How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals?

How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

How to motivate yourself to achieve your goals, especially long-term ones. After all, the more global and ambitious the goal, the more seriously it is required to approach the issue of self-motivation.

One of the main factors in achieving your goal is whether you can reach the end in its implementation. And on this path, one cannot do without a systematic approach to self-motivation. Yes, in order to achieve short-term goals, it may be limited to passion, inspiration, willpower, but how to motivate yourself for a long time?

There is one simple solution that successful people have been using for a very long time. And this technique is associated with the replacement of standards.

Ways to Motivate Yourself

How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals?
How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals?

Let’s get some theory first. The brain of any person is designed in such a way that it tries to adapt to a certain environment, the existing order of things, and then begins to actively resist any changes. Moreover, we get so used to a certain quality of our life that it is very difficult to either improve or worsen it.

People with different income levels often cannot understand how it is possible to live on a low salary of some, and at the same time, they cannot understand how to spend the fabulous income of others every month.

Moreover, it is the financial aspect that is most indicative in determining the quality of life. It is difficult for us to determine how happy a person is in his personal life or what kind of relationship he has with children, but we can easily see which car he drives and in which restaurant he dines.

Every person, regardless of income level and any other circumstances in his life, always wants to improve the way he lives and in every possible way resists any lowering of his living standards. And this is exactly what you can use to motivate yourself to take action. And there are two ways here – to raise your standards or lower them, both options are effective, and if they are used simultaneously, they can give an amazing result.

Positive Motivation – You Need to Increase Your Living Standards

How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals?
How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals?

What do you think has the greatest impact on our standard of living and income? Our knowledge, skills, some innate talents, character traits, or just luck? Most psychologists agree that the greatest influence on how we behave, what we do, and ultimately what we achieve is our environment. What kind of people we communicate with, what level of income these people have, how they spend their time, what they talk about and what they strive for.

We are so structured that we always strive to be at least at the average level , “no worse than others,” but the level of these “others” can be completely different. Agree, if our friends are ordinary entrepreneurs with an average income of several thousand dollars, and we ourselves are hired employees with an income of 500, then we will strive with all our might for change.

And if there are entrepreneurs in the environment, then we, first of all, will consider options for increasing income through entrepreneurship. And we do it all unconsciously, but the desire to reach the level of our environment is very strong. Therefore, if you want to increase your income, the best way is to start connecting with more successful people.

Likewise, but with less efficiency, the method of surrounding yourself with expensive things or receiving expensive services that are clearly higher than today’s income works. First, you need to personally determine your associations associated with greater wealth than there is now.

Think about what it would be most important for you to acquire, to do if your income grew, say, 10 times. For some, it may be a new car, clothes, apartment, for others, travel, dining at restaurants, or hundreds of other things. Think about what exactly resonates for you and start surrounding yourself with these things, services, events. For instance:

  • if you want a new luxurious car – go to the car dealership where it is sold, sit in it, it is also ideal to make a test drive;
  • if you are interested in expensive clothes, go and try them on in a cool store;
  • dine at an expensive restaurant.

You yourself can think of hundreds of things how to “try” the level of your income as you want it. It’s the same with motivation in other areas. If you want to lose weight, think about how it can change your life, what you can do when you achieve it and do it. Go to the beach, wear a short skirt, or something else. This will cause such discomfort that the desire to achieve what you want will become much higher.

In addition, it is very important to do these things on a regular basis, to constantly feed yourself so that the sensations do not wear off. It seems very simple, but try it and you will immediately feel how the desire to achieve more in your life grows with each such action.

How Negative Motivation Lower Your Chances for Success?

How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals?
How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals?

Practice shows that negative motivation is much more effective than positive. There is little pleasant in it, but the results are often higher. Lowering your living standards, the quality of your life is very painful for any person and delivers extreme discomfort, and this is exactly the force that will help you motivate yourself for difficult and long-term actions.

What do you think, could you live if your income fell by 2 times ? And at 4? Does it seem impossible? But there are definitely people who live with an even lower income level. Put yourself in such a framework that you have the minimum money for living.

Estimate how much money is required to live at the minimum. No entertainment, no frills, no taxi, no alcohol, no chocolate. Anything that somehow gives you pleasure, but is not critically necessary. If you need a car for work, it is better to leave it, if only for the comfortable transportation of your body, you can refuse.

When you have determined the minimum amount required for living, reduce it by another 10%. Then determine the difference between it and your current income. Set a time limit for the experiment. It can be 3 months, 6 or a year. Not worth more than 12 months. And make yourself a condition, every month, to set aside the resulting difference between income and the calculated minimum expense and live on the remaining money.

If the income grows , then you can spend more, you save exactly the amount that you determined at the beginning. If you decide on such an experiment, you will see on yourself all the power of negative motivation, it is very effective, the results will not be long in coming.

A similar approach can be developed to motivate other activities that are not related to increasing income.

Double Motivation – Double Effect

How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals?
How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals?

You can maximize your desire for action in the direction of your goal by combining both types of motivation, negative and positive. For example, if you simultaneously lower your level of quality of life, reduce costs to a minimum, but at the same time visit “expensive” places, go to car dealerships with luxury cars, shops, you can go to travel companies, talk about vouchers to some islands, and while not buying anything, the level of internal discomfort will grow so much that there is enough energy and motivation to overthrow mountains.

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Do you think that it will be emotionally difficult, that not everyone is able to withstand all this, and in general, is all this scary? Is the goal that you want to achieve, and at the same time lack the motivation to do it, is it worth it? If so, then it makes sense to at least try the described technique of changing living standards. It really helps, and you yourself have already understood this, all that remains is the fear of doing it. But you need to make this decision yourself.