Motivation in Life and Goal Achievement – 4 Methods & Most Important Foundations

Motivation In Life

Greetings, now I am with you and the topic of today’s article is “motivation in life and goal achievement”. I will explain in simple words what motivation is in achieving a goal. And why most people can’t bring themselves to act.

Motivation in Life

Motivation in life and achievement of a goal is what everyone strives for. But … I’ll start losing weight on Monday, I’ll start with the new year … and you can substitute anything here. The main thing is that you will not start in any way and there are reasons for that.

Precisely so that you do not step on a rake for the hundredth time, read the article carefully. Every word written here has a meaning.

Motivation – this word is literally adored by marketers, coaches, personal growth trainers. Their and my task is often to develop, promote, induce the desired action, and so on.

This word, due to its strong wear and tear, has already set the teeth on edge by some, but its meaning and influence on our everyday life is a rather interesting question, and we will consider it in this article. Motivation in life and achievement of a goal are the most important steps in life, without them you can’t go anywhere.

Motivation – What is It in Simple Words?

Some people see motivation as a kind of carrot tied to a fishing rod, which tirelessly telepaths at the hard worker’s donkey in front of the nose and encourages him to move his hooves more energetically.

You don’t want to feel like a kind donkey, but you don’t want to have a not very pronounced intellect. Therefore, the very word “motivation” causes a fair amount of skepticism among many. And, meanwhile, it is possible (and necessary) to motivate oneself not only in business impulses, but also in everyday life in the simplest daily activities.

“Motivation is the desire to do this or that. The desire is personal, not imposed, coming from within a person. From the realization of which it is good and you want to act.”

Pay attention, personal and from within. This is extremely important to hear now and understand. Indeed, very often, people only supposedly desire something. Because, as they were told. Because it is so accepted. Or my mother in childhood said that it was necessary.

Motivation in life and goal achievement only works on your desires. And these are not your desires. They do not come from the inside, and here motivation does not work, but is covered by laziness. You need to learn to feel yourself, your true self. This is what I teach on the esoteric training course .

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Something?

Let’s start with another question, which, in fact, is almost the opposite of the concept of motivation, but inextricably linked with it.

Laziness – what is it and where does it come from?

Who is not familiar with laziness?

Yes, all the polls, except, perhaps, very young children, who seem to be programmed in such a way as to tirelessly develop a vigorous activity of the most diverse spectrum. This is where the hourly motivation in life and the achievement of the goal.

Growing up, a person gets acquainted with laziness in all its glory. Only the personal attitude towards her varies, due to the qualities of character, the norms of upbringing and the acquired beliefs.

Therefore, someone overcomes himself through his teeth every day, someone waves a white flag, surrendering and feeling the bitterness of defeat.

There is also a special caste of people who owns knowledge. This knowledge about the world order, about energy, about the subtle plane. About the techniques of fulfilling desires, about healing, about oneself. About working with energies and using them for good. They, like children, do not stop motivation in life, and achieving a goal for them is a simple, conscious process.

By the way, all this is collected in my training course. And my students comprehend all of the above in the learning process. Moreover, the course is not theoretical, but practical. Each student masters the skills to create “miracles”.

What is Laziness? How Does Laziness Get in the Way of Motivation to Achieve a Goal?

Motivation In Life

The caste can be divided into two halves and, it seems, should be opposed to each other, however, if you look closely, it represents a similar perception of the question about laziness.

Some enjoy laziness , and their life seems to be organized in such a way that provides them with a minimum of unnecessary rattling fussy actions, while maintaining the proper level of comfort.

And for others, on the contrary, laziness does not seem to exist. These super people sometimes bring some, who are not yet in harmony with themselves and do not possess knowledge, to the desire to look for their “secret button”. Which provides them with hourly energy, joy of life and an irrepressible desire to enthusiastically do and do everything that falls to them in the current day.

At the same time, they are hotly making plans with the intention to take up as soon as possible and try to do both this and that, and that else. What is surprising that those who fight an unequal battle with laziness on a daily basis, when communicating with such people as “energizers”, have a secret ignoble thought not only to find the cherished “secret button”, but also to beat it with something heavier, so that microcircuits melted.

