When is Self Improvement Possible?

When Is Self Improvement Possible?

Self improvement is a conscious process of changing a person, aimed at achieving harmony of the soul and body. This is constant work on yourself throughout your entire conscious life. Today I will tell you things that you may not understand or do not immediately realize. It’s going to be pretty tough and hard, but it’s true. You may not want to believe it and raise your curtain, or you may even consider me crazy, but I still have to do it…

In fact, the vast majority of people who are interested in self-improvement and self-development are doing complete crap. All these articles, books, videos, theories and practices about self-improvement are absolute bullshit.

Man is A Self-Sufficient Being

In reality, we have no need to consume food and water, our perfect body and ideal bio-organism produces everything that it needs on its own. Our body is capable of self-regeneration of tissues and organs, which has been proven by scientists. We do not have any need for material vehicles (cars, trains, etc.), because a person can move his body in space, materializing it at the desired point. This is our innate natural mechanism. We do not have any need for the Internet, TV, media, Skype and other methods of communication and communication, because transmitting and receiving any information, about anything from the general field without words and gestures, is also our natural innate mechanism.

All these are the original innate and, alas, degraded human functions in humanity, which were hidden from people. They were replaced with so-called “dummies”. People have forgotten who they are. We degraded, we were all fooled and fooled, we were lied to all this time.

All concepts are wrong. Everything that happens around is a blatant lie.

In order for self-development and self-improvement to begin, you first need to stop the process of degradation, go through the necessary procedures for purifying your mind and body, in order to return to your “original point” and, only with a pure mind and body, you can start the process of self-development.

What Do I Call the Degradation Process?

The degradation process is all that is happening to you now. You are in the “System”, you are not free and you have no choice. The film “The Matrix” is something that is not happening somewhere out there, in fantasy, but right now in our real reality. You were deceived from the very beginning; you were taught that in order to live you must eat food and drink water. You have been taught that you are imperfect and susceptible to disease, therefore you must be treated and take drugs that actually destroy your body and make it even more sick. You were taught that you need to be obedient, calm, “not stick out.” Religions have been invented for you to make it easier to manage crowds (“Pray, ask, do not murmur, humble yourself…”).

All this is for one purpose only – to make you not free.

It is necessary to negotiate with free, perfect people, they cannot be controlled and manipulated, they see the whole truth through and through. Sistema does not need free people. Sistema needs obedient, unified elements that are easy to manage. But how to do it? It’s very simple – you need to make them believe that they are helpless, need guidance, dependent on everything and sinful.

The easiest way was to make consumers out of people. Yes, that’s exactly how we went from creators and creators to consumers. We have become addicted to food. If anyone does not know, food is the most powerful drug in the world, it is so strong that all the chemical drugs you know will seem like “baby talk” compared to it. The fear of living without food is now equated with death.

Information is also one of the levers of manipulation. You have been forced to consume information. Endlessly watching TV, browsing the Internet, listening, reading and remembering everything. Why don’t you guess?

When Is Self Improvement Possible?
When is Self Improvement Possible?

Information is needed in order to constantly zombify you, to keep you in a state close to unconsciousness. Through all the information pouring in, you are covertly told what to do, how to behave, where to go, how to live.

Do you think your thoughts, goals, ideas, desires are YOURS? All this is imposed. And somewhere deep in your soul, you understand what I am talking about now, because you know that this is so, but it is very difficult for your soul to reach out to the zombie mind.

All this is a global game in which you are the figures. The figurine cannot look at the game from above, because it is in the game itself and sees only the plane. Wherever she is moved, there she will go. Whatever role she is assigned, that she will play. And in order to see everything that is actually happening, you need to be a player who sees the game from above, i.e. is out of the game.

And in order to be out of the game, you need to shake off the obsession, cleanse yourself of all this garbage and return to your original natural state of nature, which I mentioned above. Only after this will self-improvement begin.

The problem is aggravated by the society, which draws into this swamp even those who are desperately trying to get out. You see, if you put one fresh cucumber in a jar of pickles, sooner or later it will also become salty.

But there are people in the world who managed to escape from the “Matrix”. There are not many of them, and their “exit” lasted a very long time, layer by layer, by throwing off all this, imposed on us, lies and husks.

All people want to know their purpose, but being in the “System”, you will have only one purpose – that which will be beneficial to the “System”. You can only find out your true purpose when you are free. The universe will tell you what to do, but you may not like it because it will require serving your talents and abilities for the benefit of other people, and this is possible only if you are capable of “unconditional love.”

Professional Self Improvement

Another “bullshit”. Your professional skills can only develop to the stage to which you will be allowed, just enough to perform the actions necessary in the “System”. As soon as you want to develop a little more, you will immediately be “shut off”.

Nowadays, the topic of personal growth and self-development is extremely fashionable. Everyone talks about the development of intellectual and physical abilities.

What kind of development are we talking about? The only thing we really need is to remember who we really are…

 What are you offered? And another surrogate is offered to divert your attention from essential things to useless and petty ones.

Spiritual Self Improvement

In the modern world, the concept of spiritual self-improvement is greatly distorted. As I said, all concepts are wrong. Real genuine knowledge of the essence of things and their nature lies on the surface. The higher mind every day tries to break through to us and shows the Signs, but we are not able to see them, because our mind is closed.

 People rely on God: “God will help”, “We must ask God”, “We must pray to God”. This is nothing more than relieving oneself of responsibility for one’s life and shifting it onto the Higher Powers. Spirituality is not faith in God. All religions of the world have nothing to do with spiritual self-improvement. All religions are the greatest deception, the main idea of ​​which is to control the masses of people. With the help of religion, a person can be made an obedient slave who will pray, follow the rules, be submissive, and if someone does not share his interests, pounce on those who disagree and accuse him of blasphemy. This is still the same ideal “System” with its protection from the desire of people for freedom and attack to keep all slaves in the pack.

Truth is Not Where Everyone is Looking for It.

Truth is not where everyone is looking for it. Spiritual development is a daily work on yourself. It is hourly hard work trying to “remember myself.” This is the destruction of your Ego, all concepts and stereotypes, fear of death and phobias. This is a war for your freedom not only with society, but also with yourself. And this is by no means an easy and idle process. It is daily pain, both physical and mental. Every minute struggle with their base, imposed desires. And this is a very difficult path … The path to your freedom.