8 Secret Tips on How to Surprise and Satisfy A Man in Bed

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed

Over time, each couple’s passion subsides, emotions, sexual relations become commonplace. In this article, I will tell you the secrets of how to satisfy a man in bed and surprise him?

Because of the lost interest in their girlfriend, guys can begin to cheat, so you need to think about how to return their former attraction and maintain it at a high level.

To do this, a girl must sometimes surprise a guy in bed, show imagination, and learn different sex techniques to satisfy him fully.

8 Secret Tips on How to Surprise A Man in Bed?

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Surprise A Man in Bed?

You can surprise a guy in different ways, but their choice depends on the partners’ emancipation, temperament, and desires. According to statistics, eight basic techniques and secrets with which a girl will surprise her partner in bed.

1. A Change of Scenery

The most comfortable and practical place for making love is, of course, a soft bed, but you need to add variety to your personal life. You can invite a guy to retire in a dressing room, in a restaurant restroom, on the beach, or on a bench in the late evening in the most deserted part of the park.

How To Surprise A Man In Bed?
How to Surprise A Man in Bed?

It is advisable to make sure in advance that children and impressionable older people will not see it. Most of all, the guy will be surprised if he is told about his desires in the ear in the institution or place where sex is planned, and then observe his reaction. Even if he gets scared and refuses, he will still think about this offer for a long time.

2. Dance for Him

If there is no shyness or stiffness, a beautiful dance will be a winning option. A guy needs to see a beautiful picture, the curves of the female body, the girl’s liberation, but not vulgarity, so it is advisable to rehearse and prepare in advance.

To surprise and please your beloved guy as much as possible you need:

  • with a complete lack of dance skills and uncertainty in movements, work out with professionals or watch training videos on the Internet;
  • put on beautiful, seductive clothes that will not be difficult to remove quickly;
  • pick up music, but do not limit yourself to two compositions; it is better to calculate all the time of intimacy roughly;
  • wearing stiletto heels will make your legs visually longer and make the movements sexy, but if they are uncomfortable in them, it is better to stay barefoot.

Before starting the dance, the guy must be seated in a comfortable chair or chair, on which both can subsequently fit.

During the dance, you should not allow the body to be touched with your hands; it should get to him later when the desire becomes unbearable.

3. Sex Toys

At the beginning of experiments with toys from a sex shop, it is better not to take unfamiliar, strange objects. An unusual condom, fluffy handcuffs, a blindfold, or a small, simple vibrator will be enough.

Then, if both like this variety in bed, you can buy more toys.

If you’re scared to go to a sex shop, you can look for mail-order online stores that carefully pack the goods so that no one knows what is inside.

4. Intimate Hairstyle

Girls mostly stick to one intimate haircut, so the guy will be surprised if you suddenly change it. Such a surprise will not take much time, and you will not even have to spend money.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Surprise A Man in Bed?

Note! The main thing is not to overdo it with imagination; otherwise, the guy will laugh or completely discourage the desire. The sexiest hairstyles that men like can be found on themed sites on the Internet.

5. Seductive Lingerie

Every girl knows how to emphasize or hide some features of her figure. For intimacy, you need to choose an outfit that will highlight the dignity and delight of the guy.

How To Surprise A Man In Bed?
How to Surprise A Man in Bed?

Successful lingerie and undergarments, according to the guys, looks like this:

  • A beautiful lace bra with closures or ties at the front allows you to unbutton it in anticipation of the outcome slowly. A negligee that slightly covers the belly with a veil is also suitable.
  • The shape of the panties should emphasize the buttocks. For this, tango panties are perfect, which look like a thong, but the stripes on the sides and back are wider. Lace shorts with mesh inserts are also good.
  • Translucent thin stockings fixed on the thighs look very erotic.
  • Lingerie should be chosen in red, black, or white – most men like them.

You should not wear too revealing outfits if there are more profitable options with covered areas of the body.

6. Home Video

Filming sex can add variety to your bed. But you don’t need to shoot a video in secret because the guy may not like it at all, and instead of surprise, an adverse reaction will appear.

Without warning, you can only film your dance, which the guy can sometimes watch, especially with long separations.

7. Role-Playing Games

Dressing up as a nurse or housekeeper will undoubtedly surprise your soul mate. But you don’t have to spend money on new looks, buying unique clothes, it is enough to invite him to introduce each other at the workplace and play up the scene, which will help relieve stress after a difficult day.

