I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do If There is No Desire to Go to Work?

I Don'T Want To Work

Barely getting up in the morning and not yet fully awake, each person thinks: “I don’t want to work at all,” but what to do in such situations? I will try to explain in this article why such a state arises, why it is necessary to work and how to go to the office with pleasure.

I Don’t Want to Work: Psychology of The Problems

A position in a company is a certain position in society and money, but most people still reject such an opportunity. There are even individuals who do not know how to take root anywhere, explaining that the conditions are not suitable for her.

In fact, the roots of embarrassment lie deeper than it might seem, from the manifestation of ordinary laziness to the presence of internal conflicts.

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Go to Work

I Don'T Want To Work: What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do?

There are enough funds. If there is a source of income, even if an additional one, then a person is in no hurry to find a place of service – he simply does not need it.

Lack of goals. The employee just wants to get money for subsistence and does not have such motivation as increasing wages or moving up the career ladder. Then interest is lost, and the activity becomes an overwhelming obligation.

No time for privacy. Especially when you have to get up too early, come back late and work seven days a week.

Incorrectly chosen position. The individual settled down because of an urgent need for finances or because of the fear of missing out on possible benefits. But he feels – this is not what he needs.
A lot of workload and, as a result, lack of rest is a good reason why there is no desire to go to work. The heavy schedule is exhausting quickly. Constant fatigue appears, and lack of sleep also contributes. This inflicts a serious blow on not only physical, but also psychological health and can lead to depression.

A state of procrastination. It comes when all things are postponed for later and, ultimately, they accumulate too much. You have to deal with everything urgently. But at the same time, a headache, emotional burnout is earned.

Conflicts within the team. Everyone is in a certain dependence on a social group. And the problems in her, the tense atmosphere, the unfriendly relationships suggest the thought: “I can’t work anymore.”

Workaholic man. As paradoxical as it may seem, but such individuals often struggle with unwillingness to work. They are deeply immersed in the process, but if things appear that they do not like, the incentive for them disappears. Also, the condition can be associated with exhaustion due to lack of rest.

Frequent change of service. You left yourself, or you were fired. In any case, there is a feeling that you will not gain a foothold in the next place for a long time.

Indecision. You find it difficult to find a suitable position due to the fear of not coping with responsibilities. This often occurs among students or those who have radically changed their specialty.

I Don’t Want to Work, What to Do: Advice from Psychologist

I Don'T Want To Work: What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do?

You can think about the reasons for such a state forever. But there comes a turning point when it is necessary to move on to action. In my consultation, I will help you build a happy and harmonious life, where work will not be a heavy burden. But first, I will provide a couple of recommendations:

Let go of negative thoughts and focus on what gives you pleasure. What do you love the most? Is it drawing, animals, or baby care?

It’s never too late to master a new profession. Today, there are many special courses that issue certificates for the presence of certain skills. This will be a good step to break out of negativity and start doing what you love.

Think you are getting too low a salary? Don’t be afraid of change. Talk to your boss about a promotion, or start looking for new jobs. The only thing is, do not quit in the heat of the moment, otherwise there is a risk of being left without funds altogether.

If you have conflicts with colleagues, you can find like-minded people. With a friend, things become much easier.

Don’t forget to rest. You can’t earn all the money. But the tension and stress accumulated during the day should disappear without a trace. Everyone has their own way to relax: lie in a hot bath, watch your favorite movie or read a book, get out into nature. An individual needs at least 8 hours to fully restore energy and strength and again take up tasks.

Various Situations

To better understand what to do if you don’t want to work, you need to consider specific cases and select appropriate solutions for them.

I Don'T Want To Work: What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do?

Situation 1. I Don’t Like That Profession or Position

Then you have two ways:

To enroll in courses or university for another profession. Of course, it’s a shame that 4 years were spent and a lot of funds for training. But getting only negative emotions from work is not the best option.

Try to find a company where you can get a job without special education. It’s no secret that many people do not work according to a diploma. And these are not only supermarket sellers, but also web designers and advertisers. You don’t have to have a crust to be a good professional.