And what is it, really, all people as people, dragging their load, and here, look, how much ease, motivation in life and the achievement of the goal is always easy. It’s a shame))). Although, it would be more correct to understand this issue , to learn and build your harmonious life as you see fit, and not to turn off or gouge anyone. So that it would not be offensive, let’s figure out for a start what laziness is in principle.

Laziness is the absence of this most notorious motivation that we are talking about today. In other words, laziness is a categorical lack of understanding for what to do this or that. A subconscious belief in the meaninglessness of what needs to be done. What kind of motivation is there in life and goal achievement.

There can be a lot behind this and understand, drawing out the unpleasant, winding it round after round. Being upset will not do anything, but will destroy an already shaky emotional state.

This should be done only under the clear support of a specialist. When I provide help, we will definitely achieve positive results. There are other ways, more about them below.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goal?

You need to identify and structure for yourself all the pros and cons of what needs to be done. Moreover, to do it so deliciously and deliciously like candy, so that, like in food, an appetite was kindled for the upcoming business.

After all, they are often accustomed to not paying attention to themselves practically in anything, which they do through force and throw food at themselves, as if in a trash can, not paying particular attention to this process.

There are special practices that are included in the esoteric curriculum. Thanks to them, you can get super results. Crazy, sincere desire to create, to do and the most important thing. Strength and energy appear for the embodiment of the desired. And motivation in life and goal achievement.

Practices for Motivation and Goal Achievement

Motivation In Life

Worse, the whole life is built on this principle, not to pay attention to yourself. And the name of the problem is ignorance. Lack of knowledge leads to dislike for oneself, rejection of oneself as a value worthy of eating the best, doing the best, seeing the best, feeling the best, and so on.

As you can see, the roots of the problem of laziness are flamboyant and creep away very deeply. On the esoteric training course, we fill in the gaps in knowledge and this very understanding of ourselves, love for ourselves and not only that comes.

But, if we return to our example of people of a “special caste”. (Although, of course, this term is taken simply for a “catch phrase” and they do not belong to any caste, you understand that). Both the pacified joyful “sloths” and happy “energizers” are united by one thing – the knowledge of how the world works and how you can work miracles with the help of thoughts. This is also all on the course.

These people love themselves and consider themselves an indisputable value, which is why they, with their benevolent thought-forms about themselves, create events that condition them to have the life that they would like to lead.

Lazybones love themselves and that is why they do not feel guilty about their desire for idleness. They don’t judge themselves and accept themselves for who they are. As a result, they transmit to the World the energy of goodness, which, returning, feeds matter. Surrounding the lazybones with conditions suitable for their even greater level of comfort. Motivation in life and goal achievement appear.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work?

Such people necessarily have a restless job, an activity that does not imply any exhausting active actions. And if they do have a place to be, then rarely and for a short time, and then, this is the acceptable cost that the “lazy person” is willing to pay. And in which he finds benefit to keep himself in good shape.

Others do not need this either, and their work, as they say, “do not hit the lying one,” however, is necessarily pleasant, necessarily brings income, a sense of being in demand and moral satisfaction. They always have motivation in life and goal achievement.

Their life is arranged according to the principle of comfort, in which there is certainly time for a favorite pastime, a pleasant meal, for hobbies and so on. Laziness in their lives is not present in the form in which we are accustomed to perceive it.

Slowness, bliss, an idle course of life, a preference for peace and a reluctance to be vain – this is a natural conscious choice, considered vital and therefore completely allowed for oneself at all levels of consciousness.

How to Motivate Yourself for Success?

With such a worldview, a person concentrates on what he wants. And what he does not want, he simply leaves out of his perception. But remember to really want something for you personally. Your self needs to restore its energy and remove the impurities of other people’s programs and other people’s desires.

You can find out the state of your energy by diagnosing a photo. Having completed your diagnostics from the photo, I will clearly say about the state of your chakras, about the state of affairs for today. Where and why did your motivation in life and achievement of the goal disappear, what is the best to work out. I will tell you what is the cause of the problems, if any, and I will suggest the best way out of the situation.

