Motivation for Sports: 7 Reasons for Daily Workout

Motivation For Sports

There are a lot of factors that “interfere” with going to the gym, exercising at home or going outside. On the other hand, many experts argue that training through strength is harmful. Since I can bring myself to the state of “I want, I can, and I will study now, not tomorrow!” and ignore the 100-pound excuses? What sports motivation can help?

Overcoming (challenge)

Everybody has a period of unwillingness to train. Even among top-ranked professional athletes, negative motivation for sports is far from uncommon. The problem needs to be solved quickly and sharply – one, two, three.

Everyone can “put on a smile and plow,” but you feel weak? Sports anger to help you! Wash yourself with ice water. Stare at yourself in the mirror. Quickly put your uniform in your bag, and with a bouncy springy step, with excellent posture and proudly raised head, humming your favorite tune, go to the training!

7 Reasons to Go for Workout

Motivation For Sports
Motivation for Sports

Exercise is one of the best antidepressants. This statement of psychologists is not unfounded. But when lifting yourself up with training, follow these rules:

  • Exercise half-heartedly and / or, as it feels, change the type of planned workout to another. For example, stretch at home instead of jogging.
  • Excessive efforts and an increase in cortisol levels, against the background of a primary lack of desire to exercise, can “swing the pendulum” of mood in the opposite direction after training.
  • Do not forget to take your favorite musical accompaniment as your helpers.
  • Drink a slightly sweetened beverage during your workout.
  • After a hygienic shower, finish with contrasting procedures.
  • Listen to the sensations, they will help you decide whether the last drench should be warm or cold.

1. Not One Step Back

Be a mercantile “sports greedy”. This is not a club subscription fee. Sports loads are effective when they are regular. Give slack once, then the second, and laziness will knock you out of your usual schedule for months. Goodbye to the results achieved. Start everything either from the very beginning, or, even worse, with negative indicators. This will not happen.

2. Life Extending Costs

A well-planned training process helps to reduce the percentage of morbidity and save on visits to doctors. American experts have calculated that spending $1 on fitness today cuts future medical costs 2.7 times.

Exercise —->> Sound Sleep —->> Success in Life

Today you are in a bad mood and feeling tired, tired from work, and tomorrow you have an important meeting, a business meeting, or do you just need to look 100%? Especially by running to training! What for? For a free and natural “sleeping pill”.

3. Not Eternal, But Youth

Motivation For Sports
Motivation for Sports

The results of recent studies are eye-popping and can indeed be a powerful motivator to stay on track. It turns out that regular physical activity helps maintain the length of the terminal sections of DNA chromosomes, which inevitably shorten with age. Exercise inhibits this process. This means you will look younger than your non-athletic peers.

If strength or cardio training has not yet led to the emergence of a state of euphoria in the process of occupation, a one-time gentle load still increases the production of endorphins and other substances. This allows you to look your best and feel younger for 36-48 hours after finishing your workout.

4. Sexual Overtones

Going to a workout is one way to relieve sexual frustration. Let us also recall that if you do not take steroids, power loads will help you engage in love pleasures more often, increase the number and duration of sexual acts, and enhance orgasms. A trained body will allow you to easily perform any “freaks” from the Kamasutra.

Alone should be on the alert. You skip a workout, and at this time a newcomer appears in the gym, and your long-awaited, probable “half” “effectively” gets to know you, but not you.

5. Look What I Have

A good way to force yourself to go to a workout through “don’t want to” can be a technique that requires prior preparation and a certain endurance. Buy a fancy sports outfit and save it until the blues hit. Is it lazy? Now is the time to go to the gym and work out in a new form. Let everyone “die of envy.”

6. Chorus and Dad is Easier to Beat

Do you really want to study? In this case, you need to go to the training “to the people”. If this is not a group fitness lesson or a rocking chair, there is still a way out. For example, change your planned stretching at home for a running workout, and do it on purpose in a busy place. The environment of people always tones up and comes to the rescue of the “boredom” psyche.

7. Positive Example

Motivation For Sports
Motivation for Sports

The last, 10th reason, for some, will probably be more important than all the previous ones. If you are a dad or mom, an older brother or sister, then you want it or not, but you must set a positive example. Of course, you can grumble for a few minutes, gasp and groan. But after that, gather your will into a fist and go train.

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Beauty is a terrible force, but it requires regular effort. And if you want to be healthy, train and do without doctors. Do you need additional motivation for sports? We think not.