Situation 2. I Don’t Want to Sit in the Office

In fact, this is not a serious problem. Today you can find a lot of vacancies that do not require a presence in a special building. But this is a double-edged sword. When choosing a remote method, you must be as responsible and self-disciplined as possible. The lack of qualities can only exacerbate the situation.

Situation 3. No Desire to Work for Others

Young people today are unwilling to obey. There are two solutions here:

Set a goal, gather your strength and achieve success by becoming a boss yourself.

Opening a business is a more difficult option that requires money and time, confidence and determination.

What to Do If There is No Desire to Work at All?

I Don'T Want To Work: What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do?

The above tips don’t help everyone. There are still people who cannot get rid of the feeling of disgust at the mention of the service. It may seem surprising to some, but there are also ways to live and not do anything:

Accumulate enough funds to move to a “cheaper” country. For example, India or Thailand. They have a relatively inexpensive place to live. There are those who sell an apartment and a car and admire the natural beauties and enjoy favorable climatic conditions with the proceeds.

Make your hobby a source of income. You do not have to step over your own “I”. You will continue to do what you love and start getting paid for the results. If you love baking, prepare cakes to order, for flowers – do floristry.

Purchase a property in the village. You will be able to eat products grown in the garden, natural milk, eggs. But this option is not for everyone. Not everyone will dare to leave civilization.

Stimulus or new place. If there is no desire to work at this job, then the most logical thing, of course, is to find another. But who said that after a certain period of time such a state will not come again? But you can fight it. I’ll tell you how.

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself for Work

I Don'T Want To Work: What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do?

1. Don’t overcomplicate. Treating the service as a burdensome task is not the best option. Let the thought of activity be associated with simplicity. Any, even the most difficult task is just a complex of easy stages, no more.

2. Monitor your health. Often the reason why you don’t want to work is the usual malaise, overwork, or other ailments. Stress can worsen the condition, and responsibilities will be worse. Everything is interconnected.

3. Find a job you like. After all, if the activity does not bring even minimal pleasure, it will be more and more difficult to motivate yourself.

4. Learn to value relaxation. After a hard day, you don’t have to lie down on the sofa and watch TV. Take up your favorite hobby so that you can spend your free time with benefit. Better yet, take a trip to beautiful places during your vacation. Upon your return, you will pounce on tasks with double power. And you will strive to make money to go on a new journey.

5. Success stories. Life is full of stories about how diligent and hardworking people came to triumph. Of these, you will surely find many useful things for yourself.

6. Tell yourself “Stop”. It happens that when performing a complex task, it is rather difficult to focus on it. Don’t push it three times as hard, just stop. With a strong concentration on details, the big picture is lost sight of. And to get rid of the “blurred” look, you need to briefly switch to something else.

7. Self-Discipline. You should try to get rid of all the reasons that prevent you from working fully. Often, a person cannot work at full capacity, because they are distracted by social networks, new messages and notifications. Set aside time exclusively for tasks and leave the rest for later.

8. Find ideal conditions. Some will need earplugs to be productive, others will need music. Some people like good lighting, while others like semi-darkness. Of course, it is far from always possible to organize the workspace for yourself, but it is still worth striving for this.

What to do when the thought of the office makes you cry?

I Don'T Want To Work: What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work: What to Do?

Forcing yourself to go to a hated place tomorrow is a torment. This situation is not common, but if thinking about work already causes sharp negative feelings, leading to hysteria, then this is a reason to use the services of a psychologist.

But first it is worth finding out the reasons. There may be several of them:

  • Social contact is uncomfortable. Try to find a position where communication with people is not needed.
  • Conflict with the team. Then you should learn to express your own opinion and fight for rights. However, if the case moves from one organization to another with you, this is a reason to think about what causes such a reaction in your behavior.
  • Uncertainty. Build your self-esteem. Try to communicate more often with others, develop these skills.

Activities are difficult, the feeling of constant fatigue does not leave, and contact with clients and colleagues causes moral exhaustion. Did you see yourself? So, it’s time to pay attention to your health. It is possible to assume that you have switched to chronic fatigue mode. And it is almost impossible to get out of it without an appropriate approach. It is required to introduce the correct diet, revise the lifestyle and get enough sleep.