Any need to force, overbear himself is perceived as an ordinary person perceives the prospect in the middle of the day to suddenly walk over the fragments or on nails, with the tips up. Well, yes, there are those who need it, there are all sorts of yogis, who are normal, but I don’t need it, why should I, I won’t.

To tell the truth, seeing the splinters and nails, it would never even occur to us to climb on them barefoot. As well as in a person with a similar attitude towards life, the need to force oneself is beyond the border of perception.

How to Get Yourself to Work?

Yes, such people are usually envied, but it is worth remembering that we ourselves create the circumstances of life, every single one, proceeding from the point of “here and now” every second, and everything is generally subject to everyone.

“Energizers” love themselves, reflecting this in the love of life itself in its most vivid and pleasant manifestations. They love themselves and life so much that they want to taste the best pieces from its chic, boundless hospitable table. Enjoy the taste, realizing that inaction is exactly what can prevent them from doing this hobby. They have an ever-seething motivation in life and always achieving a goal.

They are interested in this and that, they have a bunch of plans for life, they easily engage in one type of activity, find satisfaction in it and almost always have a good income, and then change without fear for another, simply because they do not inspire anymore, almost without worrying at all about losses.

Moreover, the surprise is caused by the fact that often before the arrival of the “energizer” this job may not be profitable at all, but it is with its appearance that circumstances suddenly turn out so that everything changes.

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Where to Get the Strength for Motivation in Life and Achievement of the Goal?

Motivation In Life

Yes, it is possible, considering the “couch potatoes” and “energizers”, to assume that they are separated only by a different amount of life resource. Internal energy, they say, the first with it is not a lot, and the second over the edge. But I wouldn’t agree.

We all came to this planet from different worlds and from the most incredible incarnations. And past “star codes” leave an imprint on our characters and mental organization in this life.

One thing I can say is that to create the desired living conditions, dream comfort, in order to “fulfill” various dreams and “want”, one needs internal energy. A resource is needed, and there is not a lot of people with this, it is just those who ended up in the first group of “laziness of those who resist” and “laziness of those who surrendered.”

The resource is rapidly leaking out of the holes caused by the need to constantly follow the path of the Soul. By the way, about the holes. After diagnosing the photo, I will clearly describe the state of your energy cocoon. Not infrequently there are breakdowns, holes in it, and it is in them that the energy you need so much flows down. Motivation in life also goes there, and achieving a goal is always difficult.

How Easy is It to Motivate Yourself?

The soul strongly chooses the ways of life in which everything is good, convenient, comfortable, joyful and easy. But the mind is the force that piles on this path a bunch of prejudices, difficulties, gags, negative beliefs and fear . Any of the words listed in the previous sentence is this or that form of fear.

If you are afraid of something, you do not love at that moment. Dislike cuts off the flow of life-giving, mood-building and positive energy and creates a boomerang effect. When triggered fears and negativity are returned by circumstances that confirm these fears and negativity even more.

How Easy is It to Get Started?

So it turns out that those who struggle with laziness in relation to something, firstly, do not see the point in what they are doing. Secondly, the picture of an already accomplished business is not so bright, tasty and tempting for them to spend their already meager energy reserves on its implementation.

As the saying goes, everything has a price. And the less good there is, the more picky a person becomes to what to invest in. And thirdly, those who are accustomed to urging themselves into action “through I don’t want to”, without motivation, continue to condone the outflow of their already meager supply of resources.

It takes energy to live in better conditions with better circumstances, but it goes into surviving under worse conditions and enduring unwanted circumstances. The circle seems to be closed. What can you do? Where does motivation in life and goal achievement come from? Here’s what.

Motivation Method #1 – Love Yourself

I understand the reservoir is huge, so let’s break it down into more digestible pieces. First, understand your indisputable value on a universal scale. Just think about it. You and God are elements of a single sensation, understanding “I am.”

