How to Improve Performance and Mental Activity to Achieve Your Desired Goal?

Improve Performance

The need to constantly work and earn a living forces you to squeeze yourself out to the last drop. Without energy recovery, the workflow will feel like hell. Many people solve the problem with liters of coffee and energy drinks. But in the long term, this can cause a big blow to health. Therefore, I will give some tips on how to improve performance, mental activity and physical activity of a person correctly.

Reasons for Reduced Efficiency

It happens that immediately after waking up, people feel tired and lack of energy. One or more factors may be responsible for this.

1. Chronic Diseases

This list includes only those diseases, the list of symptoms of which indicates the suppression of the effectiveness of the central nervous system. The result is drowsiness, distraction, clumsiness and an increased sense of laziness – a period when everything seems to fall out of hand. Along with this, chronic fatigue appears and develops. All together are very harmful to those who depend on work.

2. Excited Nervous System

The opposite case, manifested in constant stress and depression. They tend to be very exhausting and prevent neurons from repairing damaged nerves. While it is they who are responsible for attentiveness and high performance. The reason for this may be physiological characteristics, as well as taking certain medications, or excessive consumption of coffee.

3. Psychological Aspect

Occurs when a person absolutely does not like his professional activity. When there is no pleasure in the labor process, as well as material or aesthetic satisfaction, it puts pressure on the psyche and forces you to work “out of the way.” Every day seems unbearable, and the ability to work is significantly reduced.

4. Overwork

Overwork, lack of sleep, lack of days off and holidays only accelerate the approach of this state. If you try to eliminate these reasons in time or reduce them, then you can get in shape pretty quickly.

5. Wrong Schedule

The inability to prioritize leads to the fact that too much energy and time is spent on secondary tasks. This leads to fatigue and lack of energy for the rest of the schedule of the day.

6. Sweets

They say that sugar is the “white death”. In a sense, this is true. Everyone wants to pamper themselves with a chocolate bar, drink sweet soda, or eat a cake. But the extra piece becomes the cause of sleep disturbance and reduced efficiency.

7. Lack of Sleep

This condition provokes a malfunction in the functioning of the central nervous system and, as a rule, causes irritability, depression, and even reduces immunity.

Factors that Improve Performance

The statement that you can do what you love without getting tired is wrong. Human activities are subject to biorhythms. Everyone noticed that there are days when the work goes like clockwork, and sometimes it is quite difficult to concentrate. If you know your biological rhythms, then during periods of activity you can complete most of the activities, and the rest of the time you can allow yourself to relax a little.

The ability to work also depends on the weather. When it is cloudy outside, a person is prone to drowsiness and laziness. And some, the most meteosensitive individuals, even experience headaches or other pains. But you can psychologically tune yourself to the right wave by closing the curtains and imagining that the sun is shining outside.

Motivation is an important aspect to improve performance. In the case when money is very much needed, the individual is ready to work practically without interruption. Incentives also include a promotion, a good bonus, or a vacation. But it is harmful to be in this regime regularly. Since in the long term this will lead to “burnout” and a decrease in the quality of performance of office tasks.

Times of Day. The peak of activity occurs in the morning – from 9 to 12 hours. But this is too general a statement. No wonder people are divided into the so-called “larks” and “owls”. Some of them really work better in the morning, while others like to work at night. Therefore, everyone should identify for themselves that gap when the vital forces are in full swing. After all, it is then that you can fulfill your duties in a short time.

Good sleep is another important factor. If the employee does not get enough sleep, this immediately affects the results of his work. Reaction and attentiveness are dramatically reduced, which often leads to errors.

How to Improve Performance?

How To Improve Performance?
How to Improve Performance?

If you get tired after an hour of work, wake up “overwhelmed” and constantly feel sleepy, but think that it will go away on its own – you are mistaken. You need to adjust your lifestyle and daily routine. Sign up for my consultation, and I will tell you in more detail how to increase efficiency and forget about fatigue forever. In the meantime, here are a couple of tips on what to do in such situations to improve performance.

1. Sleep Organization

This is the most important condition for the restoration of vitality. The stereotype that you need to sleep 8 hours a day is only partly true. This is a generalized statement that may not work for everyone. After all, five is enough for some, and as many as nine for others.

