How to Reject A Girl Nicely?

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How To Reject A Girl Nicely

How to reject a girl is practically a taboo topic, based on the erroneous postulate that guys are always ready for a relationship, romance or a fleeting exchange of fluids, compliments, without giving much importance to the criteria of who is in front of him. You may not want responsibility, this particular girl or whatever. Stomach pain, time pressure at work, meeting friends, and finally, complete satisfaction with your personal life – this is just the beginning of the list of reasons for rejection.

And it is important to remember this honesty, to find in yourself what you do not want to participate in, and then the option of gently refusing a girl should be born easier. The main thing is to remain honest with yourself and before her, otherwise any invented explanations, feigned problems and other actions according to supposedly successful schemes will lead to even greater upset, and possibly a conflict , because deception is felt.

Every day we refuse to meet employers and potential employees, friends and loved ones in support. The ability to defend one’s boundaries, pushing others aside, is the basis of psychological safety and requires a certain amount of aggressiveness, while all men are tacitly forbidden to deny girls signs of attention, love, intimacy and other options for relationships.

There is a myth that men are always ready for love, and any female attention is perceived as a gift from above, without thinking that it can be intrusive, not meet the needs (the guy wants a family, and they want sex from him in the club toilet) or orientation (this a particularly difficult question, because even if you voice it directly to a girl, it will not be perceived as a good reason).

Every Guy has the Right to Refuse

How To Reject A Girl Nicely?
How to Reject A Girl Nicely?

Gender has nothing to do with personal freedom and the right to choose, so how to deny a girl in love can relate exclusively to the choice of form, words and presentation of information, and not the question of whether to do it at all or to sacrifice one’s own interests. Of course, girls who are offended by refusal can be strong manipulators, when thoughts already come that it is easier to go to the movies with her several times a week than to constantly endure such a siege with love feelings. The method seems to be profitable at the point of the present, but the prospect remains nightmarish because once stepping over oneself, this will then have to be done all my life. Then you will go to get married, have children and dig potatoes for her mother, remembering that you didn’t even want to communicate with this person.

Experiment, because there are no two forms of communication. A girl can perform small mono-roles of a friend or business partner in your life. She can be inspiring, but not an intimate partner, you can lead a project together or discuss research. Common themes in your professional activity and passion for development in this vein do not force you to build relationships. You can just be helpful people to each other – you know lawyers, and she is doctors, which helps you out from time to time, but don’t go further. Remove the framework from your own head – a woman is always more and more versatile than a sexual partner, and if this settles in your world, it will begin to be transmitted to girls, and there will be less problems with refusal.

In the entire film industry and literature, only men seek women, and only ladies have the right to refuse and the constant bust of fans. The realities of life are completely unprepared for the fact that if a girl smiles at you, you can choose from a wide range of behavioral patterns , other than running to perform feats in her honor. You will have to learn this on your own, some variants of situations can be spied on or subtracted, but you need to start from your inner state.

Look closely at your complexes that do not allow you to refuse girls. This can be an attitude from parents about their own uselessness, a learned fear of disagreement with a woman in general, if the mother was domineering and manipulative. Any hesitation should force you to take a break and understand yourself.

There can be many reasons for how beautiful it is to refuse a girl to meet, for example, the most serious and really objective (you are married and very happy), as well as a completely incomprehensible feeling that you do not want to. The logic of your refusal may be present or resemble a strange rhyme with invented words – this does not matter, because the main thing here is the lack of desire. You may not provide a report with evidence schemes of the success of your proposal for the development of the situation, but simply refuse the girl without explaining the reasons.

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How to Reject a Girl in a Relationship?

How To Reject A Girl Nicely?
How to Reject A Girl Nicely?

The problem of how to refuse a girl in a relationship is not technical, but emotional. You suspect that she is very interested, attaches importance to what is happening and will be upset by refusal, and some mentally unstable ladies may begin to threaten or do something with themselves. There are enough reasons to be careful when refusing, especially since you will still have to contact with many in the future and it is better to stay in pleasant friendly relations. The height of skill is, at the first signs of incipient love, to make it so that she herself stopped wanting these relationships and did not even start a conversation. Some people manage to turn the situation around with various indirect actions after the question has been raised, but how to refuse a girl to meet without offending her may remain relevant.

First, determine the degree of intimacy with the girl and the possible options for communication. If this is an obsessive fan from the Internet, without a personal acquaintance, then honestly state that you are not interested in a relationship specifically with her – do not force her to correct her shortcomings and again knock on you. If you have clearly formulated your position, and the girl does not go anywhere, then send her to the ban.

