How to Meet a Man: Best Places to Find Your Prince Charming

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How To Meet A Man

If you think getting to know a guy is scary, embarrassing and difficult? I hasten to dissuade you – there is nothing simpler. Drop all fears, stereotypes and stop waiting for a prince on a white horse. Now I will tell you in stages how to meet a man of your dreams. You will learn how to overcome fears and inner insecurity. I also asked my acquaintances to share their opinion on the topic of dating.

Appearance is the Main Weapon When Meeting

Men, as a rule, are not strong in fashion. But they can always appreciate the sense of style, beauty, femininity.

Neatness. Clothes should be neat, clean and ironed. This is the main rule. It should not have spots, pellets, patches, holes.

Some girls think that such little things are not striking, but they are wrong. Some guys like to look at the object of their passion for a long time, untidiness will definitely catch his eye, and he will get the wrong impression of the girl.

How To Meet A Man?
How To Meet A Man?

Also, try to keep your clothes relatively new, avoid walking around in stretched sweaters and faded jeans.

Emphasize your waist, especially if you have one. Belts, belts and other accessories will help with this. If there are problems with the waist, then you can always choose the right style of clothing so as not to draw attention to it.

Dress sexy. The main thing is not to confuse the concept of sexuality with vulgarity. Deep neckline, indecent mini in combination with high heels.

Bare collarbones, open shoulder, sensual slit on the skirt look sexy. For a special occasion such as dining out at a restaurant or going out, a dress with an open back is perfect.

Color balance. Most men are sure that things that are too bright and acidic give the girl a lack of taste. But “gray mice” do not suit them either. Find the “middle ground”. Have both basic and bright things in your wardrobe, learn to combine them.

Don’t try to obey fashion blindly. If a thing or accessory does not suit you, you feel uncomfortable in them, then refuse to buy, even if it is the latest fashion trend.

The choice of fabric. Try to choose natural fabrics and textures. This is not only good for the skin, but also makes you want to touch you.

Don’t put on all the jewelry at once. In matters of jewelry and jewelry, men are also not strong. But the gentleman can appreciate their compatibility with the rest of the details of the wardrobe, the appropriateness, the color scheme. If you are not sure whether the accessory is combined with the image, then abandon the first one or get by with a minimum.

Shoes mean a lot. Shoes should be appropriate for the occasion and situation. For example, high-heeled shoes are an option for celebrations. Sneakers are usually used for sports. Casual shoes should be comfortable but elegant at the same time. Shoes with a small, steady heel, give the girl additional charm and elegance.

Relevance of the image. Dress for the occasion. Shorts look inappropriate when going to the theater, and they do not go to the beach on high heels and an evening dress.

Well Groomed is the Key to Success

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

It makes no sense to adapt to the ideals of beauty, because every guy has his own ideal. But it is imperative to be well-groomed so that the guy will certainly pay attention to you. What does this mean?

Healthy skin. It’s not a couple of pimples, but a constant oily sheen, blackheads, peeling, acne, redness. If you cannot take care of your skin on your own, contact your beautician. Also, learn how to do makeup correctly to hide imperfections.

Beautiful eyebrows. Plucked, laid, even eyebrows immediately add charm and expressiveness to the face.

Clean hair. If you don’t have time for your hair and daily styling, then find it at washing your hair. Keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy to quickly tidy up your hair in an emergency.

Neat nails. If you don’t have money for a salon, then learn how to file your nails and shape them yourself. Avoid overgrown cuticles, burrs, and streaks of dirt under your nails. Apply a transparent base to them. The same goes for toenails.

Healthy lips. Chapped lips of uneven color spoil the whole look. Do not forget to monitor their health, additionally nourish them, make masks or peels.

Nice smell. Remember to take a shower on time, change your underwear, and use deodorant. There is no point in makeup, fashionable clothes, jewelry and manicure if the woman smells bad.

Choosing the Right Clothes

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

Often an opinion about a girl is formed by the clothes she is wearing. What should be considered?

