Effective Motivation for A Healthy Lifestyle

Motivation For A Healthy Lifestyle

Health is the greatest value, but not every person is able to introduce a correct lifestyle and avoid illness. Motivation for a healthy lifestyle (HLS) is very important. It should inspire, encourage to take care of your own body, monitor the quality of your nutrition, visit doctors, and play your favorite sports. Everyone is able to change their own habits and lifestyle. However, such a step requires a strong inner desire and an ardent desire to gain good health.

Influence of Motivation on Attitudes towards One’s Health

Motivation For A Healthy Lifestyle
Motivation for A Healthy Lifestyle

All people perform those actions to which they are pushed by their own desires and simple biological needs, and sometimes even instincts. Behind any action is desire, and at the heart of each of them is motivation. It is the sum of motives – aspirations and impulses.

Few are able to take care of their health just because it is right, reasonable and necessary. The wrong way of life does not always immediately affect the state of health. If drugs and alcohol affect quickly enough, then fried, spicy, fatty, salty foods, lack of clean drinking water and insufficient sleep deteriorate health gradually and imperceptibly.

To become a healthy person, you need to have strong and powerful motivation. Change occurs only when a person makes regular and conscious efforts over a long period of time. It is necessary to follow the well-known simple rules: go in for sports, eat quality and healthy food, get enough sleep, avoid stress.

The efforts and persuasions of doctors and trainers will not bring serious results if the person himself does not want to change his life. Psychologists recommend telling yourself: I live only once, so I must take care and respect my body. Such motivation for health is very useful, since it changes a person’s attitude to his body, convinces him to value the body given to him by nature.

Types of Motivation for A Healthy Lifestyle

Motivation For A Healthy Lifestyle
Motivation for A Healthy Lifestyle

There are two types of motivation – positive and negative. In the first case, a person experiences joy or pleasure when he performs some action. Athletes receive medals for their achievements and public recognition. Scientists rejoice at their new discoveries and real changes in the world around them, which would not have happened without their work. This is called positive reinforcement.

Positive motivation is the willingness to work for that reinforcement. An excellent positive reinforcement is the burst of energy that occurs when a person takes care of his body on a daily basis. However, there is also negative motivation. Mothers forbid their children to play with matches and hot objects, because babies during such games can experience pain, burns and be seriously injured. A child who gets burned will remember this forever and become afraid of something hot. This is called negative reinforcement. Negative motivation is the willingness to behave in a certain way in order to avoid the negative consequences of one’s own actions.

Motivation for a healthy lifestyle is based on a combination of positive and negative reinforcements. When a person starts to get sick, experiences suffering and unpleasant sensations, he gradually realizes that good health would allow him to avoid these troubles. And a healthy person who does physical exercise, eats right and sleeps enough is full of energy, so he can withstand heavy physical exertion, go hiking, work hard and have time to live an active and full life. Positive and negative motivation must go hand in hand to maintain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Support for Positive Motivation for A Healthy Lifestyle

Motivation For A Healthy Lifestyle
Motivation for A Healthy Lifestyle

Convincing a person to adopt the right habits is extremely difficult. Doctors and psychologists can convince patients of the value of a healthy lifestyle for the body and mind. But a person himself decides what to do. To keep motivation strong, there are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Motivation quickly disappears if a person thinks that the goal that he has set for himself is difficult to achieve. Everyone wants to see the results of their work as quickly as possible. Therefore, diets that promise to lose a large number of kilograms in a short time are so popular. But lasting results requires patience and endurance. The goals that a person sets for himself should not be overly complicated, unrealistic. It is impossible to learn to do 100 push-ups in a week. Disappointment can kill your strongest motivation. You need to start with small goals and build them up very gradually.
  • In order not to lose motivation, you should reward yourself for the slightest achievement. If a person loves theater and has managed to adhere to proper nutrition for 2 weeks, then he can buy himself a ticket to the performance that he has long wanted to see. Such a reward encourages a person to continue on the right course.
  • The support of family and close friends is of great value. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much easier when it is approved by family members. You need to ask for support immediately after making a decision, so that in moments of weakening of motivation, loved ones are persuaded to continue living according to new principles. Relatives can praise their success every day, remind them of proper nutrition, and note the improvement in their appearance, because it is no secret that healthy people look more attractive.
  • The environment matters a lot. People for whom favorite food is wrong and the best pastime is relaxing on the couch in front of the TV will not be able to strengthen the motivation of a person striving for a different life position and showing interest in proper nutrition and exercise. A healthy lifestyle is a worldview. Healthy lifestyle people need friends with the same views. This factor seriously affects motivation.
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Motivation is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, over the years. It should be unusually strong, because, as a rule, people quickly give up what they started, and even the risk of being in the doctor’s office again as a difficult patient does not deter them from bad habits. But it is quite possible to find a strong inner core and change forever if you take at least a small step in this direction every day.

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