The only condition is that you need to fall asleep in the dark. Indeed, in all living beings, including humans, the mode of activity depends on the cyclical change in illumination. It is on it that fluctuations of all kinds of biological processes, called the circadian rhythm, are built. The field of its influence includes not only increased efficiency, but the production of hormones, the work of various parts of the brain, the digestive system, etc. Therefore, getting into your biorhythm contributes to good health and maximum efficiency.

2. Change of Activity

Everyone knows that this is the best vacation. But not everyone understands how to use it correctly. It is not enough for designers or programmers to switch to a computer game, and when preparing for a session or writing texts, starting to read a book will not be the best option.

To relax, you need to do a radically different thing. Exercise is good for a sedentary look. This will not distract from the main tasks, but it will increase muscle tone and improve blood circulation.

3. Workplace Order

Chaotically scattered papers, books, pencils and pens, clutter on the shelves or in the table – all this definitely does not increase efficiency. Needless to say, how long it will take to find the right things.

Therefore, put things in order for more efficient work. Put important documents in a conspicuous place, put unnecessary stationery in a drawer, get rid of waste paper. And you will see that you will begin to accept the work process with pleasure.

4. Physical Exercise

Especially useful for sedentary office workers. Therefore, at the table, change your position more often, avoid elevators, walk along the corridor. In the evening, walk a couple of kilometers on foot to disperse the blood and stretch your muscles.

5. Proper Nutrition

Fatigue and overwork are often provoked by a lack of vitamins, most of which the body receives through food. You can also purchase complexes of nutrients and minerals to maintain tone.

To increase efficiency, you need to eat less fried and fatty foods. Have you noticed how after a hearty dinner you start to feel sleepy? The reason for this is the incipient process of digestion, when blood is directed to the stomach. Therefore, a smaller part of it goes to the brain, and labor activity is out of the question.

6. Get Rid of Annoying Aspects

A variety of stimuli tend to be distracting, and also reduce productivity. New e-mails, social media alerts, or ambient noises cause attention to be diverted. Thus, the execution of tasks is extended indefinitely.

Turn off the internet, or at least notifications for the period until you complete everything you need. If necessary, warn colleagues or friends about the inability to reply to their messages.

7. Time Management

Write down all the things you need to do in the day. And be sure to make it a rule to do everything on the list. This will help you focus and prioritize. Such a schedule can also be drawn up for a week or even a month.

8. Phased Execution

Boring and long work does not give pleasure to anyone. Therefore, you can divide it into stages, think over each step and move on to the next only when the previous one is completed.

For example, if you have to sort through a cluttered cabinet, proceed to the first shelf. After completing, praise yourself for a good result and proceed to the second. Or take half of the rack apart and leave the rest for tomorrow.

9. Encouragement

A good way to raise vivacity, body performance and mood. Often the motivation is monetary reward, the process itself or the result. But sometimes that’s not enough. So come up with an extra incentive. For example, for a job well done, go to a cafe, buy sweets, or allow yourself to sit longer with an interesting book.

10. Competition

You can treat your responsibilities like a competition or a game. Overcoming your own bar on a daily basis will expand the range of possibilities and show that you are capable of more. However, after a few such days, you need to slow down. After all, processing accelerates the appearance of overwork.

Medicines to Improve Performance of the Human Brain

Medicines To Improve Performance
Improve Performance

When fatigue is on the heels, and there is a lot of work, medications seem to be the fastest way to restore energy. This is true, but it’s rather difficult to call it easy. Since it is worth taking care of their correct choice, take a responsible approach to this matter. After all, the wrong dosage can completely deplete the central nervous system and make fatigue chronic.

But there are some medicines that carry minimal risks:

  • Glycine. It is an amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter. It establishes a connection with brain receptors, acts on inhibition processes and has a tranquilizing effect or facilitates easy falling asleep.
  • Vitamin Complexes. The benefits of them are known to everyone, but you should not abuse the intake of vitamins and minerals. It is enough to take a month course and take a break.
  • Adaptogens. These include tincture of ginseng or aralia. They tone the body and increase brain activity.

The most common techniques today are those that achieve maximum results with the least effort. I will describe some of them.

It says that 20% of the costs bring 80% of the “fruits”, and in the second part of the activity, these numbers are reversed. This rule applies to all areas of life. In this regard, all secondary tasks should be performed at a time of low productivity, and priority ones, on the contrary, when vitality is at its peak.