Be yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be an elegant lady if you prefer to wear jeans and ankle boots. But do not forget to emphasize your dignity and individuality, but do not overdo it.

Quality. It is worth meeting guys in time-tested, comfortable clothes. It is important to enjoy communicating with your chosen one, and not worry about a wrinkled dress or uncomfortable sandals.

Down with the extremes. Try to find a “golden mean” in your image. Don’t show up in front of a guy in a washed sweater, but don’t dress up like you’re going to a ball.

Relevance. Clothes should be simple and comfortable so that you feel confident in any situation. For example, right after they meet, a gentleman may offer you to take a walk, go to a cafe or ride a carousel.

Season. You need to dress up according to the season, take into account the season so as not to get into an awkward situation, and you do not have to return home through the snowdrifts in nylon tights and light ankle boots.

Where to Meet A Man: Best Places to Find Your Prince Charming

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

It is more likely that you can meet your beloved where guys are regularly. You can meet a man in the following places:

Business seminars, training courses, self-development, etc. If a man strives for development and professional growth, then in the future he will turn out to be an excellent family man.

Sports event. You can go to it, even without having any knowledge about this or that sport. The main thing is to start a dialogue, and then look at the circumstances. You can always refer to a friend or brother with whom you were supposed to come along, but at the last moment he refused.

Shop or supermarket. Take a closer look at the candidate’s shopping cart. If there is hair dye, diapers, or diet yogurt, then he’s clearly in a relationship. Bachelors prefer, for lack of time and a second half, to buy simple products, semi-finished products, baked goods, canned food, and visit the departments of ready-made products. They usually go to the store in the late afternoon, after work. You can also visit a store of exclusively men’s goods (building materials, fishing tackle, car parts).

Holiday or party. The cheerful atmosphere is conducive to communication and flirting, and mutual acquaintances will always help you to meet and learn more about a potential gentleman.

Gym. Usually guys feel confident in such an environment. They also never mind helping an attractive girl do an exercise or using a machine.

Quick date club. If you are a witty and relaxed girl, then this kind of dating is for you. On fast dates, you need to be able to charm, interest, intrigue the interlocutor in just 5-7 minutes. And at the end of the event, you can always exchange phone numbers and wait for the coveted call.

Social networks and dating sites. Modern technology makes life a lot easier. You can meet your soul mate without even leaving your home. The main thing is to carefully study the guy’s profile, not to trust everyone in a row, to treat information critically.

A cafe. Stop by the cafe not in the late afternoon, but at lunchtime. Usually single men dine in cafes. Married people usually wrap their food with them at home.

The street. Of course, gigolos, pick-up artists or easy-money seekers often operate on the street. But even there you can meet a decent person. It is better to meet in public places, this will help you to protect yourself.

Do not show excessive interest, do not show the appearance that you have come to a place where men gather to meet. Pretend you’re here on your own business.

Editorial Tip

Getting His Attention

How To Meet A Man
How to Meet a Man?

There are many different ways to attract guys:

Just smile at him. A smile helps to establish contact, gives positive and good mood. To a sad and gloomy girl, few people will approach to get acquainted.

Enchant with a look. A perky light in his eyes, “shooting” with his eyes, and the guy can no longer think about anyone but you.

Body language. If you happen to be close to the gentleman you are interested in, then accidentally touch your own earlobe, play with a lock of hair, run your hand along the neck or thigh line. Remember only that you should not switch to overt vulgarity and vulgarity.

Compliment. Absolutely all people love to listen to pleasant words addressed to them. Take advantage of the moment. Praise his new shirt, perfume or haircut.

Play with him. Pretend that you are interested in him, and then suddenly disappear from his field of vision. This technique works great at a disco, party or city holiday. However, keep in mind that not everyone enjoys playing catch-up. He can turn his attention to another girl.

Take the initiative yourself. If you sit and wait “by the sea for the weather,” then you can be left with nothing. Try to express your sympathy and intentions openly but unobtrusively. For example, tell him there will be an interesting exhibit next weekend. Offer him to keep you company.

