Importance of Sex in the Life of Men and Women

Importance Of Sex

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of sex in the life of men and women. Most people cannot speak openly and discuss intimate topics due to embarrassment, moral principles, upbringing, or other reasons.

Therefore, many questions remain unanswered, and often simply because of the fear of intimacy. This article presents an overview of the importance of sex in life and how much sex is necessary for health.

Sex in The Lives of Men and Women

Sex In The Lives Of Men And Women
Importance of Sex in the Life of Men and Women

Surely not everyone knows that sex is necessary not only for pleasure but also for maintaining health. Therefore, this activity, among other things, is considered helpful due to the massive number of advantages.

At the same time, do not forget that, at the same time, sex can also threaten human health. How is this expressed? First of all, it is during intercourse that venereal diseases of a different nature are transmitted.

Sex must be protected. At a minimum, condoms should be used to protect against such diseases. If you are not confident in your partner, then the best solution would be to transfer intimacy until the moment when these doubts pass.

In addition, you need to use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. If this event is undesirable for a woman, then she must first take care of this issue and prevent its implementation.

Of course, most of all, intimate life will be beneficial when a loved one is nearby. It allows you to get pleasure and positive emotions not only for the body but also for the soul, making a significant contribution to human health.

How Many Times A Week Does A Man Need to Have Sex for Health?

How Many Times A Week Does A Man Need To Have Sex For Health?
Importance of Sex in the Life of Men and Women

Men are most often interested in the question of the number of sex sessions per week. For the more vigorous sex, active sex life is essential. It’s not just physical craving and desire.

In the absence of regular sex, men can develop various diseases.

Therefore, from the point of view of medicine, a specific figure has been established, which is considered ideal; namely, intimate life should be four to five times a week.

However, here it should be remembered that the account should include the guy’s age, his state of health, and sexual temperament.

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How Many Times Does A Girl Need to Have Sex for Health?

How Many Times Does A Girl Need To Have Sex For Health?
Importance of Sex in the Life of Men and Women

Women quite often can also discuss intimate issues. Many brags about staggering numbers when talking about the number of times they have sex per week.

As a result, the friends who heard this begin to wonder how many times they should have an intimate relationship.

For each woman, her norm can be set. Someone is more temperamental and needs frequent sex, while others, on the contrary, satisfy their needs once a month.

At the same time, there are medical indicators based on the need to maintain women’s health. So, according to doctors, women need to have sexual intercourse at least once a week.

Note! The numbers for men and women are radically different. How then to be in a similar situation for a married couple? In this case, the rule of the golden mean applies, that is, you should have sex every other day, which means about three times a week.

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What Are the Benefits of Sex?

What Are The Benefits Of Sex
Importance of Sex in the Life of Men and Women

In addition to the number of times you have sex, it is essential to understand the benefits of this process for men and women. Sex life is an excellent cure for insomnia. It is also a way to improve your immunity. But above all, sex helps relieve tension, relax and, to a certain extent, even relax.

During the highest pleasure, the processes taking place in the human brain can be compared with complete happiness, absolute satisfaction.

1. Weight Management and Weight Loss Promotion

Another plus of sex is the ability to lose weight, which is significantly often noticed by women.

Intimacy is comparable to a simulator. Many muscles are involved, calories are burned, and much faster than on a treadmill.

Remember that your parterre is still not a simulator, and you should not exhaust him and overdo it. It is enough even once a week to enter into an intimate life to achieve the desired forms.

2. Boosting Immunity and Fighting Colds

It has already been said that sex helps boost immunity. And this is true. Therefore, intimacy can be an excellent preventive measure against colds and flu. It should be noted that this is especially true in autumn and winter when the likelihood of infection is much higher.

In this case, again, you do not need to overdo it. This goal will be achieved if you only have sex twice a week. It is enough to increase the amount of immunoglobulin responsible for the immune system.

3. Benefits for The Heart

People with problems with the cardiovascular system should also be interested in how many times it is necessary to have sex to be beneficial in this direction. For them, a positive result is achieved three times a week. It can help stabilize the heart rate and reduce the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack.

4. Benefits for The Skin

The hormonal background of the body can also be stabilized through sex. Skin condition will improve thanks to four times a week. Your skin will look better; rashes will disappear, excessively oily or dry skin will stabilize.

5. Elevating the Mood

Intimacy is excellent for raising your spirits. It is all the more true for optimists, who, according to the facts, thus maintain a positive mood and increase creative thinking. For this result, you will need to have sex five times a week.

6. Benefits for The Brain

For intellectuals, the number of times of intimacy should be even greater, or rather six times a week. This process has a beneficial effect on the brain’s work, stimulates it, and improves all functions.

7. Nervous System

For the nervous system, sex is also great medicine. It is crucial for women that when the hormonal background also stabilizes, all body organs work in perfect condition. However, to strengthen the nervous system, such a pleasant activity as sex must be done daily.

And What is More, The Better?

Importance Of Sex In The Life
Importance of Sex in the Life of Men and Women

Based on such a positive effect of intimacy on the body, many believe that the more and more often it is, the better. In this case, you always need to know when to stop, including in this matter. If you regularly have sex more than once a day, it can even harm health, especially for men. However, doctors do not prohibit this if there is such a need in the body.

Interesting Facts and The Amount of Sex

Warmer countries and southern regions are home to the most temperamental people, sexual in nature. It is due to the increased level of testosterone in the blood due to the heat.

Considering the nation, it is worth noting that Americans rank first in terms of the number of intimate lives per year, namely about 124 times. In second place are Greeks with a score of 117 times, followed by Croats and South Americans with a score of 116 times. This list also includes New Zealanders, Italians, French.


Sex plays a huge role in the health of men and women. It has a positive effect not only on mood and level of satisfaction. Still, it can also increase immunity, prevent colds, and improve the condition of the skin and hormonal levels.

At the same time, from a medical point of view, the number of times of intimate life per week can be different. The best option for women is once a week, and for men, five times a week.