Pareto’s Law

Three Important Things to Do

Improve Performance
Improve Performance

Many people schedule their day to help keep the work process organized. Therefore, each morning, identify the 3 most important things for yourself. If you complete them earlier than expected, then you can start on the rest.

1. “Do Less”

A popular technique that has several different approaches. For example, some experts recommend that you take a few minutes of distraction during your workday and devote yourself to meditation. So you can relieve stress, regain your breathing and concentrate on your duties. Don’t overload yourself. After all, it is better to do not so much, but with high quality, than to complete the entire volume, but “slipshod”.

2. Tomato Reception

This method, how to improve performance of the human brain, was revealed by Francesco Cirillo. The name comes from the fact that the kitchen timer he used to keep track of the time was tomato-shaped.

The bottom line is that you should devote 25 minutes to intense work, and then be sure to leave for a five-minute break. After four such stretches, you need to rest longer.

3. Multitasking – Myth or Reality

Such a regime is unlikely to make you more productive. After all, when we simultaneously pay attention to several things, it badly affects overall performance. Even though you have adapted well, your effectiveness will be significantly lower than if you take on one duty and complete it from start to finish.

At a time when the streams of information coming from all directions are enormous, it is as easy to oversaturated with them as getting a sunstroke in the desert. Symptoms of this are a slowdown in reaction, poor sleep, distraction. Therefore, you should limit yourself from such noise and try to get as little unnecessary data as possible. You will see that performance and productivity will increase significantly in a week.

Editorial Tips

Parkinson’s Rule to Improve Performance

Improve Performance
Improve Performance

According to Parkinson’s rule, a job takes as much time as it has been allowed to do. So, if you decide that you will complete a specific duty in a week, that is how long it will continue. But if you set a more rigid framework, then deal with the task will turn out much more efficiently.

By following the rules below, you can definitely find time for rest and privacy.

1. Daily Schedule

Planning helps you get things organized in a more organized way. This makes it easier to concentrate on your daily duties, improve performance and your ability to work. You will be surprised how much you can do if you strictly follow the list.

2. Complete Difficult Cases First

Doing so will focus your energies on a more difficult commitment. In any case, you still have to finish them, so why not do it right away?

3. Appreciate Opportunities

Do not include in your daily list what you physically do not have time to accomplish. Do the work in the way that experience and energy allows.

4. Praise Yourself for a Good Result

Rewards are a great factor to improve performance, which has been proven in the experience of many people. After your next labor victory, treat yourself to a delicious meal or other surprise. It is much more pleasant to take up service in this way.

5. Opt-out of Social Networks

Many people devote an enormous amount of time to instant messengers, which negatively affects their productivity. Plus, such sites create information noise, which was mentioned above.

6. Remember to Rest

The body needs a break between exhausting work. Therefore, allow yourself to relax as soon as you have completed your next mini-goal.

7. Love Your Activity

A great way to restore and improve performance. After all, the greatest quality is achieved when we are in love with our work.

8. Toning Products

To keep your mind clear, you need protein. That is why plant and animal foods should be included in the diet.

Natural sugar and starch also contribute to the increase in efficiency. In this case, black bread and potatoes are the best helpers. Since ordinary sweets not only lead to excess weight, but also accelerate fatigue.

The concentration of attention is improved by seafood: shrimp, crabs or squid. And strawberries and bananas will help get rid of stress and cheer up.

Question: How to Improve Performance & Efficiency of the Brain?

Answer: To answer this question, I will briefly summarize all of the above:

  • Only good rest in front of it can provide a full-fledged job.
  • Scheduling your day will make your tasks more organized.
  • We determine the time when we are most active, and also do not forget about priorities.
  • Concentrate on responsibilities, and then briefly reverse activities.
  • And do not forget that if you have the opportunity to ask for help from others – use it. Do not try to solve everything on your own, because by shifting some of the cases, you can pay more attention to important obligations.
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Overwork is a common occurrence today. But you can and should fight it. That is why it is worth knowing how and how to improve performance of the body, about the ways to increase which I told. By observing them, you can make your productivity several times higher and learn how to finish work in just 4-5 hours, despite the fact that it used to take all day before.

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