You may consider yourself more worthless because you have many questions and are looking for answers. But realize that if there are no questions, then no one will need the answers either. You are the essence of the Deity playing on different levels of Being. And then like beeeh … there is no one else.

In order to embody you here, out of nothingness, in fact, out of the absence of matter and only out of one life-giving energy of Love, your Body was painstakingly created by atom by cell.

Mindfulness, Motivation in Life and Goal Achievement

Motivation In Life

Your body is a verified and complex mechanism, an amazing synergy of many elements unsurpassed in wisdom. You, as a part of the Universe, are so complex and extraordinary that you are at the same time a particle of the huge World and at the same time you yourself are a full-fledged world, enclosing in your rational body an infinite number of particles, for which the world is you.

Just imagine the complexity and scale, although, I assure you, all scales, at least at these levels of internal vibrations, are still difficult for you to imagine.

Well, how, even a superficial approximate awareness is not enough, in your opinion, to feel your value and significance, to understand that it is a shame to think that such a treasure is vegetating here in vain and, in general, got here through a misunderstanding?

Pamper Yourself or Force Yourself?

Love yourself as a great creation of the Creator, who gets his experience in you, loving you unconditionally. See God in yourself. Feed yourself as God. Enjoying the taste of dishes, their appearance, allowing yourself the abundance of the World you have created.

Pamper yourself, take care of yourself as if you were surrounding the most beloved and important creature for you on the Planet. Strive to show yourself beauty, give yourself a positive experience. Saturate your every day with joy.

Yes, no doubt, if you are already head over heels stuck in the “wrong life”, the arrow of your vital fuel tends to the “empty tank” indicator, then you may simply not be able to jump into happiness as if “from a bridge to a quarry” strength and knowledge.

Both can be obtained on the esoteric training course. Under the same conditions of life, but with a new awareness of oneself as a value. In a state of self-love, to begin with, simply accept that what you are living in now is yours.

Praise, Motivation in Life and Goal Achievement

Not on the head offensively and unexpectedly fell, and you are now flowing around, namely you have created this for yourself with your worldview in the past. And one must certainly praise oneself for this.

Be sure to praise, I repeat! Because at birth, you were not supplied with valuable instructions on how to do it and how to do it right. Because a lot of different difficult things have fallen to your lot. And you actually didn’t sit, didn’t wait, but as a real tracker paved the way of your Path.

Who is to Blame and How to Motivate Yourself for Success?

Who’s to blame that you sometimes made your way through the thorns. Despite the fact that there was a clean, trampled path nearby, you didn’t see. But they went and looked for themselves. Therefore, praise and accept with gratitude what is now.

Motivation Method #2 – Observe and Do not Act in Anyway

Then what should you do? Run and change circumstances? No, not right! You just need to look at your current circumstances. They just need to be observed and stated as a fact without emotion, well, they are.

Emotionally Evaluate

Smooth, without evaluative (neither for the bad nor for the good) fixation on what is now. Without the desire to change something by action, it sets the starting point plus closes the gateway for the outflow of forces. But oh, how we need them to act.

Concentration on Small and Own Strength

But what you should focus on is your own life fuel. Take care of your resource on an ongoing basis. Make it your priority.

Start small. From what you can do – from training, from gaining knowledge and mastery of practices, so that you can build the very life you dream about. After all, hundreds of people have already mastered these inherently simple practices and received tremendous results.

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight?

Motivation In Life

In addition, you can and it is quite possible for you not to eat cold or carelessly prepared and not served food from packages. You can spread it appetizingly on a beautiful plate, clearing enough space nearby so as not to eat in a mess.

Gadgets Hurt Motivation

You can keep your phone off when you are busy eating. After all, from now on, you love yourself so much that you feed God within yourself and you certainly want him to enjoy the taste and aroma, and not chew on obscene empty news, letting true pleasure pass by.

Developing Motivation in Life and Achieving Goals

For motivation in life and goal achievement to be accomplished constantly, strongly train yourself to notice pleasant and joyful little things. No matter how ordinary they seem at first glance.

