Three Tips from Jim Carrey To Find Your Passion

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Jim Carrey'S Advice

When we mention the name “Jim Carrey“, what is the image that comes to mind first? Surely a charismatic actor who made the history of American cinema, is not it? From his inimitable mimics to his gestures pushed to the extreme, not to mention his burlesque humor, the Canadian-born comedian has distinguished himself by his personality quite apart. And it was to the pleasure of several thousand viewers who do not dry up with praise for his feats. But the Hollywood star is actually much more than that. He can also teach us valuable life lessons through his personal experiences. So, it is without hesitation that we will gather some of Jim Carrey’s best tips to find your passion.

1. Find Your Own Voice or Passion

The first of Jim Carrey’s advice we will see today is from his speech at the first G.A.T.E. (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) Conference in June 2009. For him, everything begins with thought. More precisely, by intention. Who are you or what person do you want to be? What do you expect from life? What trace do you want to leave after your passage on Earth? In short, give meaning to your existence.

For the Hollywood star, his journey began with the desire to brighten up the days of his mother who had fallen into depression when he was still a child. He wanted to make her smile again, make her laugh. He had a desire to make him realize that life is worth living, through his son. And what motivates you on a daily basis? Finding his passions starts with finding the answer to that question. Indeed, most of us focus more on setting goals. In itself, it is already great. But this is not enough.

The objectives usually spread over a long period of time. They help us to see, to hope, to imagine a better future. This is what helps us understand what we want, to define a precise plan to encourage us to stay on track. Unfortunately, this also detaches us from the present moment. Which emphasizes what we don’t have. This gives us the impression that if we fail to reach them, it will be equated with failure. Of course, Jim Carrey’s advice would be to first focus on the moment and enjoy the present moment.

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2. Do What You Like

Do What You Like
Do What You Like

One of the cult phrases of the main actor of “the Mask” is surely: “I think that everyone should become rich and famous and do everything he ever dreamed of so that they can see that this is not the answer.” he speaks for himself. According to Jim Carrey’s advice, you should prefer the things you like. It’s a better alternative, instead of pursuing a life that you don’t like, simply because it gives you some material comfort. Invited to a graduation ceremony at the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in 2014, he stated: “You can fail to do something you don’t like or you can seize the chance to do something you like.”

He owes this life lesson to his father. His greatest source of inspiration. It is for him essential to find his passions. In fact, worshiping the life you lead, living it to the full and being satisfied with it must be one of your main concerns. This is what will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy an emotional balance. Both in the office and in everyday life. This is an additional motivation that will help you achieve your goals. The sense of accomplishment would only be more important.

Passion will also be an excellent source of motivation.

You may well make a living in “stable” work, but if you do not take pleasure in exercising it, you should provide much more effort to improve your productivity. In turn, you may also become a “role model” for someone else. Today, far too many people are actually afraid to pursue their dreams. They prefer not to risk living for themselves. So, be an example for those who hesitate to skip the step. Get away from the eyes of others. Start thinking about what you really want. Jim Carrey said, ” If you give up your dreams, what’s left?

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3. Overcome Fear to Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion
Find Your Passion

According to Jim Carrey’s advice: “life gives you opportunities. Either you take them, or you will continue to be afraid to take them.” Beyond his image as a public entertainer, he is indeed endowed with great wisdom. He can be very serious. For him, finding his passions is also moving forward despite fear. To do this, nothing simpler (or not !). Just dare to get out of your comfort zone. Go to the unknown to find out what it has to offer you.

Indeed, staying in our bubble is the best way to never exploit our full capacity. The flagship character of “Dumb And dumber” said: “maybe other people will try to limit me, but I do not limit myself.” Your potential will remain untapped forever if you are not ready to take your courage in two hands. Waiting patiently, there, without acting is not the solution. On the contrary, you must dare to go in search of your own identity, to live your passion. Experience self-knowledge to achieve success.

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Jim Carrey’s advice will always encourage you to find your voice, the one that will lead you to inner peace. When you find it, you will realize that you always knew that was there. That what you considered the unknown is perhaps just something that was waiting to help you. So instead of fearing from fear, use it as a tool that will guide you to the best. You will be able to continually push your limits. And you will be more able to find your passion or passions.