12 Main Mistakes Every Woman Makes in Relationship

Mistakes Every Woman Makes In Relationship

Today’s article is about the main mistakes every woman makes in relationship and how to avoid them for a harmonious love life. Representatives of the fair sex are often tormented by the question: why passionate relationships between men and women eventually turn into mutual accusations and annoyance?

Most ladies are inclined to blame the man for the extinction of feelings, believing that they took an ordinary “goat” for the “prince”.

But in reality, the situation can be normalized by analyzing the behavior model of a woman who feels unhappy in a relationship. Having understood her mistakes that prevent happiness in love, a girl can learn to avoid them in the future.

12 Major Mistakes Every Woman Makes in Relationships

12 Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

So, let’s look at the main typical mistakes that women make in relationships.

1. Confidence That A Partner is Essential for Happiness

Confidence That A Partner Is Essential For Happiness
12 Main Mistakes Every Woman Makes In Relationship

The life of a woman who seriously thinks that only a man is missing for her happiness will not become harmonious even after the arrangement of her personal life.

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2. In Love, It is Necessary Not Only to Take, But Also to Give

For example, a couple of lonely people met, each of whom is looking for understanding. At first, both demonstrate their dignity, but then the lovers realize that they will never find the desired warmth in each other.

Such stories invariably end in disappointment and breakup. After all, if there is no happiness and balance inside, it is impossible to find them in another. First of all, a lady needs to learn to be self-sufficient and caring.

In Love, It Is Necessary Not Only To Take, But Also To Give

Society is constantly pressing on modern men: they have to provide for their families, strive for career growth and other achievements. For this reason, creating a calm atmosphere in the home is a woman’s task.

It is worth understanding that love is not a state, but a feeling of the need to give another person your warmth and care. And when it becomes possible to connect life with a man with whom it will be comfortable to be near, happiness will double.

3. Othello in A Female Form

Unjustified jealousy does not diversify relationships, but only destroys them. At the same time, the lady has hatred for all the fair sex who are part of the social circle of her chosen one.

First of all, jealousy indicates a lack of trust in your partner and uncertainty about your attractiveness.

The fear of losing a loved one prompts the lady to constantly monitor him. Obsessive thoughts and a desire to keep everything under control prevents a woman from enjoying the present. It begins to seem that happiness depends on many circumstances, and if you lose sight of at least one of them, everything will be destroyed.

A self-confident girl will not stoop to accusations and claims, even if she breaks up with a partner. She will be grateful for the ended relationship and the experience and happy moments that they gave her.

Men, in turn, do not tolerate possessiveness. They are flattered by the jealousy of the chosen one only if it is presented in a playful manner.

Serious accusations of infidelity can lead to irreversible loss of affection on the part of the chosen one.

In order not to suffer in vain, you need to work on raising your self-esteem and devote time to your appearance. Then, perhaps, the man will have to be jealous.

4. Hope for Potential

Do not be fooled into thinking that all men who are not doing well just need moral support. Most often, such people are satisfied with everything, and spinelessness can be hidden behind melancholy.

Many women deliberately choose a weak partner to boost their self-esteem. Such a man can be helped all his life, but there will be little sense from this.

When meeting a chosen one, it is important to get rid of fantasies and love him as he is now. Unsuccessfully striving to create her hero, the lady eventually becomes a tyrant or a servant of her invented ideal.

There are exceptions when a representative of the stronger sex really needs a companion who will direct him to the true path. But it is not a fact that a man satisfied with his new image and success will not want to enjoy his achievements alone. After all, those who change dramatically tend to cut off contacts with their former environment.

5. Curlers on the Head will not Cool Passion

An old robe, hair wrapped around curlers and a cucumber mask on her face is a symbol of a housewife who is mired in solving everyday issues. The complete opposite of him is the image of a lover who carefully watches over herself.

Be Modern

You can’t run yourself, because a man once fell in love with a beauty and may not be ready for her to wear stretched T-shirts and stop putting on makeup. The home image should also evoke sexual desire, as well as the street one.