I Don'T Want To Work, What To Do?
I Don’t Want to Work, What to do?

1. Remember Your Activity is Significant

Often, reluctance is due to the fact that the person is afraid to waste time. Then duties become meaningless. But you need to understand that any position exists only because it is needed. Without a baker, people will not be able to enjoy delicious buns, and without a builder, new houses will not appear. Until this realization comes, we will not be able to approach tasks responsibly.

2. Understand the System

A duty that requires a person to be in the office for a fixed time is neither good nor bad. And you can continue to show infantilism and shout at all corners that your freedom is limited. And you can look at the situation from a different angle: in this way it is possible to overcome your own egoism and benefit others. This circumstance pushes the individual towards development and movement.

3. Be in Right Place & Profession

If the demands have become a burden, why continue to fulfill them? A person should love what he does. In this case, he realizes how to work for pleasure. Often we try so hard to get hold of a position and stay on it for a single year that we forget that it turns out that it can be changed.

4. Show Love to Your Profession

At our favorite work, we spend as much as 8 hours with tenderness. This feeling is a guarantee of quality, and therefore usefulness for others. It is during the development of this stage that maximum fruitfulness is achieved. Which, in turn, will help you feel the return.

5. Try to Create the Right Atmosphere

We spend most of our lives in the service. Therefore, it should be understood that this is not only a set of tasks, but also emotions and communication with people. There is always a way to give others the positive that is present in ourselves. And thus make the day good not only for those around you, but also for yourself.

6. Work on Self Improvement

8 hours spent in a particular building should be used to good use. You can do the same thing for years and get the same salary. But in the end it gets boring. Skills and activities need to be developed: perform tasks faster and better, take on more complex requirements. All of this will have some benefit in the future.

7. Use Your Creativity

Every job has its own list of responsibilities. First, a person gets used to them, then brings them to automaticity. Meanwhile, work becomes monotonous. But we are not robots programmed for specific movements. Therefore, imagination must be connected to any solution. So you can go beyond and put your heart and soul into the results.

8. Think About Others

The effectiveness of actions depends on how much the person understands what the client wants. Why is he talking to you? How can you fully fulfill his order?

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Frequently Asked Questions about I Don’t Want to Work, What to Do?

Question: I don’t want to work, is it possible to never work?

Yes, and I have already given examples above. I will only add that this is the desire of an immature person who mainly prefers to exist at the expense of others. But think about whether you really want to depend on loved ones? After all, having your own finances is a certain level of freedom. But to keep it, you can get passive income. For example, rent an apartment or invest.

Question: How to work with pleasure?

Everyone around wants to perform duties with pleasure. And the lack of such an opportunity is a serious headache. It’s time to get rid of that.

Question: What is correct attitude towards money?

In ancient times, this resource did not exist at all. People could exchange labor for the result of others. But with the expansion of the skill set, the number of professions, with the growth of cities, this has become problematic. Then money was invented as an intermediate stage between the exchange. They are designed to strike a balance. And no more. You shouldn’t make the meaning of life out of them.

Question: Only work is important?

The modern world forces us to go to work in order to be able to exist. But you can visit the office not only for this purpose. Nobody wants to spend a million dollars building a house that will collapse tomorrow. Also here: any finance costs the same as labor. Therefore, the essence of every activity is the exchange of a resource. And the tools only simplify this process.

Question: How people are deceived?

The dream of many is to receive huge wages with minimal effort. Let’s assume that a person succeeds. His self-esteem rose to the skies, and the range of possibilities expanded significantly. But there are as many smart guys around, striving to give a bad result for big money. And so you trade a tidy sum for goods and services of inferior quality. An absurd situation. Therefore, it is not the size of the salary that is important, but labor. If it’s terrible, then the meaning of big money is lost.


The thought “I don’t want to work” is just a sign of insufficient motivation or inadequacy of the service to internal needs. But as the great Confucius said: “If you find something to do to your liking, then in your entire life you will not work a day.”