How to Make A Business Plan? Example & Components

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Business Plan Examples &Amp; Templates

An intrinsic element of the business creation file, business plan examples, the business plan is the Reference document of the business creator. Any project must have financial forecasts, a market study, a strategic plan, a detailed presentation of the team…

This business plan will be your sesame to get valuable financing from banks.

It will also guarantee a certain credibility during your future meetings with the various interlocutors who will mark the progress of your business creation project.

So what are the different parts of this document? Who to turn to for help? What presentation to adopt?…

Here are some questions you should definitely ask yourself!

To help you in this task, we have identified for you various business plan templates and business plan examples, consultable from this page as well as useful practical tips to build a relevant, consistent and BP… effective.

What Is A Business Plan?

This document gives a summary view of the business project. It is a presentation medium for future partners. It allows us to understand the genesis of the business idea and business plan examples, the way of development chosen, the means mobilized to achieve the objectives set and the planning of the launch operations. It also provides a valuable insight into the skills of the business owner, his associates and his team.

Why Invest Time in The Design of This Document?

The first beneficiaries are the project leader and his team. The exercise helps them put on paper what they have in mind, organize information, check that all partners share the same vision, identify inconsistencies, search for missing data… in short: a great tool to structure your project.

Another use is to obtain bank financing or raise funds from private investors such as business angels or a private equity company, using a structured and thoughtful presentation document.

Finally, the business plan is convenient to share and exchange with other stakeholders on the project: accounting expert, CCI advisor, etc.

A well-built, relevant and mastered business plan brings undeniable credibility.

Note that this document is also very valuable to present the development strategy of a “business unit”. It can be a subsidiary for example. In this case, the chapter on the team is useless. On the other hand, the explicit part of the strategy requires a more detailed development.

How to Set Up A Business Plan?

There are many ways to develop this document. You will find templates and examples at the bottom of this page. Nevertheless, executions of good invoice always contain the same information, even if they are organized differently:

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Business Plan Examples

The idea

This is, of course, the starting point of the business creation project.

The creator / the team

It is necessary to understand who is in charge. This point is particularly observed by investors, because the success of a project depends primarily on a complementarity of talent. The protagonists will need to be able to make the right decisions when strategic choices are made.

Market potential

Having an idea is good, but you still need to be able to turn it into a profitable business ! The first element to be studied is the ability of the product and services offer to meet a real need of potential customers, estimate future sales and project profits. This is where market research comes in. Do not forget about the analysis of competition .

This is the revenue model chosen to generate profit and value proposition for customers .


After specifying the legal structure chosen, this vast part details how the company will conduct its activity in terms of marketing (segmentation, positioning , targeting, fixing of sales prices…), commercial (mode of sale…), purchases (choice of suppliers…), logistics, etc.

Financial statements

an important focus here is on financial forecasts . The goal is to ensure that the new company will be able to finance its launch and development in the early years. Sales prices, margin rates, brand rates are valued.


Or the orchestration of the launch of operations with the presentation of marketing, commercial and other action plans (recruitment, organization…). As well as any important details worth mentioning…

BP limits

The main limitations lie in the difficulty of forecasting activity . The reliability of business projections is an even more thorny problem when the target market … does not exist. This is the case for the majority of innovative companies and especially startups .

A business plan is a photograph at a given time. As such, it must be regularly updated to incorporate any new data brought to the knowledge of the contractor.

Also beware of overly optimistic assumptions ! It is necessary to be realistic so as not to condemn the project to the slightest difficulty encountered !