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6. Inappropriate Criticism

In some cases, constructive criticism is even useful, of course, if it does not concern intimate relationships, open dissatisfaction with which can hurt a guy’s pride. Discussion of the qualities of the chosen one is also prohibited.

If there is a need to make a comment, you must wait for the right moment. Expressing your opinion in front of strangers is unacceptable.

7. Sacrifice

You cannot make your beloved an idol and worship him. Forgetting about your own interests, you can lose yourself as a person. Having started a relationship, you should continue to lead an ordinary life: strive to implement plans, communicate with friends. Otherwise, if the union falls apart, it will be problematic to return to your old life.

For men, excessive sacrifice is unusual. It is rare to find a representative of the stronger sex who is ready to voluntarily refuse to meet with friends and do his life for the sake of love. Most likely, the guy will think and understand that such an act is devoid of any sense.

Harmonious relationships are built only between two full-fledged personalities. A depressed woman, deprived of many joys, becomes apathetic and embittered, easily falls into depression, from which she cannot get out on her own.

As a result, a man, seeing that his chosen one has ceased to develop as a person, becomes indifferent to her.

8. Craving for Excellence

A loving man understands that his companion is better than other women, but he never compares her with himself. If a lady speaks openly about her career success, sharpness of mind and other qualities that her chosen one lacks, the self-esteem of the stronger sex may suffer.

It is especially dangerous to brag about your success in front of strangers, because no guy wants to look like a loser against the background of a successful companion in all respects.

9. Mommy Syndrome

If a woman constantly takes care of a man and tries to solve all his problems, he begins to unconsciously perceive her as a “mommy”. Maintaining a family hearth is a natural desire of a lady and should not be suppressed.

But getting into men’s affairs and trying to deprive the chosen one of the needs to take responsibility is a common mistake due to which the representatives of the stronger sex turn into adult children who are not able to take care of themselves. Girls do this, unconsciously striving to become irreplaceable for their companion.

From childhood, women are taught to keep order in the house, raise children, and cook delicious food. At first it happens in a playful way, and then it becomes a habit.

Boys are taught to be strong and courageous, to take care of the well-being of their families. If there is a role reversal, the delicate balance is upset.

If a man is self-sufficient, he will rigidly suppress attempts to invade his area of responsibility and will soon break off relations. Otherwise, the roles will change and the woman will have to take care of the whole family for the rest of her life.

10. Invasion of Privacy

Each person should have a space in which no one interferes. It can be time for communication and correspondence with friends, an interesting hobby.

Invasion Of Privacy

While a man is busy, a woman can get carried away with her own affairs, but in no case should you arrange surveillance and check his personal belongings. By such behavior, the girl expresses disrespect and distrust of her beloved.

11. Science of Love

The views of a woman and a man on the expression of feelings can be dramatically different, and advice is inappropriate here.

If a guy does not give bouquets of flowers to his companion, ultimatums will not help.

You can talk to your loved one to understand what caused this.

If a representative of the stronger sex himself lacks affection, he is unlikely to want to show attention to his partner. In no case should one use other people’s spouses as an example – this can greatly offend a man and aggravate the situation.

Perhaps, even if the guy has a desire to pamper his beloved, he will do it in his own way. The girl may not like the gift, but you should definitely thank for the attention shown, without showing your disappointment.

After all, in any case, the guy thought about her, choosing a present. You can subtly hint about your tastes later.

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12. Lack of Communication Between A Man and A Woman

On first dates, lovers talk about everything in the world, discussing both the latest news and personal problems. But during life together, many problems are hushed up.

For men, communication is of the utmost importance. They need the opportunity to share their experiences, to discuss how the day went. But if the chosen one is not in the mood, you should not insist. The time will come and he will express everything that has accumulated in his soul.

It is important to be sincerely interested in what happened to the guy during the day, to ask questions.

Commendation is also appropriate for the achievements reported by the companion. This will allow him to feel his own importance.

Despite the fact that the relationship of different couples cannot be placed in the framework of stereotypes, adherence to certain principles allows you to get closer to harmony. A significant share of the responsibility for the atmosphere in the family lies with the woman, who must be benevolent and wise.