List of Limiting Beliefs in Our Head: Real Life Examples

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List Of Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are some life principles that are the fundamental element of our thinking. They influence people’s actions like hypnosis. If we repeat that life is full of suffering, our consciousness immediately rushes in search of confirmation (yesterday there was an accident, people died, our beloved dog died, the girl left). And he doesn’t care what we have programmed ourselves for: laughter, joy or constant negativity. It is important for him that the world around him fully reflects the inner one. Often, the way of thinking creates a life scenario, interfering with self-realization or enjoying what is happening around. In this article I will explain what limiting beliefs are (and of-course the list of limiting beliefs), how they arise in our heads, and give a list of specific examples.

World View

Psychological attitudes, firmly entrenched in consciousness, have not yet benefited anyone. They deliberately tune in to a decrease in mental and moral abilities, preventing them from taking full advantage of the opportunities that each person initially has. The main task is to overcome and get rid of the restrictions that we or others have imposed.

How Negative Life Beliefs are Formed?

Everyone has a firm belief in certain things – a list of rules that we follow. Such theories are adopted from parents or relatives who have special authority for the individual. The person adheres to the main theses, never subjecting them to criticism from the outside.

Attitudes are not always borrowed from others; they can be formed over the past years on the basis of observations and experience. At the right time, habits save you from an unpleasant situation, but sometimes they lose their relevance. Everything changes, and they imperceptibly hinder a person’s psychological, physical and financial well-being.

List of Limiting Beliefs on the Negative Nature of Material Property

List Of Limiting Beliefs
List of Limiting Beliefs

I will describe the most banal, but well-known principle “Money is evil”. The expression originated in the revolutionary years, when being secured was tantamount to executions and murders. The people persecuted by the new regime were afraid and knew for sure – if you are rich, they will definitely come for you. Then this expression wandered from generation to generation and for a long time was commensurate with the generally accepted methods of survival.

After difficult years, there was silence and a new era of market and economic relations came. The installation became irrelevant, because the availability of money allowed an individual to receive a good education, high-quality medical services, the latest technology or housing.

Is Poverty a Cause for Shame?

Another common example that hundreds of people encounter every day is “the poor are ashamed”. Deceitful judgment without foundation. A person should feel shame for his actions or words that are offensive to others. If a person does not commit negative actions and his troubles are only in the fact that an impressive amount has not been postponed for a rainy day – his fault is not here.

This judgment, like a nail stabbing from the inside, lowers self-esteem, destroys consciousness, preventing them from believing in their capabilities and improving their material condition.

People who are not ashamed of anything, who equally perceive poverty and wealth, overcome difficulties much faster, more decisively and more effectively.

List of Limiting Beliefs about Money

Here’s a list of examples of limiting and negative beliefs in life:

  • If a person has an expensive car, he earned money for it by a criminal method. It is not possible to do this with your own mind.
  • All the rich are very lucky to be born in such a family, and I am destined to be poor.
  • Money is a misfortune.
  • There have never been rich people in our family, and therefore I will go to the poor.
  • Financial success can be achieved by a person with a good initial capital – inheritance, parental help, winning the lottery, sponsors. It is impossible to break out into people on your own.
  • To earn a lump sum, you need to work for days without straightening your back, without rest and sleep.

A highly spiritual person must certainly be poor. After all, wealth spoils us. V. Pathak, motivational speaker, author and host of popular personal growth programs, gives vivid examples of limiting beliefs that appear in our heads. He claims that the financial sphere is no different from other systems of our life: relationships, friendships, or careers. Money has the same meaning and value as anything spiritual.

All these statements and thoughts limit our capabilities and prevent us from succeeding.

A Common Female Misconception

Beliefs cover many topics. But one of the most widespread is the topic of interpersonal relationships. Many girls say that men cannot be trusted. In ancient times, this statement may have made common sense. Adhering to this idea, a woman could protect herself from extramarital affairs, which were strongly condemned by society, unplanned pregnancies, and diseases. In addition, she could successfully marry and maintain her reputation as an unapproachable woman.

Now everyone has access to effective methods of contraception, they look much more confidently in the face of the opposite sex.

List of Limiting Beliefs and Negative Attitudes in Love

List Of Limiting Beliefs
List of Limiting Beliefs

There are other negative life beliefs that prevent us from enjoying unions or, in general, entering into relationships:

  • All men are bad. Typically, such prejudices are formed from bad experiences. All the time unworthy options come across. In all relationships, the same scenario will be repeated until the woman realizes the urgent need to get rid of the established principles.
  • Not only girls speak negatively about the strong sex. Men are also full of thoughts that women are mercantile and they only need the financial part of the union. The presence of such an idea leads to the fact that the guy programs himself for a scenario where he will definitely come across ladies who are not indifferent to his wallet.
  • “I am not worthy of true love and happiness.” If such an association has stuck in you, seek help from a specialist. I will help you get rid of limiting foundations and regain faith in yourself, sign up for my consultation. As soon as such a woman meets a good man, she plagues him with suspicion, jealousy and uncertainty about his sincerity. Relationships are full of quarrels and clarifications. Often such couples break up on the initiative of the lady herself, who has come up with too many problems for herself.
  • “Now there is no romance in the world.” There is no such ideal relationship as in the old movie. The modern romantic approach is no worse than the past.

