How to Learn to Get Up Early. 10 Ways the Owl Tested

How To Learn To Get Up Early

Do you remember the post about how important it is to get up early? But how do you turn from an owl to a lark? How to do this in practice? Many of us have tried many times but never succeeded.

There are a few tricks that sleep experts recommend that I happily join. Do not forget that the key to getting up easily in the morning is proper going to bed, easy falling asleep and effective, full sleep for at least the number of hours you need. And let it be 10 hours, but in the other 14 you will be at the peak of your form, believe my experience – it is better to be a man for 14 hours than a vegetable for 18 hours.

Lie and Get in At the Same Time

The body gets used to the regime and will soon begin to tell you when to start and end the day. Even if you still find it difficult to fall asleep earlier in the evening, go to bed anyway and try not to be distracted by reading or the phone. Help yourself fall asleep by using some of the following points.

Manage Your Sleep with Smells

Choose relaxing bath and shower products, aroma oils or incense in the evening, invigorating in the morning. Examine how the shower and bath affect you (usually a bath is considered relaxing, and a shower is invigorating, but these reactions are still individual). Analyze what calms you, what invigorates you, find out which scents contribute to relaxation (for example, jasmine, lavender, incense), and which ones give energy (rosemary, citrus, mint). Don’t drive your body crazy by sending it the wrong signals.

Plan an Interesting Business for The Morning

The Japanese have a concept of ikigai – something for which you wake up. If your global life goal does not raise you, you should think about it at your leisure (for example, in the newfound morning hours), but a small business can work like an alarm clock and literally push you out of bed, as soon as you open your eyes. Every person should have something for which they want to get up in the morning. Look for your answer to this question, it will help you not only wake up easier in the morning.

Use Relaxing Practices Before Sleep

Whether it is meditation, yoga-nidra, or your personal relaxation ritual is not so important. But how relaxed you go to sleep will determine whether your sleep is truly restorative.

Place the Alarm Far from The Bed

This is my favorite trick – the need to go to the alarm clock, as well as other rituals associated with this, for example, the morning glass of water standing next to it, makes you wake up, and you may have enough willpower not to go back to bed.

Learn to get up immediately at the signal. The habit of putting off the alarm and wallowing is not a character; it is just a pattern of behavior that has been entrenched in us since childhood. Other people have stuck other patterns – jump on the call and start your day. And you can change this behavior. The main thing is to catch that short moment when you have already heard the alarm clock, but have not yet begun to analyze (is it time to get up already or can you still lie). And just the need to go to the alarm clock will help to consolidate a new habit.

Order Before You Break

Have you noticed that waking up in a beautiful and clean room is much more pleasant? She wants to get up as soon as possible and start a new, full of achievements day. The surrounding mess pulls you deeper into bed, evoking thoughts about how many unpleasant things you have to do.

Make A Promise

Waking up a friend, taking your husband to work, walking the dog, sending a letter no later than 8 o’clock in the morning – all this will do, the main thing is that it is really important for you (and that it cannot be done right from under the blanket and without regaining consciousness) …

Ask Close Family Members for Help

If someone in your family is an early riser, chances are they will be happy to synchronize your cycles. Ask them to bring you coffee in the morning, wake you up to the bitter end, pull you out of bed by the leg, pour cold water, in general, do what helps you to wake up.

Ensure Yourself the Right Sleeping Conditions

Try to sleep in absolute darkness, in a well-ventilated and not too hot area. It’s no secret that with excessive lighting, the body does not receive signals that it is time to sleep. It is more difficult for you to fall asleep and you get less sleep. Moreover, it can lead to health problems. Don’t forget about the existence of sleep dressings. About how important ventilation of the lungs is and how beneficially cool air affects the body (provided that you are warm under a thick blanket), doctors would better tell you, but your personal experience will confirm that this is so.

Enable Patience and Consistently Go to Your Goal

Of course, the schedule cannot be rebuilt in 1 day. The main thing is not to give up and try to go to bed earlier anyway, even if you overslept today and the day is short. And vice versa – getting up on time, even if you went out on a spree the day before and didn’t get enough sleep (by the way, this also applies to those times when you have already rebuilt your schedule, sliding back into an owl existence is as easy as shelling pears). These changes are worth trying.

Be sure to share your perestroika stories and recipes for a successful early rise in the comments. This experience is very valuable for me and for other readers.