you missed in school for some reason), as well as books that received the Nobel Prize, the Russian Booker, etc.

Where to looking for?

  • Domestic and foreign classics from the school curriculum in literature;
  • List of books that should also be included in the school curriculum, according to teachers;
  • Books by Nobel Prize winners;
  • Authors who have received the “Russian Booker”;

Change the format

If you prefer a printed book or read from your smartphone , try listening to audiobooks or radio plays. Get two-in-one: a great book and great acting.

Relaxing while listening to classical music on our advice? Complement this delight by viewing paintings by famous artists. Google, for example, introduced a service that allows you to virtually visit the world’s most famous museums. Choose a gallery, and go ahead – for impressions!

Create your

It doesn’t matter what you make your hobby: models of ships in bottles, painting with watercolors or rhymes-pasties. Surprise and shock your brain and it will start to work more productively.

Play musical instruments

Psychologist Glenn Schellenberg of the University of Toronto proved in 2004 that playing musical instruments increases IQ. In 2011, the experiment was repeated with the same result. So far, the study has not been refuted.

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Learn poetry by heart

Kill two birds with one stone: train your memory and at the same time be able to charm people you like.

Start your own blog

Perhaps your blog will not be distinguished by literacy and beauty of style, but the ability to beautifully express your thoughts will only benefit. And yes, this skill also needs to be trained. Reread your posts a day or two after you wrote: this way you will better see your own mistakes.

Change your life

You can start small, you don’t need everything at once. But such changes will not only make your mind smarter, but also increase your own productivity and, what the hell is not kidding, will help you change jobs, registration, and so on, incrementally. It’s never too late to start.

Give up TV

The hundredth viewing of advertising and the series “about the cops” – it’s fucking. Either stop watching TV altogether, or switch to smarter channels: National Geographic, Discovery, etc.

Choose your environment carefully

Go to places where smart people are “found”. Movie nights, jazz concerts, exhibitions, literary battles and presentations – this is the most approximate list of events.

If in your social circle there is a person whom you respect for his wisdom and achievements, communicate with him more often: such people always have something to learn. Such a person could be your older relative or, for example, your boss. No, this is not careerism. This is generally from another opera, and let it be a shame to those who think badly about it.

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Look for non-standard solutions

Doing what you are used to is the easiest thing to do. But not always simple decisions are correct. Try to think differently, look for non-standard moves, do something new – and even great-grandchildren will admire you.

What else does it take to get smarter

We will prove to you for the hundredth time that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle: it will come in handy not only to do beautiful push-ups at ninety years old. But also to grow wiser.

Get enough sleep – Memory

Lifestyle adjustments have a profound effect on our brains. Try not to sleep for a day or two – do you think well? Doctors do not in vain talk about the benefits of eight hours of sleep, while it is advisable to wake up not on the same day when you fell asleep – in other words, go to bed before midnight. For many people, by the way, thinking becomes most productive at five or six in the morning.

Another useful advice from doctors is to give up your TV, computer and smartphone two hours before bed. Yes, we know how difficult it is. We also love to watch TV shows and watch the Facebook feed before bed. But we will try very hard, come with us.

Eat the right food – Memory

Some products “accelerate” your abilities, others – on the contrary, “slow down”. Try to feed your brain with extremely healthy food , like in this picture.

How do you “wake up” your body and brain in the morning? It’s probably coffee. The photo below shows the most powerful sources of caffeine, which stimulate the brain as well as coffee.