The girls will still not make directly active statements, rather they will invite them for a walk – here, drag your friends with you, motivating that it is more fun. You can also constantly postpone the meeting, first for an hour, then for a day or even a couple.

Reduce activity to a minimum – talk for a couple of minutes and leave. If this happens in correspondence, then you can not even say goodbye, while you are calmly online, just do not answer her. To any questions about such an ignore, you can answer that you were asleep, listened to music, did not see someone entering. It seems that either you are a little stupid, but at the same time you do not want anything bad, but simply have not matured yet, or that you have so little energy that there will be no relationship.

How To Reject A Girl Nicely?
How to Reject A Girl Nicely?

Girls will not strive forever, they need masculinity and activity, therefore, the more passivity from you in her direction and life in general, the less interest. She needs that at one moment you see your sight and begin to attack her with love – your task is not to give a reason to even think of it or somehow see it in another act.

How to refuse a girl to date without offending her? With good friends trying to deepen your relationship, the postponement method (meeting, kissing, next stage of the relationship, etc.) works great. This is suitable if, in principle, the girl is attractive to you, as a friend or colleague, but you do not want to offend her. You do not disappear from the radar, but when you are invited to her house, if there is a hint of an empty apartment or new linen, you refuse, coming up with noble reasons (sitting with your younger brother, helping your parents, going to visit your grandmother, working as a volunteer in a shelter). It should be something beautiful, kind and important, and not a meeting with friends or just a day, otherwise the girl’s interest will not gradually fade away or turn into anger, because you traded it for friends or activation to become such…

The maximum amount of kindness and positiveness will remove claims against you, but the constant inability to meet will remove her desire. You can also use constant employment at work, direct statements about the importance of a career and what you are going to devote to this for the next ten years. The only thing is that this only works for young ladies, for whom it is more important to walk and spend more time together, but if you are about thirty, like a fan, then this behavior can only increase interest. No one is capable of being active all the time in the same massive active way. Any proposal is looking for a response and your task is to wait for the moment when it will be all the same to her and not interested.

When it is pleasant for you to communicate with a girl, but you do not want any romance, you can more often indicate this in conversations. It is entirely your responsibility to keep the framework of the relationship, so be honest about how you value it, communicate on various intimate topics. Let the girl understand what is important as a person.

Stop supporting romantic endeavors, and accompany any topic of relationship with comments that it is very great to be able to discuss this with a friend. Tell her about your exes or those you love now, but remember to support her too. Vigilance should not be lost, only after several situations and conversations, where only by hints it will be clear that you do not see a woman in her, such a girl will either completely disappear, or she will also accept the rules of friendship. Plus in such a relationship – great honesty and openness, and if once you managed to keep the framework and not reduce everything just to intimacy, and perhaps when everyone leaves you and wants at least some consolation, your friend will keep the same framework, not allowing you to lose friendship.

How To Reject A Girl Nicely?
How to Reject A Girl Nicely?

A painful technique for rejecting a new relationship is the constant mention of your girlfriend. A particularly unexpected blow will be a comment on the appearance of a fan through the eyes of your girlfriend, for example, that she would never wear such shoes. An excellent method that immediately indicates that you are busy, which means that sane persons will stop annoying.

If a guy reject a girl to date, referring to the fact that he has another girlfriend, then a persistent friend may join the competition and try to prove to you that your chosen one is not ideal, but constant comparison and admiration is not her, will scare away over time. For those who are now free, you can also use this technique, only it is worth constantly mentioning your ex – if anyone wants to interrupt her image, he certainly cannot, since the relationship has already ended and it can be idealized (at least in words) for an infinitely long time.

If you are an opponent of various lengthy methods or just love honesty, then it is best to talk directly and deny the girl in a relationship. You shouldn’t specially invite her to some cafe for this, otherwise she may hope that this date and the bitterness of disappointment will be significant.

Just wait for some next manifestation of her activity, and in a gentle way explain that she is a good person, you see attention from her, but the relationship will not start. The reason can be called if she asks, or you can leave it not voiced – many are not interested in why a person is against, but a refusal is enough.

If a guy refused a girl, but she does not understand and ignores male boundaries, asks to explain everything to her, promises to change, change you or something else, then the question is about her adequacy and emotional stability. With such, it is necessary to rigidly indicate that nothing is impossible, no matter what she does and after any period of time. Separately, note that her opinion and feelings about this do not interest you at all, so that you do not start whining about how bad or threats are. After that, you can afford to be totally ignored – put her on the black list everywhere, walk by in case of accidental meetings.

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