How to Have Only Positive Thoughts in Our Mind?

Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is a method of mental programming that admits in the mind ideas and images that carry growth. It is also a pseudo-scientific current of thought created in 1952 by Pastor Norman Vincent Peale. But it was only from the 2000s that the method of positive thoughts was conveyed because it was only then that the actors of personal development understood the merits of the method and its effectiveness.

The Strength of Thought When It Is Positive

If I say “don’t think about me,” what will be your first reaction? The first reflex will, of course, be to think about myself, to imagine myself. This is what often happens to us with negative thoughts. In reality, our mind does not know the negation of the blow all the information it receives, it treats them as affirmative. So, when I say “don’t think of me,” the mind interprets it as ” Think of me.” You then have to fight to convince him to achieve what you want. So, imagine what it will give if instead of expressing what you do not want, you express what you want? Now, instead of saying, I do not want to be perceived as a lazy “say rather” I want to be perceived as a worker”. Thus, you will see the strength of positive affirmations.

As I said in the introduction, positive thoughts are also a pseudo-scientific movement of the nineteenth century. They are the origin of the law of attraction. Proponents of this current of thought argue that by relying on self-suggestion, one can attract to either anything one desires and achieve happiness or even influence one’s Destiny. Specialists say that the method would be based on reading positive sentence and inspirational quotes, reformulating negative sentences into positive affirmations, etc…

Positive Thoughts: Some Prerequisites

According to studies conducted by the Canadian Mental Health association (CMHA), an important parameter when aspiring to positivity is good self-esteem. This study reveals the negative side of positive thoughts about people with low self-esteem. Originally, people with low self-esteem are people who consider themselves capable of nothing. By instilling positive phrases that do not work, they will think that it is their fault and they will attack themselves. If you have a bad self-esteem, think about healing him before you want to be a positive person.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

The secret of happy people is that they consume much more positivity than negativity. If positive thoughts and happiness are contagious, know that negative thoughts are too. What I’m saying here is very simple. If you want to have a positive spirit and stay there, surround yourself with positive people. The man receives more than 50,000 thoughts both internal and external per day. The majority of these thoughts are thoughts that come from outside. If it is difficult to manage the flow of thoughts inside you, this is not the case for the flow of thoughts outside.

You have the opportunity to limit the flow of negative thoughts that you receive from your surroundings. But, when you aspire to develop positive thoughts and want to cooperate with people who complain all the time, people who spend their time criticizing and denigrating others, people who have no self-esteem, how do you manage to develop a positive mindset? The negative is found everywhere, around ourselves. As long as it comes from the outside, you have the opportunity to fight it more easily. Some of the actors in the current of positivity thought preached the reduction of contacts or even the breaking of ties with those around you who do not share the same vision.

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Working on Yourself to Stay Positive

Method Of Mental Programming
Method Of Mental Programming

Once you have reduced the flow of negative thoughts in your surroundings, you will be able to focus on the flow of negative thoughts that comes from within. I warn you this is not an easy exercise. Imagine positive thoughts as muscles. The more you work them, the better they are. So, you need to look for improvement every day to stay positive. To manage to develop and maintain a positive state of mind, there are several physical and playful activities that you can do. I’ll give you some in this article.

But first, know that it is not by repeating to a pig that it can fly that it will manage to do so. This means that the very principle of positivity is not to self-suggest empty positive sentences. But rather to use meaningful positive phrases to act on the subconscious. This should no longer be new to you. If your positive thoughts stop at the level of consciousness, you will never lead to lasting change, it is better to be positive in his subconscious.

Meditation for A Positive State of Mind

If you eat well, you’ll be fine. However, if you eat badly, do not complain about being sick. The same applies to the subconscious, the more you feed it with positive phrases and the more positive you will be on the physical plane. But, how to feed your subconscious?

Meditation is an excellent way of communicating with oneself. To get there, you can practice very simple activities such as yoga, deep breathing. These activities will aim to help you achieve a degree of harmony high enough to consciously access your subconscious.

Positive Mental Programming to Stay Positive

It is possible to get positive thoughts through NLP techniques like hypnosis. I said it a little earlier, it is not the repetition of hollow positive affirmations of meaning that brings about change. It is necessary to use these positive affirmations to act on the subconscious. Hypnosis is a radical method that will install this new value in your subconscious in a very short time and without effort.

Next to hypnosis, one can place the method of self-suggestion. It is the method that the supporters of the pseudo-scientific current advocated. Self-suggestion is a method of mental programming that consists of implementing an idea in itself by itself. By repeating positive suggestions, the individual manages to convince himself of an idea. It is based on the simple fact that positive thoughts become real.

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Exercises for Developing Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations

Turn Negative Phrases into Positive Affirmations

When you catch yourself saying a negative sentence, stop right away and turn it into a positive sentence. Very simple is not it?

Note everything that happens positive in your day. As soon as your feet step on the floor in the morning, start writing down in a corner of your diary everything that happens to you positive.

Take stock of the positive things that happened to you in the day. After noting all that was positive in the day, before you go to sleep, just take five minutes of your time to take a little stock up. Spot at least five positive things in the day. Over time, you will reach a high number and realize the strength of positive thoughts.

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