Apply your acting skills. Pretend that you confused him with your old acquaintance. Or that you argued with a friend that you would ask a guy for a phone number.

Joke. Negative people who spread bad moods and complain to the whole world are not attracted to much. If you do not want to be known as the “Snow Queen”, then try to joke more, flirt. Ultimately, you can always turn everything into a joke and laugh at yourself.

Be mysterious. Do not lay out all the cards at once, men like intrigue, unpredictability and a mystery that needs to be solved. Behave in an unpredictable and unconventional manner, but stay within the bounds of decency.

Collect information. Try to find out more about the object of your sympathy. Perhaps he often visits a certain movie theater or coffee shop. This will help you arrange a “casual” meeting there.

Request for help. Sometimes you should go for a trick and ask a guy to help you. For example, carrying heavy bags, suggesting the bus route, helping to choose an alcoholic drink. After that, don’t forget to thank the gentleman.

Let’s Start A Conversation

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

Usually guys are the first to meet up. But if he is indecisive, do not miss the chance.

If you know the address of his page on social networks, then study his profile. Perhaps you have common acquaintances or interests. This will help start communication.

Talk to him about beauty. Ask him what he thinks about the upcoming premiere of a film or popular literary work.

Don’t want to complicate things and invent something on the go? Then just go to him, say hello, introduce yourself and ask if he is against meeting him.

If you know for sure that he is interested in reading, video games or music, then ask him for advice as follows: “Hi, I know that you read a lot. Please advise an interesting book in the genre of detective story.”

Ask him to tell you more about his hobby if he is interested in something unusual.

A conversation that starts out corny can develop into an interesting conversation. If nothing comes to mind, then talk about the weather, public transport, or the latest city news.

A great way to start a conversation is to notice that you and your man are often in the same place, but never met. Offer him to correct such an annoying oversight.

And then they suffer, wonder and suffer because the gentleman never called them back.

Meeting men is a whole art. Unfortunately, not all girls behave properly.


What is the Best Way to Behave?

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

Speak confidently, do not shame, do not stutter. There is nothing wrong with communicating between two people. Even if he rejects you, the world will not cease to exist from this.

If the guy said something wrong, or said not what you would like to hear, do not rush to leave, laugh at him and end the conversation. For him, acquaintance is as exciting a moment as it is for you.

You should not mumble, answer in monosyllables and withdraw into yourself, but behaving arrogantly and aggressively is even worse.

Do you see that the guy is not against dating, but he is as confused as you are? Help him. Ask leading questions, smile, tune him in a positive way, but in no case start to feel sorry for him.

Let’s say that the acquaintance took place, and the man immediately invites you to a cafe, take a walk, to a club, watch a movie at his house. Do not immediately agree to all of its terms. He may turn out to be a dishonest person.

Even if your efforts have been crowned with success, you should not start to flirt with him frankly, behave indecently. A man will find you easily accessible and windy.

How to make a man look forward to the next meeting with you and think only about you?

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

Try to talk to the gentleman in essence, omit unnecessary details. Most men get tired of this.

Do not focus on the negativity, focus at first on discussing easy and pleasant topics.

Don’t try too hard to impress him. Just be yourself, communicate, express your thoughts, share your emotions.

Talk not only about yourself and your interests, but also about what fascinates your interlocutor.

Behave naturally, give up unnecessary dramatization of events, gestures and romanticization of what is happening.

Avoid sensitive topics, controversial situations, provocative questions. Once you have a relationship, there will be plenty of time ahead to debate.

Observe the interlocutor. If he started yawning, bored, looking around or spending more and more time on the phone, then it’s time to change the topic of the conversation.

Don’t speak too loudly, but don’t whisper to yourself either. Make it so pleasant for the other person to listen to you.

Exclude swearing, jargon, and rude expressions from your vocabulary. It does not paint the girl or make her attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Catch His Sympathy

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

It’s easy to understand if a guy likes you if you often communicate and see each other.