Disruptive Career Ideas

You have noticed how many talented, gifted individuals in your circle who know the profession well, are best guided by the material, but, alas, do not occupy leading positions. What do you think prevents them from succeeding? Sure! Internal beliefs. And here is a small list of them:

  • To get a promotion, you need a higher education, and I do not have one, so I will always have a cold as an ordinary employee.
  • Only true professionals can do everything. To be like them, I need to have three higher educations, defend a thesis, take a lot of refresher courses, and perhaps then, I will begin to apply my skills in practice.
  • In no case is it permissible to upset relatives. I have to go to the educational institution that my parents want and advise.
  • It is necessary to try or start something in youth. At 30, 40 or even more than 50 – it’s too late.
  • Old people are not in demand anywhere.

List of Limiting Beliefs About Self and About Life

List Of Limiting Beliefs
List of Limiting Beliefs

In addition to the above two categories of restrictions in the personal and professional sphere, there are also those that relate exclusively to our personality. For instance:

  • I’ve been so unlucky since I was born. Therefore, nothing comes of it.
  • Beauty standard 90x60x90. My figure is far from these parameters, so I will never be considered beautiful. She didn’t even grow out.
  • Each person thinks only about himself and about his own benefit in a certain matter.
  • The world is unambiguously arranged so that everything is for some, and nothing for others.
  • Everyone carries their own cross.
  • Being is running in a vicious circle.

List of Limiting Beliefs and Negative Attitudes that Parents Instill in Children

Almost everyone has biases that make it difficult to live in adulthood, but were formed during life with parents or relatives. Such principles are most firmly entrenched in consciousness, because they have been guided by them for decades. Perhaps you recognize yourself in the following list:

  • my grief is onion;
  • you are exactly like a father;
  • if you are not agreeable, you will not develop communication with peers;
  • you are so disinterested, you are ready to give away everything.

Getting Rid of Destructive Ideas

List Of Limiting Beliefs
List of Limiting Beliefs

Sooner or later, parting words inside begin to significantly harm a person. He is content with the little he has. He loses the ability to move on, constrained by established boundaries. How to get rid of imaginary attitudes? The first step is to learn to notice the root of a belief. For example: when a difficult situation arises, and you tune yourself to “I cannot”, you need to drop doubts and say to yourself “No, I will succeed”.

We should imagine the opposite of what consciousness imposes on us, trying to eradicate the negative. Of course, you won’t succeed in a matter of days. Sometimes it takes psychologists years to rid a person of the principles he has been using for decades. Each new thought must be challenged. Who said that it is impossible to do what was planned? Why should everything happen this way and not according to another scenario? I myself build my life – everything planned will happen according to my desires, any other development of events is unacceptable.

Replay the Situation

Sometimes they resort to trance or in-depth study of thinking in order to return to basics at the moment when a person’s parting words are formed. For example, parents have often suggested that those who have wealth are definitely scammers. You should find a refutation of this principle, because even among your friends there are many personalities who have managed to make a fortune with their own brilliant mind. Another example: “My mother considered all men to be crooks,” which means that she was simply unlucky to meet that one.

Find Confirmation of a Negative Attitude – Is it Real?

List Of Limiting Beliefs
List of Limiting Beliefs

To get rid of a misjudgment, you need to search objective evidence of its existence. Losers always make mistakes. Even the most successful person has stumbled or made strange decisions more than once. Is there any official confirmation that all men treat women badly? This is the thinking of a small group of people and is not evidence as a whole.

The Importance of Visualization

To get rid of limiting beliefs, which include the theme of friendship, love, career, it is necessary to reprogram the mind. Best of all is the visual approach. For example: you associate negativity with a gray, rainy day, lilac bloom or a big storm at sea. Verbal arguments may be powerless before descriptive symbols.

When thoughts that cause discomfort arise in your head along with pictures-associations, release them and imagine only what you want.

Method from NLP: “Meta-Yes” and “Meta-No”

Simple steps allow you to change the reasoning to positive:

  • It is necessary to define the limiting principle and rate it on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • Imagine it as a physical object – a tent, a stone, a billboard with an inscription.
  • Choose any thing for which you say a firm no. For example, would you sell your soul?
  • Practice this firm refusal without yelling.
  • Then return to the limiting principle that you have physically shaped and say your Meta-No. Do this until the moment, until he is far beyond the horizon.
  • Next, imagine a person to whom you always say yes. Mom, dad, child, husband, sister.
  • With your Meta-Da, lure the positive attitude towards it.
  • Give this “yes” a physical meaning and fix it in your head.
  • Check how current the old understanding is on the same scale from 1 to 10.
  • Repeat the steps as needed.
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I described the list of limiting beliefs about friendship, love, career, finance and gave specific examples. Many recognized themselves in them. Tune your mind to the positive and get rid of established principles is not an easy task. However, working on yourself will make your existence easier and open up new horizons. Someone will be able to convince themselves of their superiority and get the desired position, someone will find a worthy life partner, having made sure of their perfection. If you are unable to cope with the problems on your own, sign up for my consultation.