A useful practice is to remember and write down what made you happy during the day during the month every evening. Even if it is an autumn leaf of an unusual color on the pavement. Or the scent of a coffee shop you ran past while hurrying to work in the morning.

Joy and Motivation

Concentrate on joy. Leaving painful emotions overboard is the skill this practice helps to develop. As a result, the positive is generated, the negative does not multiply, the resource is replenished, which is what we need.

Well, to our starting point, to motivation. To something that will prompt you to happily, or, to begin with, at least without negativity to do this or that action. As we now know, any compulsion is energy withdrawal. This means the cross on the embodiment of the new desired reality.

Don’t Set Big Goals

So don’t set big goals. Be sure to break them down into smaller ones, the smaller the better. Then both the motivation in life and the achievement of the goal will happen more often and more interesting. Look for benefits for yourself in any business. You must be selfish and do absolutely everything only for your own good, to achieve your goals. And maintaining motivation for them.

A lie that has taken root in society is that doing is good for society, but bad for oneself. And, they say, those who are great fellows for others! And those who are themselves – a shame to them and universal censure. In fact, a person is programmed in such a way that he simply will not do anything without benefit to himself.

And these very “social activists” receive a bunch of bonuses in the form of increased self-esteem. Oiling some of your internal discontent with yourself. Closing the need for service and usefulness again. And a lot more.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Clean?

Motivation In Life

Motivation in life and achieving a goal is simple and enjoyable. So you must proceed from the dividends that you intend to receive in any business. If this is hateful dishwashing, then realize that your dividends will be the status of a person responsible and caring for the welfare of the family. Plus, you eliminate chaos.

And as you know, chaos, which is constantly in sight, creates an imbalance and a feeling of discomfort in the Soul and thoughts, do you need it? Well, in general, you are not stupidly washing dishes now, but doing magic magic. You are clearing the mental field of your family from negative emotions accumulated beyond their power. From misunderstanding, tension, everything that interferes with the flow of good.

Like a sponge with foam – rrrraz! – and washed off, and now we are waiting for joyful events. And let everyone be in the dark, thanks to whom all this will come. The main thing is who is good? You are well done. So much for your motivation in life and achieving your goal.

Miracle Technique of Motivation

Motivation in life and achieving a goal is actually a very simple exercise. If you couldn’t find a positive and worthy motivation in business, then treat yourself like a five-year-old child. In general, on a note, this is a very correct interaction with oneself in difficult situations.

First you need to meticulously try to understand whether it is really so important to do this. And if there is an opportunity not to do it without significant harm, it is better not to do it at all indeed. If there are no loopholes, then, just like the child, you need to promise yourself a reward.

I am now going to make this meaningless, incomprehensible and unnecessary report to anyone. Simply because you cannot fail to do it. But then I take myself to a massage therapist, to whom I have long wanted, but still nothing or another example.

I will now clean the kitchen of several liters of sticky juice spilled by children. After all, despite the fact that I was tired and exhausted during the day, it is impossible not to wipe it off. Otherwise, the whole apartment will stick. But then I will definitely take a bubble bath and even define a mask on my face. So that it is bliss on all fronts.

Rewarding and Motivating Yourself

And by all means keep the promise. Firstly, you will not be that slow-witted donkey who has delicious food only on a string in front of his nose.

Secondly, there will be no feeling of deception and hopelessness in the grip of the circumstances to which you surrendered. This means that there will be no outflow of energy.

Thirdly, there will be more than just resource inflows. But the neural connection in the brain will be sharpened over and over again. Signaling that any action “work hard” is necessarily a thrill and joy in the end and worth it. And this is already quite a hint of a new quality of life.

And very soon, following inquisitively these unpretentious at first glance recommendations, noticing little things, and not trying to turn the world as a whole to begin with, you will notice a blessed change. And achieving your first little goals.

You will learn to motivate yourself to any action that is important to you easily and with joy. And, on the contrary, it is uncompromising to weed out the unnecessary that no longer resonates with you.

This is art, such as motivation in life and goal achievement. Which, as you now understand, is essentially much more than just a desire for action. She is the key to the desired life, like that, no more, no less.

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