He looks after you. A man always gives you his hand, opens the door, pays for two in a cafe himself, offers help, is interested in all areas of your life.

Doesn’t take his eyes off you. An interested guy keeps you in his field of vision, even when interacting with other people.

Tries to be better. Next to you, a guy in love is getting dignified, straightening his clothes, stretching himself, striving to look more attractive.

Eye contact. During a conversation, he looks into your eyes, does not turn away, does not pay more attention to his phone than to you.

Content of the conversation. In conversation with you, he allows easy flirting, does not miss the opportunity to tease you or make a compliment. He also shares his personal information that is usually not intended for outsiders.

Help. A man in love helps a girl in everything, be it a heavy and uncomfortable bag or just a handle that has fallen to the floor.

I told a lot more in this one: How to understand that a man is interested in you.

Fighting Fears

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

Fear is a normal feeling for any person. It is important to understand their cause, nature, and then start to fight them.

To understand that a guy’s refusal to get acquainted is unpleasant, but not fatal. You just didn’t meet your person. Soon, you will definitely be interested in someone else.

Do not excuse yourself by saying that you will be refused anyway. You don’t know for sure until you try.

The object of your sympathy is the most ordinary young man. Don’t make him some incredible Mister of the Universe.

Men from time immemorial have been conquerors, but if you yourself offer him to meet, it will not make you easily accessible or wrong. Most often, those around them are busy with their own problems, and they do not care about other people’s experiences.

A man may refuse you not because he did not like you, but because he already has a lover. This also happens often. Take this fact for granted and turn your attention to someone else.

Why Pass By

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

You are undoubtedly very beautiful, smart, stylish, kind and interesting. Then why does all dating with men end in failure?

You are not taking good care of yourself. It doesn’t matter how rich a girl’s inner world is, if she looks bad. Cuts are rarely of interest to men.

It’s about the body. If you are not satisfied with your figure, then find a way to fix it. And also remember that everyone has different preferences. Someone is not averse to meeting a puffy girl, while someone is looking for a thin one.

Face. Remember, what face do you usually walk down the street with? If you are gloomy, unsociable and do not want to smile, then quickly correct this habit. Probably, the guys are trite to be afraid to approach you.

You are too tense and closed. It’s hard not to worry when meeting a guy, but try to make sure that emotions don’t get the better of you.

It’s all the fault of a sad experience. After an unsuccessful relationship, many withdraw into themselves, subconsciously program themselves for failure. Try to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. If once you are refused or abandoned, then there is no chance that it will happen again.

You talk a lot about your ex. Guys love to be loved and unique. They are repelled by the fact that the girl constantly talks about her ex, compares them, shares the details of her failed personal life. The guy will come to only one conclusion – the friend is still in a past relationship, so she is not ready for a new one.

You don’t respect members of the opposite sex. If you think that all men are scoundrels and womanizers, and normal men have been married for a long time, then you subconsciously doom yourself to failure. Stop labeling, thoughts are broader and more positive.

Inability to be weak. Perhaps you have little femininity. Learn to ask men for help (do not impose!) And accept it gratefully. A man will be pleased to feel strong and needed.

You can find out a lot more in the article: Why guys don’t meet me.

What Really Attracts Men?

How To Meet A Man?
How to Meet a Man?

Without exception, every guy likes the following:

  • Girl’s self-confidence.
  • Lack of complexes.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Sincere smile, positive attitude.
  • Sociability and friendliness.
  • No obsession with past failures and ex-boyfriends.
  • Politeness, education, ability to maintain a conversation.
  • Ignoring the attitudes of the past centuries and years like: “A girl should not be the first to approach a guy” or “Only a man should be the initiator of a relationship.”
  • Respect for men.
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Thus, we can conclude that for a successful acquaintance you need the following:

  • Look attractive, neat, well-groomed.
  • Visit places where single males are often.
  • Fight your own fears, do not let them get the best of you.
  • Behave correctly when dating.

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