How To Surprise A Man In Bed?
How to Surprise A Man in Bed?

If role-playing games are to your taste, then you can buy different costumes.

8. Unusual Foreplay

On a typical day in the evening, you can prepare a romantic candlelit dinner. It is better to choose a light menu, without fatty, heavy foods, because you will want to sleep on a too-full stomach and not start intimacy on a too-full stomach.

Therefore, it is better to steam fish or chicken and vegetable salad and purchase a bottle of good wine. It would help if you put a couple of candles on the table, this will be enough.

It is better to meet a guy in the twilight with a laid table; otherwise, the surprise will not be unexpected.

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6 Secret Tips on How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

Here are 6 secret tips on how to satisfy a man in bed? These secret techniques will help satisfy the guy in bed to the maximum, making him pleasant and surprised in sex.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

1. Stop Being A Log

Even if a guy dominates the relationship, this does not mean that he does not want to be in bed with an active partner. Men do not like it when a girl is shy during sex; it quickly gets boring. Therefore, you need to try to be liberated, take the initiative into your own hands, turn on your imagination and make your innermost desires a reality.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

You can also tell your partner about your erogenous zones and at the same time learn about his sensitive places, in addition to the penis. This approach will give your partner more pleasure; he will be satisfied.

It’s important to remember that great sex and being shy are incompatible things.

2. Look in The Eyes

When a girl moans, a man often thinks that she is busy with herself or just waiting for the sexual intercourse to end. It is disconcerting and does not allow you to enjoy the process entirely.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

Sometimes, it is better to look your partner in the eyes and maintain contact with him because such languid looks also excite the guys. It is especially true during oral sex. But do not look at him all the time; it will distract from the process.

3. Don’t Forget About The “Younger Friend”

Men often consider their penis to be a separate being and even talk to it. Therefore, a girl should try to pay due attention to masculinity. You can put him on the head, give that a name, and have a pleasant conversation. It turns guys on and gives them pleasure from what they see.

4. Anal Sex

A man is a leader by nature, meaning he wants to own a girl entirely in intimacy. Vaginal sex is common, but if a girl allows her to comprehend her forbidden place, then the guy immediately gains confidence and feels like a master since she gave herself entirely to him.

Another reason why anal sex must be is the weakness of the vaginal muscles. A man cannot get maximum pleasure through traditional sexual intercourse, but anal sex helps him achieve a brighter and longer orgasm.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

In men, the anus area is much more sensitive than a woman’s since the prostate is located nearby. You can even bring a guy to ejaculation with one correct massage in an intimate place. But not all men immediately allow themselves to be touched in this place, so you need to prepare it gradually and with each intercourse approach the cherished goal.

By the way! There are unique massagers for the prostate on sale, but they look scary, which means that you should not show it to the guy in advance.

As soon as he relaxes and allows himself to be touched there, you can immediately take up the massager.

5. Face – Erogenous Zone

It turns out that men adore passionate kisses on the lips and caresses on the face. In addition, a girl can move her mouth over her cheekbones, stroke her ears with her lips, whisper tender words, or breathe passionately, pressing against his face. Such manipulations during the kiss will enhance the sensations and bring additional pleasure.

6. Oral Joys

Every man dreams of oral sex, but not all girls are ready for this.

You need to overcome your fear and dislike; otherwise, the guy will find another more relaxed partner.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

In preparation for oral sex, you can watch videos on the Internet, learn the technique of movements. A man will appreciate the efforts and will thank him by doing him nicely in return.

If you are ready to start oral sex, you do not need to gorge yourself too much before that; otherwise, the gag reflex will work, and no one will get pleasure.

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It is difficult to maintain sexual relations in good shape for many years. Still, if you use these simple actions and techniques, various vivid emotions in bed and your partner’s affection are provided.

How To Satisfy A Man In Bed?
How to Satisfy A Man in Bed?

The girl needs to understand that:

  • guys love with their eyes, so you need to move beautifully, wear seductive underwear, do neat makeup;
  • you need to be proactive, stop being ashamed of your partner, embody your own and his fantasies;
  • it is necessary to allow the guy not only traditional sex but also anal, and also not to avoid oral sex;
  • men also have erogenous zones on their bodies, worth asking about, using this knowledge to satisfy a partner fully.

Please note – a guy will never change a temperamental and liberated girl for another. That’s all about how to satisfy a man in bed. See you tomorrow with a new exciting topic. Would you please subscribe to stay tuned?