How to Impress a Classmate? An Advice from Psychologist

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How To Impress A Classmate

In this article we’ll discuss about – how to impress a classmate according to a psychologist point of view. During the school years, for the first time, a strong interest in the opposite sex arises, and adolescents choose their classmates as an object of sighing. Often, grown-up children do not understand how to properly express their interest in each other so that warm friendships can be formed, for example, between a boy and a girl. Therefore, many boys in their school years are faced with the problem of how to please a classmate. In psychology, sympathy is understood as the emotional predisposition of one person to another. And the problem of gender relations is most acute in adolescence.

Regardless of the boy’s age, in order to please a classmate at 12 or 14 years old, a guy should realize that, first of all, he needs to like himself. After all, everyone knows that if you don’t like yourself, then you don’t like your immediate surroundings. First of all, girls like simple guys, they slightly dislike those who pretend to be “cool guys”. It is important to be a respected person in the classroom, not a show-off. It should be remembered that a classmate can like any guy, the main thing is to pick a “key” to her heart.

Secrets of How to Impress a Classmate

How To Impress A Classmate?
How to Impress a Classmate?

Guys need to take into account that each classmate is unique and with her own preferences. Therefore, not every classmate can come to “taste” and please, both in terms of external data and in her inner world.

If the girl refused and does not want, for example, to communicate or be friends, then there is no need to get upset because of this, it will also be superfluous for the guy to perceive this as a personal defeat. For himself, the boy should realize that with this girl there are no common points of contact and that’s it.

To please a classmate at school, you should become an interesting person, have a hobby, be sociable, well-read, erudite, and a defender of the weak.

It is important to remember your promises and if you promised to bring a book or help in any solution to the issue, then you should do it on time, otherwise the girl will be offended and will not take the guy seriously as a person. Female interest in a guy will gradually begin to fade, so responsibility and punctuality for a boy should be the most important qualities.

To please a classmate 14-16 years old, she needs to smile, openly express her sympathy, without hesitation. Girls of this age love confident boys.

How To Impress A Classmate?
How to Impress a Classmate?

The ability to connect a sense of humor at the right time will help defuse the awkward silence between a girl and a boy. An interesting incident from the life of a guy or his friends, a successful cute joke will help form a positive image of the narrator in the eyes of a girl. But about boring, boredom, lack of interests should be forgotten if there is a strong desire to please a classmate.

It is important to learn how to correctly express your thoughts and not make speech mistakes. Speech should be confident, clear, without words of parasites. Psychologists recommend that guys in “winning women’s hearts” read the literature on communication with the opposite sex, as well as read more to enrich their vocabulary.

How To Impress A Classmate?
How to Impress a Classmate?

Girls like it when they say nice words, but not banal and typical. For example, a girl will be glad to hear: “You are especially beautiful today” instead of the simple phrase “You are beautiful”. You can openly tell the girl that it is pleasant to communicate with her and that she is an interesting conversationalist.

When communicating with a classmate, it is important to control the words spoken to other girls. You can’t speak badly about someone, this can characterize a guy from a negative side.

If friendly communication has begun with the girl, then on the occasion of the holidays, you can make small surprises, for example, give chocolate, books, flowers.

If the relationship has moved to a new level, and the classmate agreed to a date, then in this case it is important not to be late for the meeting, but to come in advance. You should first think about what places you can visit, it is appropriate to ask the girl’s opinion where she would like to go. The girl will appreciate such an act, she will like the attention of her classmate.

Walking in beautiful places, it is important not to be silent, but to try to be romantic or at least joke. Taking care of the girl will also be appropriate:

  • give her a hand,
  • open the door in front of her,
  • take her into the warmth if the wind has risen sharply.

The qualities of a gentleman increase the chances of being liked by a classmate at any age, regardless of how old the girl is 13 or 16 years old.

How To Impress A Classmate?
How to Impress a Classmate?

It will be superfluous to bring your friends to a meeting with a classmate, the girl may feel uncomfortable in the general company, so such moments should be agreed in advance.

After each meeting, the classmate should be taken to the very entrance and thanked for the walk, noting that we had a good time.

Thus, adhering to the described secrets, it will be easy enough to please a classmate, and the girl will be fascinated by the boy. But it should be borne in mind that the relationship is a dynamic process, and the manifestation of sympathy at the present moment can change to antipathy in the next, if the response signal becomes unpleasant. For example, a boy should not violate personal boundaries, physical and individual, as this can quickly and abruptly cancel out positive experiences, causing antipathy.

Obsessive, incorrect, aggressive or rude behavior can instantly provoke a change from a positive sign to a negative one. And the more attentive and careful the boy’s attitude to the girl, the more likely it is to strengthen the feeling of sympathy and increase the chance of switching to a close level of communication.

What if you don’t like you

How To Impress A Classmate?
How to Impress a Classmate?

It’s much harder to please a classmate who doesn’t like you. Maybe it makes sense to leave this venture and consider other girls as objects of sympathy. As the saying goes: you cannot be cute by force, but with your obsession it is quite possible to increase the antipathy of this little girl. But if the desire to get the girl’s attention is so great that the guy is ready for a lot, then in this case you will have to make a lot of effort.

You need to take care of your appearance, bring your body into good physical shape. Keep track of cleanliness and fashion news in clothes.

It is important to preserve naturalness and not try your best to please one particular classmate, but continue to communicate calmly with other girls, set a goal for yourself to become the “soul of the company” and then the girl who causes sympathy will definitely pay attention.

The main thing is not to rush. Any guy can master the skills of a modern pickup truck, which means the ability to go towards your goals. If at this stage there is no desired result, this does not mean that the guy does not know how to be liked, this indicates that the wrong model of behavior has been chosen.

But to please all the girls will help, as already described above, the ability to communicate, inner self-confidence, independence, self-confidence, dedication, the presence of vital interests, love of adventure.

How To Impress A Classmate?
How to Impress a Classmate?

Given that the girl is always there and the guy is in her sight, it is necessary to engage in your own development and try to lead the class. If a classmate notices this, then the boy will not be left without her attention.

It is important to respect the girl’s point of view and not allow others to “push” on her. The girl will like it if she sees her like-minded person. It is important to find common points of contact that will serve as a support in the future in communication. It is necessary to discern a personality in a girl, and only then try to please her.

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