Key Areas of Self Development: 32 Most Important Areas of Human Self Development

Key Areas Of Self Development

The term “self-development” is deciphered in different ways, but in this article, we will approach it as a way to live intelligently and consciously. Here you will learn all the key areas of self development, with the help of which you can become healthy, happy and successful.

A person has only two ways to live: to engage in constant self-development or to degrade. There is no intermediate state. Therefore, any thoughts that you are just resting or postponing work on yourself indefinitely are a dangerous trap. This literally means that right at this moment you have already begun to degrade.

We will speak on the basis of real psychology, which includes the best achievements of modern psychologists, as well as the philosophy and wisdom of antiquity, as well as on the basis of some other sources.

A Simple Definition of Self Development

For self-development, you can choose such synonyms as personality development, human development, personal growth, self-education, self-improvement and others. But the essence remains the same.

Self-development is a conscious, though not always, work on oneself in all spheres of life (or at all levels of life). This is the desire to become better than you yourself were in the past, and not better than others. Self-development is a purposeful change of fate through changing one’s thinking, world view and value system.

If you want a different, better life, then you need to change your thinking. In other words, you need to start thinking differently, because thinking in the same way as before, you will perform approximately the same actions. Having changed your thinking (consciousness), gradually you will begin to perform new actions that will lead to new results.

And thinking, or, in other words, consciousness cannot be changed by just one action, although there are some ways that can move it (thinking) from a dead center. Usually, thinking changes with a whole set of actions, namely, harmonious self-development in all spheres of life.

Such self-development is needed not only for some person who is dissatisfied with life and wants something more. It is necessary for absolutely everyone who wants happiness and success in life.

Key Areas Of Self Development
Key Areas of Self Development

You can be a student and start developing right now the best solution for you. You can be a doctor, teacher, driver, builder, athlete, lawyer, economist, or anyone – regardless of our position in society, the same laws of the universe act on us and they require us to develop ourselves.

Therefore, all areas of personality self-development, which you will learn about below, are important for your life. It depends on you how your future will develop, what people will surround you, how much you will earn, what to do and how you feel.

Once again, I remind you about two paths in life, and if you are an adequate and sane person, then the choice is obvious. If it is not obvious, then I will say it bluntly: you need to develop and work on yourself – this is the only way to live your life with dignity and meaning.

The Key Areas of Self Development

Eastern psychology says that you can become truly happy, healthy and successful only when you become a harmonious person. And who is this man? This is the one who lives in balance with this world and develops at all levels of life.

As soon as we begin to move away from harmony for one reason or another, at the same moment we begin to worsen our destiny. The whole world and the entire Universe are harmonious and only we, people, constantly violate this law and therefore we suffer and cannot get what we want.

There are four levels of life in which we need to develop:

  • Physical;
  • Social;
  • Intellectual;
  • Spiritual (evolutionary).

The physical level includes issues of physical and mental health, recreation, sports, etc. The social level includes relationships, careers, and self-realization. At the intellectual level, issues of versatile education, life planning, changing one’s destiny, working closely with one’s psyche, etc. are examined. And the spiritual sphere explains and studies such concepts as the soul (essence), the development of elevated character traits, the ability to accept fate, etc.

Now we will describe all areas of work on ourselves at every level of life.

Key Areas of Self Development at The Physical Level of Life

Key Areas Of Self Development
Key Areas of Self Development

This is the basic standard of living, the harmonization of which is already capable of bringing some amount of happiness. If we do not work at this level, then our health deteriorates, there is less energy and the ability to enjoy life decreases.

Here are all areas of work on yourself at this level:

  • Cleansing the body, psyche, house or apartment, space in general;
  • Healthy eating (an important article about nutrition);
  • Work on the condition of the spine;
  • Breathing work;
  • Correct daily routine;
  • Fasting (abstaining from food);
  • Sexual life;
  • Physical exercises;
  • Communication with nature;
  • Bad habits;
  • Harmonious rest.

Usually, self-development begins precisely at this level: a person begins to play sports, eat healthier food, give up bad habits, etc.

Key Areas of Self Improvement at The Social Level of Life

Key Areas Of Self Development
Key Areas of Self Development

This level is in all directions closely related to relationships. It also largely determines a person’s success and feeling of happiness. Below are all the important areas of self-development in the social sphere:

  • Purpose in activity;
  • Development of one’s masculine or feminine nature;
  • Family relationships;
  • Improving the fate of Rod;
  • Making money;
  • Relationships with others;
  • Life for the benefit of the world, society, loved ones.

This is a very important level, and in modern society a lot of emphasis is placed on success in work (business), the amount of money earned, a harmonious family and happy relationships in it and others.

Directions of Work on Oneself at An Intellectual Level of Life

Key Areas Of Self Development
Key Areas of Self Development

Based on the directions of self-development, which will be discussed below, you can find out the true signs of an educated and intelligent person. A truly developed person should work in the following areas:

  • Setting and achieving goals;
  • Working with emotions;
  • Knowledge of your true nature;
  • Correct life path;
  • Knowledge of the main goal of human life;
  • Calmness of mind and control of the senses;
  • Changing your destiny.

When we set goals, live a harmonious life, learn to control the mind and feelings and change our destiny, then we fill our life with meaning, and ourselves with energy and inspiration. And only then can we call ourselves educated people. Everything else is indicators of smart people, but even an animal can be smart.

Key Areas of Self Development at The Spiritual Level of Life

Key Areas Of Self Development
Key Areas of Self Development

Now we come to the most important standard of living. The spiritual realm is the foundation of all other realms. When we ignore it, then other areas suffer… And if we develop spiritually (evolve) and at the same time observe the principle of harmony and do not forget about other levels, then all spheres are filled with energy, inspiration, motivation and meaning.

Here are the directions for harmonious and genuine spiritual (evolutionary) development:

  • Getting real knowledge;
  • Understanding the nature of the soul (essence);
  • Development of the mind;
  • Living in the present moment;
  • Acceptance of fate (but not blind);
  • Development of sublime qualities;
  • A life of conscience in general.

When you begin to develop spiritually, it is important to remember about the balance of spiritual and material. There is a possibility that you will be pulled towards the spiritual, which means that in the future the pendulum will swing back and you will go into the material, and disgust towards the spiritual in general may appear. Therefore, you should always strive for harmony and awareness.

Choose the middle path and learn to live with two logics: universal and human. Remember that you are a soul (essence) and in this world everything is temporary, but also do not forget that now we live in a physical body, in which the best conditions for the evolution of the soul.

How to Stop Dreaming and Do Something Tangible in Self Development?

You have learned about all the necessary areas of self-development, there is more than enough information about this. But what’s next? You can go further, read many more articles, but in the end, nothing can be done. Then you are simply wasting your time.

Or you can go a smarter way and start changing your life today. To do this, start implementing some of the directions that you learned about today into your life. This is the most effective way – to immediately implement the information received into your life.

I just have to give you the opportunity to thank me for the work done. And the best gratitude would be that you share this article on social networks with your friends.

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