How to Stop Playing Social Media? This is Someone Else’s Game…

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How To Stop Playing Social Media?

Because very often people, wrapped in trash, need not to “rest”, but to “rest”. Regularly, chronically if you like. Reduce load, reduce speed. In this article, we are going to discuss – how to stop playing social media game and improve your personal, social and financial fitness effortlessly. Lets start

How difficult it is to step from a perfect form to an imperfect one. On some issues as well how to stop playing social media???

Now I’ll tell you what I mean.

Sometimes a person comes, wrapped in trash, trying to jump over his head over and over again. Or gnawing himself with iron teeth for not jumping over his head. The person is on the verge of clinical depression or is already in it (called apathy). And in such a person, the very formula that “you need to rest” causes great resistance.

How To Stop Playing Social Media
How to Stop Playing Social Media?

He will tell a hundred times in a circle that no, we must not rest, but run, fly, and so he does not have time to do anything and is hopelessly behind. He will prove that Ksyusha, Roma and Vasily do not rest at all and do everything in time, and Ksyusha also finishes the MBA in parallel. It will be terribly alarmed, with a trembling hand pointing to the huts that are about to collapse, horses and children who have lost their hands, presentations that were expected yesterday, and so on.

Some of this is true, some of it is the creation of disturbing dreams of the mind.

But the indisputable fact is that you need to rest, without rest, the nervous system breaks down, burns out, and who needs you, burned out. You become unable not only to fly, but even to crawl.
In the end, a person resigns himself to this “rest”, well, ok, he says, ok, how much you need to rest, now I’ve been resting for three days.

Fine? Enough? I’ve been resting for a week. Two weeks, or what?

So, “rest” is a perfect verb.

At this moment, the person is still in the tunnel of delusion that now he will rest once, work with a psychotherapist, and then take off, overtake Ksyusha and Vasily, burn the huts and saddle the horses.

This means that the most sad discoveries are just ahead of him.

Because very often people, wrapped in trash, need not to “rest”, but to “rest”. Regularly, chronically if you like. Reduce load, reduce speed.

“Rest” is an imperfect verb.

How To Stop Playing Social Media
How to Stop Playing Social Media

Constitutionally, due to the structure of the body, some people may not pull out the tasks that they set for themselves. Because they, for example, do not have very much strength by nature, their health is not cast iron, and they quickly get tired.

Or they have a chronic serotonin deficiency. And the sensitivity is high – it often helps in work, these people show great promise, and in good condition they really do wonders.

But one must understand that a person with high sensitivity, by definition, is not made of iron, but of nerves and mercury. Either sensitivity or stability. To some extent, we can juggle these parameters in the body, but we cannot make an elephant out of a butterfly, and vice versa.

Trust me, I’ve tried it, about a hundred and fifty times.

This means that you have to stop playing the widely advertised social game “faster-higher-stronger”. Admit that this is someone else’s game and lower the bar. Artificially slow down yourself so as not to burn your own wires.

To admit with bitterness and disappointment that Ksyusha, Roma and Vasiliy can run faster, and rest, perhaps less often. By nature, they may have more strength (ability, support, successful circumstances). And what they did, we may never succeed. This is not because we are lazy and “can do better.”

We can do this. And only so. And it’s good that at least we can.

So this transition, from a perfect verb to an imperfect verb, is even more painful than the first. And disappointment in yourself at this stage is simply hellish. At first it seems that he tore off his own trunk, but in fact there never was a trunk. And it is awful to be ashamed of this missing trunk.

But after him, after this disappointment, everything becomes somehow easier. Because when I learned how to rest properly, put my anxiety system in order, mastered more or less control of it, only after that do you have a chance to spread the caked wings. Maybe small, but their own.

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